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this theme is awesome, do you gonna make more tumblr themes?

the pixel icons rock… welcome on ThemeForest

I write you cuz I have an idea for your next theme: I realized that on all tumblr themes something is missing, and that’s 2 things…

  • 1. a Retweet button on every post, to retweet the post you like on twitter…
  • 2. something like categories, or a tagcloud in the sidebar… maybe showing 10 – 20 tags… as example I want to look at all interviews, I click the tag #interviews in the sidebar (I never saw a theme that has that).... who likes to click 10 times the “Next Page” button to find all interviews or tutorials or whatever, you know

cause those features absolutely missing on tumblr, I think even with 1 feature of those 2, your theme would be special

curious what you think, it’s only my opinion, maybe you don’t like that ideas

Hi danielku, thanks for your ideas.

It would be really nice to try adding them.

Keep in touch!! :)

excited to see your next tumblr theme, would definetly rock with these features :D

following you :)

This is one of my favourite Tumblr themes. I’m so close to switching to Tumblr. I think it would suite the way I blog a lot more.

Expect a purchase ;)

Thanks so much!! I’m so glad you like it! ;)

Try tumblr, it’s cool and an easy blogging plattform. I love it too :)


what am i doing wrong? I copied the index.php doc in the ‘use custom html’ section and this is what came up.

Hi penflare!

Thanks for purchase this tumblr theme. I’m glad you like it and want to use it :)

I just checked the link and it seems you did not follow all the steps explained on the help files.

First you need to host style.css and images folfer on your own server. If you have not got any server/host you can use a Dropbox account or any other free storage service.

Second you need to edit style.css changibg all the images paths writtten with http://yourwebsitename/realpath for your host location. Make sure you copy all the real path where you store your style.css and images folder.

Finally open index.php and make the same changes. Modify the url where style.css is located and at the bottom of the file modify the url for the searchbutton image.

When all this changes are done, copy this index.php on your Tumblr account and magic happens. :)

if you have any doubt please read carefully the instructions you are going to find in the .zip file. All steps you must follow are well explained.

Good luck and let me know if I can help you.


Hi Oscar. Great theme. I bought it and changed my old theme.

One thing I noticed is the bottom of the blockquotes don’t line up (see image).

Thanks again for a great theme. Love your portfolio site too. BTW I am English but live in Bilbao!! Muchas Gracias.

Hi Shane,

I checked the theme on all modern browsers and there are not any problem with this blockquote box. You can see it here: http://bit.ly/a9UyVh

Updated: I’m happy to see you solved the problem http://twitter.com/shanejfullwood/status/11656287530

Thanks for purchasing this theme, and keep in touch! ;)

Finally made the purchase, going to install this on a custom domain later, I’ll let you know how it goes

Thanks a lot davelk!

Hope you enjoy it!! ;)

And please, let me know if you need any help from me with the theme. In this case, just drop me an email via my profile page.


hello Really great theme, but does it support pages? please let me know we really need them.

Actually the theme does not support “Pages” because is a new feature added later than the theme was released on Themeforest. I’m going to check if it’s possible to add this feature, and then I’ll submit the theme again on the market with this new addon.

Thanks for purchasing the theme and for your nice feedback and idea.

Keep in touch!

Do you think to update this theme or is a dead project?

Excellent work ! Good luck mate

Really awesome works!