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I’m pretty darn new to all of this so I apologize for the dumb question, I can get everything else customized, but I have no clue how to make the buttons in the slider actually link to a website, can you help? They aren’t currently set to direct anywhere, so there isn’t an address for me to replace, Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

Just would have to add an a element around the button’s code.

This is the button’s code:

<div class="slddownloadbutton">click here to download now <img src="images/btn-arrow.png" alt="Button Arrow" /></div>

And this is how an a element looks:

<a href="http://someurl.com">BUTTON CODE GOES HERE</> </a>

Let me know if that helped.

That helped a ton! Thanks! And thanks for the quick lesson too!

I was having troubles finding the information to link Mailchimp to the form, hopefully this saves someone else some time: http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/can-i-host-my-own-sign-up-forms/

Thank you! This is actually a link we share when someone asks us about how to do it, but we might put this into the documentation with the next update.


Hi, I added my logo on the homepage banner. How can I make it functional so that clicking on the logo directs to my homepage?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Not sure what you mean exactly, posting a link would be helpful, but most probably the answer is that you need to wrap that logo image with an a tag. E.g.: <a href=”your link”>YOUR LOGO CODE</a>