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Very clean and beautiful! Good luck with sales :)

This is so beautiful WOW :-)

Amazing work, wish you tons of sales!! :D

Super creative, this is going to be a best-seller!

Good job! Very good job :)

Thank you very much!! Glad you guys like it :)

Every one smiles.. yeeey

Stunning!!! I am just wowed! Good luck with sales!

Thank you for the job, the perfect solution!

This is wonderful ; unique, great work !
Wish you many sales :)

nice!! Wp version?

Wow! Please tell me you’re already working on a WP version…

Is to early to do say that, we`ve decided to take the next step with WordPress , joomla & site templates after a certain number of sales, your guys feedback & rating…as the competition is very high in those categories.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. So are you saying you are starting to work on a Wordpress template? If so, what’s the time table? I really am willing to wait. Thanks.

I`m saying we are waiting this theme to have 5stars and more than 50 sales. Than we gonna start makeing it wordpress, joomla and site template.

You’ve never asked me for permission to use one of my images in your preview screenshots. I would like you to remove it. I tweeted you about this issue but you never replied.

Sorry about that Mateusz, you were on credits list and we mentioned under the picture it`s your work but we will remove as you wish.

Great theme man! Simply amazing!!!

Amazing work dude!!!! good luck with sales :)

Very creative design.

So cheap and so nice that will save me a ton of time. With some rework it will be perfect. I’ll code it into WP.

Congrats cre4tive, amazing job and must say amazing and prompt support.

Beautiful theme. So how does someone go about getting this into html?

If you don`t have any programming skills i suggest to ask someone who knows to do it for you.

Or you can wait. We are currently working on a joomla theme and in about 1 month i think it will be released. Soon after that an html version will be available to.

Hopping for a WP theme also but don`t know when.

Amazing template, good luck :)

Thank you :) your graphic river items are also nice.. why don`t you try to trespass themeforest grounds ?

Awesome work :P

Which sliderprogram/code can i use for this template? i need something where i can use the controls and behavior from this template. Like the next button and that the squares below the slide are changing color…