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I would like to hide the date close to post. May say me how can do it?

Hello, you may want to do it via CSS .entry-date { display:none } or remove that element in a child theme. Depends on how comfortable you are with editing. Send me a message if you’d like me to take care of it for you. Thanks!


I am trying to organize my menu by post formats. Currently in the wordpress navigation menu, 6 out of 10 different supported post-formats is dislayed, specifically, chat, audio, standard, and status is not displayed, moreover I am not able to reach the archive for the mentioned post-format via http://mywebsite/type/audio/ or http://mywebsite/type/standard/ and the 404 error page is displayed…however I could reach the archive for the other post formats …. How can I fix it?

Hello? :)

Sorry for the delay, looks like you were marked as read somehow! Can you try resetting your permalinks (change them to default and back to what you have set) the /type/ URL is working for audio and such, – I’m not positive on “standard” if that’s the proper name.

Hello. Will you upgrade it for retina? I love this theme very mutch and i dont want to use another :/

Hello! The theme is updated and functional with as many vector based elements as possible. You’re welcome to use any plugins or tools to enhance retina support. Thanks!

Last update was 17th of August 2013 Did you stop development on this theme?

Hi, are you planing to release an update? Thanks