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Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

I purchased this theme and just tried to upload it onto my wordpress dash, but this is the reading I’m getting-

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

What’s up with that?

What Washy21 said :)

It’s because you are uploading the whole download. First of all unzip the download and then find the file Then go to the wordpress dash and when you install the theme it is this file that you need.

I only know this because I did it myself so I’m jumping in and letting you know but it is on the help html files provided (which I also failed to look at as well) LOL and have fun with it.

Thank you for helping!

AWESOME , it worked! Thanks a ton!

Site working with 3.4+ fine with me as well.


Great work, is there any chance to see “rtl” version soon?

Sorry! (I’ll keep an eye out of someone has customized an example)

Hi Cudazi,

Loving the theme template. have customised the aesthetics a touch but have just noticed that the site alters when I am logged in back-end making changes/writing posts and previewing how it will look on the site compared to when you just visit the site as anyone on the web would.

The site is

You’ll see if you visit the site that the #branding wrap seems to come all the way down onto the profile image, yet when I’m viewing the site while logged into the wordpress back-end the #branding wrap sits how it is supposed to with a gap between the bottom gradient of the wrap and the start of the site content.

I’ve stared and played around with the site through firebug looking at the .containers:after .clearfix:before and after row:before etc, these all have an effect on making it bigger but not smaller. my logo image is also smaller hight wise than the space shown by firebug thats been used to hold my logo but I can find anything in h1 id”logo” that is helpful.

Do you have any ideas why the branding wrap could be moving? Thanks in advance for your time and help :)

I can’t really get into custom work at this time, sorry! I can help assist to get the sites up and running to match the demo.

Hello, I wish to create a news website using your template. The news will be provided by another news site that provides an RSS Feed. Is it possible to use this template to receive the RSS Feeds, I wish to customize the site so when I receive the feed automatically it looks presentable and more aesthetic.

Hmm, not without customizations or a specialized plugin that can display/post RSS items to your blog for you.

Hi Cudazi,

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t think I need any custom work. The site ( for a reminder) is just using the the theme as the demo content install. All I’ve done is removed what I didn’t need to use, changed some colours in the css and dropped the menu down a bit.

My issue seems to be the top branding wrap as its called in the code now changes position slightly depending whether I’m logged into wordpress and previewing the site and when I’m just looking at the site as any visitor would see. I really don’t think I’ve changed or been near anything that would have made this move happen, and am wondering if other people have had a similar issue?

In case I’m still not describing it well I’ve uploaded some images to help my case :) on flickr if you flick between both the images I’ve uploaded I can clearly see the content of the site moves up and down the exact distance of the wordpress bar at the top of the browser when logged in.

Image how the blog looks to anyone visiting the site

Image how blog looks when previewd and logged into wordpress

Hope this is a bit clearer and thanks again for any help.

Sorry for my confusion :) You can go into your edit user area in the WordPress admin and disable the admin bar. It won’t affect any of your visitors but will get rid of that little annoyance brought on by the toolbar WordPress recently added on. Due to the fixed/locked position of the header, when they add that on it just tosses things down a bit.

Thanks for the help, I’ll look into that :) Great theme by the way.


I was just wondering if there was an easy neat way to add share buttons to this theme for each post preferably in the posts footer where the tags are?

Cheers Hutch

I’d try the AddThis plugin – thanks!

thanks for the tip :) Will give it a shot.

The official Facebook Plug-in does not work properly on PixelPower theme. How can we fix this issue? Thank you.

Replied to your email so we can see what may be up with your site, thanks!

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to get all links within the post content to show up as a slightly brighter color. My primary color works fine everywhere else, but for links I want them to be a little more visible.

So I added some CSS to .entry-content a and everything works fine, except for the color. Chrome Inspector shows it getting overwritten by the theme, and I can’t figure out where I can go to change that.

Any hints?

Oh sorry scratch that. I eventually played around with enough things and now it magically works.

Excellent, thank you for the update!

Do you have screen shots, demos or live sites that show this theme being used with one of the child themes?

Just the quick snaps in the item description, the child themes are more to show how to properly change items instead of hacking into the main theme. I’ll keep an eye out for any in action though. Thanks!

Hey Cudazi

My pagination is not working, do you have any idea?

Be sure you go into the permalink settings in the help file and set something other than default. :) Thanks!

Hey Cudazi,

Loving this theme!

I was wondering if you could recommend any Social Sharing plugins that would integrate well with the theme?

WP Beginner have a really nice method of displaying Social Sharing, but I don’t think this is a plugin. It would work well with your theme though (if the user turns off the menu bar hover):

How about AddThis? Seems like a nice one. :) Thanks!

pixelpower.wordpress.2011-10-24 (1).xml file is damaged. portfolio does not open files

Please contact me using the account used to purchase the file – thanks!

pixelpower.wordpress.2011-10-24 (1).xml file is for e-mail loading… :)

Dear Curt,

I would like to use your great theme for my forthcoming project which mostly will use youtube videos …

Before I buy this fantastic piece of beauty can you confirm back that the following little situation regarding to the youtube videos can be solved by you easily: (see the screencaps)

Overlapped videos / screen caps

It seems if the header fixed at the top of the page all youtube videos are overlapping during the scrolling … (as it seems vimeo works fine)

The following sites were inspected: Site1 Site2

Hey Aum,

Hmm, the videos are appearing normal for me (Chome/Firefox) I haven’t been made aware of any issues in the last few months ( Example )

Dear Curt,

With the help of my friends I’ve made a test in different Windows OS (XP, Vista, Win7) and different browsers (IE7/8/9, Firefox11/12/13, Chrome15/16, Opera11/12, Safari4/5) but the results brought the same issue: the youtube videos were overlapping :(

... after the Windows test I saw a good results only in iPad2

Please can you check it again as I really need this great theme and I do not want to waste of my time to find a similar one because your theme is the one I really want.

Thank you for your time and help.

Hmm, send me an email and we’ll work through this – thanks!

Great theme, but I have a bug and a query:

1) For some reason the Social Links are bugging out a little on my install – the rollovers are flickering like crazy, because they’re not vertically aligned correctly

2) How do you turn comments on and off on pages? Had thought it might be a custom field, but not found one that works. In the end I’ve hacked the page template page.php, but this doesn’t feel right!

Hey there,

1) This is due to the WordPress admin bar when you are logged in and is not an issue for your users

2) Yep, this is a core WordPress feature in the “Screen Options” tab when editing a page/post