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Thanks, now that I’ve had time to explore the pages I see what Index2 is for.

Not sure if you’re aware of this but the “Jump” button at the bottom of your Pixelation theme pages is not showing transparency in IE 8 . It has a dark border around it. Looks good in FF 5 though.

Thanks for letting me know about the jump button, I’ll take a look at that and hopefully update it.


Do “comments” work in the HTML version or just the Wordpress version? If not in the HTML version, is that difficult to set up so that people can leave comments?

In the HTML version, if I remove the line from the head section (because I’m not using the coin slider), it breaks everything – the main menu, the carousel, the “tipsy” hover effect. Any idea why?

Thanks for all your help!

The HTML version does not support comments, only the Wordpress version. I don’t know of any way to implement comments into a raw HTML template.

Figured out the problem with the coin-slider question above. I removed the coin-slider reference from the “sliders.js” file and everything works great again.

Great, I’m glad to hear you fixed it!

Question: In the following line (from the Carousel), what is the “class=tiptip” for? I can’t find a reference to that anywhere.

<li><a href="images/photos/p1-01.jpg" title="Image Example 1" class="zoom" rel="lightbox"><img class="tiptip" src="images/placeholders/placeholder-1.jpg" height="100" alt="" width="134" /></a></li>

Sorry for the delay, it looks like we forgot to remove that class from previous development ideas. The “class=tiptip” can be deleted.


I really like this template!! I was thinking to buy it!! but I have a questions

In the help file..do you explain how to make the blog works or we should figure that out?


and almost forgot.. does this support videos??

Great template. However, there is an issue when viewing it in “compatibility view” in EI9 . The homepage slider no longer functions and the top nav gets really tiny. I need a fix for this. Please help.


Is there any documentation on how to make search work?

Hello, the search function doesn’t work in the HTML version. Please check out our WordPress theme, which does support the search.

Thanks! Luke

Wondering if you might be able to help with a little styling on the menu? If so, im just trying to get a background-color on hover of the main menu links. Like, hover over the main links and you get the rounded-corner (border-radius) rectangle background color effect. Hope you know what i mean, I’ve been trying to do it myself but not having any luck.

Hello dutchess! Sure I can help you out with that, send me an email through our profile with a link to your website, and FTP info and we will do this for you.

Thanks! Luke

Hello dutchess! Sure I can help you out with that, send me an email through our profile with a link to your website and FTP info and we will do this for you.

Thanks! Luke

hi, would like to know if the slider images at the home page can the size be adjusted? I want to change the height from its default size from 340 to at least 500px please help.


Hello, you need me xml version. I would appreciate if you can help..

Hello, I Need that theme’s xml verison. If someone help me, i would be happy.