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i bought the theme last week, but i cant find the Slideshow on the first page. where can i find it?


It is in the theme option panel

is it possible to put the contact form on the homepage? just below the slider?

Yes, you can use the shortcode of contact form

Why Menu doesn’t show ? Nothing is visble ? Help please Cheers

What error you face. Explain?

give me your website URL

Solved !


i set the site address(URL) as http://x.x.x.x:8080/?page_id=253, after i set it read more function seem can’t work. the read more link will be http://x.x.x.x:8080/?page_id=253/?p=388, how can i solve this?

any update???

Your given link is not opening

Hi I am having problem with my custom CSS coming through. I want to move my portfolio captions to the lower left corner from where they are.

I tried entering this, but nothing has changed. .singlework .flex-caption { bottom: 5% !important; left: 75% !important; margin-right: 40px; min-width: 100px; }
Excuse me, lower right corner. Here is the link: http://dtgroupllc.com/portfolio/bathroom-remodeling/

Hey, i’ve got a problem. When i try to install the theme in WP i get an error message.. Message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/stefamc53/domains/stefamc53/public_html/test2/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /home/stefamc53/domains/stefamc53/public_html/test2/wp-content/themes/pixelogic/framework/utilities/wp.php on line 81

I got the latest version of WP. Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Thanks for reading!

For wordpress 3.6, you need to go to their support forum and download the 3.6 patch. http://support.spyropress.com/topic/wordpress-3-6-update-patch/

Bug with next gen galley pluggin !!! Have you a solution to add a galery with multiple pictures ? Cheers

We give support for our theme only. Ask the author of plugin to answer you.

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if i set the Front page displays is Your latest posts , how to display the Sliders?

Using the shortcode of Slider.


set A static page as a front page, then it can’t switch to page 2,3,4, it seem a bug, please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes we got your mail we have to work on this bug. Please wait couple of days.


Hi Does your theme support child themes? I’m trying to create a child theme but it’s not quite working. In my child-theme style.css I’ve created an @import to the style.css in the parent-theme folder. After that I changed for example the #Container background in my style.css in the child theme folder but I don’t see any changes. Can you solve this problem? Cheers

Hi, I want to install this nice theme in a double environment : one for my project and one for demo version. When i try to activate the second one, it is refused and ask me why I don’t purchase it ! I hope I won’t have to buy it twice ! What’s the solution ? And what if I have to restart from crash and re-install the complete environment and so activate it again ?

Thanks for your support

Please send us your purchase code we will reset it in our database.


I am having the same issue as Lomigng2907. We set a static page as a front page, then it can’t switch to page home2, home3, home4. It looks like it takes this change in the back end, but when you go to the front end to refresh it does not update. It looks like you are working on a fix for this bug so please send it to me as well. Thank you very much!

Just curious if you have an ETA on fixing this bug. Would love to be able to switch the home page. Thanks.

Does the latest update fix this issue?

Update to new version this problem is already solved.

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How do you change the theme colors from Green to Red? Do you just have to edit the PSD files and replace the images graphics or is this mostly done in CSS? I didn’t see any menu options to easily change the colors. Thanks.

I opened base.css, flexslider.css and rslider.css and replaced 7da817 with CC0000. This took care of most of it. I see some image icons I guess I will need to edit.

FYI, there are two other green colors that have to be replaced in the CSS files: #81a823 and #67aa1f.

yes. You can do it through CSS files. But the icon are images so there colour will be not change. You need to edit PSD for that.


I added a ticket to the support forum 2 days ago but haven’t heard back.

The portfolio links (on the homepage and on the portfolio listings pages) produce the following error (this error message is taken right from the themeforest demo site but is the same on my installation):

Fatal error: Call to undefined function spyropress_next_prev_post_link() in /home4/ethebest/public_html/spyropress.com/pixelogic/wp-content/themes/pixelogic/single-portfolio.php on line 26

...and then no page content is shown.

I have added the “patch” listed on the support forum but the error is still happening.

Please advise.

We are hiring the support member.

Still waiting for a response. It has been a week now and the portfolio section remains broken – even on the demo site. Will this be fixed?

Update coming in 1 hour.

Will there be any support for this theme and will the problems be fixed?

Can you tell me what problem. However we have some issues. So update coming in 1 hour.


Where do I change the widgets that appear on the search results page?

Go to Appearance > widgets.

Can you please reset my purchase code, as I cannot make it work.

send us your purchase code at info@spyropress.com


Need to add bullet points in the pages. Emailed support, but no reply. How can I get this done?

use the rich text editor simply as you are doing in wordpress tinymce.

the problem of my last question,


i set the site address(URL) as http://x.x.x.x:8080/?page_id=253, after i set it read more function seem can’t work. the read more link will be http://x.x.x.x:8080/?page_id=253/?p=388, how can i solve this?”

After the theme update, the issues still not fix,please help to follow up!!


Is It possible the fixed header while the page scrolls and Is this Theme supports the tertiary menu ? Can you please explain about the High resolution because in Pixelogic high resolution is not there . Let me awaiting for your response.

Thanks, Dharshana.M

Hi Dharshana,

The fixed header is currently not supported in the theme. If you want we can provide you the customization.

High resolution means that every icons or image used has 2 files one normal size and other one is double the size for retina display.