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Quick FYI …on the portfolio page your fancybox has a title overlay but no title. Maybe left over from an old theme? :bigwink:

Good luck with sales! :D


On the portfolio, just submitted a minor update. :)

Can the dates on post be easily removed?

Yes, if you don’t want to touch any theme code, you can just modify one of the included child themes to have this css:

.entry-date { display: none; }

If it’s requested enough, I will happily add that option to the theme options page. :)

Looking very, very sexy!


can you explain why a child theme would have no CSS . Do some devices not see/use CSS ? I’m looking to buy this theme.

That one is more of a “tutorial” on how to remove (de-queue) stylesheets in case you want to really start from a blank slate style-wise without hacking into the theme core. Thanks!

Nice work Curt! Love the opening post quote ;)

Thanks :D (You made me a skeleton convert, it was great to work with!)


Ivor Envato Team

I love this one man great work.

Thanks Ivor!

this is really beautiful template… clean and neat.. great work again!

Thanks Mark!

Okay… that is actually a great looking template. Nevertheless i found a few bugs by viewing the theme with my iPhone 4:

  • The custom post type and social media icons look kind of blurry.
  • I can’t access sites via dropdown menu. I can choose the sites in iOS style, but the links don’t work at all.
  • Custom post type AUDIO : using flash = not good for iOS (and other mobile devices)
I’d love to buy + use this theme, but i can’t until those bugs (at least the menu bug) have been touched up.

Hey there!

1) I don’t see the blur either, tested on iPhone 4S and original iPod touch

2) It works for me too, same mobile test, are you hitting “done” in your select box that pops up in iOS?

3) You are free to use any plugin for audio, I didn’t embed an audio player since it will not be used by most buyers, I just wanted to show a plugin using the [audio] tags for simplicity and flexibility.



1) I can’t say that they look blurry on my iPhone 3GS. This may be a personal thing. 2) The drop down menu works fine for me. Not sure what you mean by the links don’t work at all. 3) Flash doesn’t work with iPhones indeed. The Vimeo videos also do not work.

I agree it is a great looking template. I really like it a lot!



Would be nice to have built in some sharing options (Twitter, Facebook). If built-in is not possible, any suggestions on a plug-in?


Hey Tim,

I will keep an eye open for suggested sharing plugins to supplement the social icons or to add to posts. I do not have a personal favoriate to add but I know there are a pile of them out there!

Thanks, Curt

Gorgeous, Curt!! Bookmarking for my own personal blog. :)

Excellent, thank you! :)

thejapanobserver says: 1) I can’t say that they look blurry on my iPhone 3GS. This may be a personal thing. 2) The drop down menu works fine for me. Not sure what you mean by the links don’t work at all. 3) Flash doesn’t work with iPhones indeed. The Vimeo videos also do not work.

1. iPhone 4 = higher screen resolution than your 3GS. So maybe it’s because of the display. In fact, it’s not that bad, I just wanted to mention it.

2. The dropdown menu appears and “works” as usual on my iP4. But, after choosing the site I’d like to go to and after pressing DONE , the selection is just not accepted. The dropdown menu (looking like this) disappears and I see the normal site again. Long story made short, I can’t use the menu using iP4 with iOS5.

3. Flash does not work, right. Vimeo is working, almost when using iOS5 (just tested it a few minutes ago).


4. The layout get kinda screwed when streching the browser windows up to 1280px wide (or more). That would be an 13” laptop display using fullsize-browser.

You can test this by yourself btw on this website: screenfly

Hey Caleb – Can you be more specific on #4? I tested in a 1280 screen as well before launching. We can continue via email as well if you prefer. Thanks

Thanks Caleb82. 2. Funny about that dropdown. Everything works okay on my 3GS with iOS5. Very odd. 3. Maybe this is a hardware issue since no Vimeo for me. 4. Not sure I did things right but I didn’t see any problems with 1280px or higher. I am using a 13” MacBook Pro for the testing. Thanks and I hope our feedback is helpful for Curt!

I appreciate your replies,

I didn’t hear any of the above either when I sent the site out to some friends to test this past week so I’m glad to have an extra set of eyes out there.


Nice work as always Curt!

Thanks Chris!

Love this! great work.. Bookmarked and i buy this theme very soon!

Great to hear, thank you! :)

nice work…


Lovely theme.

Here’s an easy one for you. Is it possible to change the color from orange to any other color? including the one on the header?

Yes, there’s a color picker for that primary color. :)


nice work man

Thanks for the purchase Chris! As a super-power-buyer, please send me any suggestions via email you may have. – Curt

Question, is there a way to NOT show the full post on the main page? I tried adding a manual excerpt but that did not work. I tend to write lengthy blog posts and want to minimize scrolling on my main page.

Glad you got it squared away, yes, the more tag is the key, don’t forget you can customize it as seen in the demo:

<!--more Keep reading... -->

Nevermind, I used the Readmore tag. =)

Great theme!