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Further to the above, having real problems getting the Vimeo embed to work. YouTube videos are going fine, but Vimeo links such as this (taken from your RSS content example)

Are simply appearing as link to the video, not an embedded player. Any thoughts!?

Try disabling all plugins and re-test, I haven’t heard of any issues with this in the past. You can try the embed shortcode in HTML mode as well to see if that works better.

Thanks for the reply Cudazi, really appreciated. Still having issues though :(

1) Embed of video (full width) for Video posts. Vimeo links are just showing as the link, not the embedded file. Tried: using your pre-populated RSS content Tried : disabling ALL plugins Tried : putting embed code in Visual and HTML editor Tried : Inspecting your demo with firebug, couldn’t understand why the full width class wasn’t being wrapped round the video Tried : using an iFrame, but this doesn’t go full width!

Here’s two images, to clarify…

The blog, and the the way I embedded

The plugins I have enabled (tried turning them all off, but that didn’t work and isn’t a great solution anyway!)

2) Is there a way to order Portfolio items?

Hey there, send me an email so I can keep this topic open and we’ll get it figured out. :)

Hoe do I create an excerpt with a post? Tried a couple things but nothing seems to function correctly. Please help! Thanks! :)

Sorry I am in the editor and do not see screen.css where do I find this? I am only a little techie :)

Also, I just put up a new post and when you click on “continue reading” I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_trim_words() in /home/ashleync/public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebook/fb-open-graph.php on line 72

Please see above post.

Just installed the Facebook for WordPress plugin – got it all set up but doesnt seem to be integrating with theme. Please advise. THanks!

Nevermind, used a different plugin that did work. (trackable sharing)

Hello, I was able to fix but uninstalling the Facebook plugin and using SEO Facebook comments plugin instead. Sorry for the fire alarm!

Although…the new plug in I am using still isnt working correctly. When you hit the like button – the photo thumbnails do not pull in the Facebook newsfeed and an error shows in the description box. Can you tell me what other people are using or doing to get any facebook plug in working correctly?

Please contact me via my profile page. (Note the error message you see is coming from the plugin, not the PixelPower theme)

I am interested in this great theme, but i have a question… it is possible to have it with 3 column like this example?

Hey there, there is no built in options for a third column but one could always be built into the theme. :)

Thanks cudazi, and theres a way to make a standard header? i mean not fixed to top with trasparency when scroll down the page.

Sure thing, you can have it locked or standard with a click: Screenshot

Can I add content under a quote like you can with a link post. I would like to bring up a discussion around the quote. Thanks—Greg

Hey there, It does the quote as the post content and the citation as the title but you could just do a normal post and add a blockquote for the exact same style/effect. Thanks!


Can you provide me with details how to make work Markdown plugin with your theme?

Hey there, sorry, I do not have experience with this plugin.

Hey Cudazi could you tell me how to change that orange color when you hover over a link?

Hey there, have you followed the instructions and set up the Appearance > Theme Options area to pick the color with the color picker?

@Cudazi, I looove the theme! I am wondering how hard it would be to make the portfolio thumbnails load videos instead of images once you click and the fancybox pop up?

Thanks for your time!

You would need to create a portfolio with the column shortcodes. The portfolio uses the WordPress image resizing built in which unfortunately does not work for video.

Thanks for the response!

Great theme – is there a way to add a permalink to a “status” type post?


When editing / creating a post, go into screen options and check the box for “slug” which will affect the permalink.

In the latest versions of FireFox (14.0.1 and 13.0.1) there is a flickering issue with any of the links that have the ‘bubble’ title.

Is there a fix for this?

Try it while logged out, it’s related to the Admin bar you have when logged in more than likely.

Also, how do I control the height of the featured image? I would like to set a max-height.


Featured images are setup in libraries/featuredimages.php, please read the notes in that file before doing any customizations.

+1 for the Disqus issue. It doesn’t have to implement it, just play nice with the official plugin

I want to buy this team, but i can change formats? It would be a fashion blog and need change the icon and the name

You can change the icons by replacing mine but the names in the admin area are defined by WordPress.

Is there a G+ button? (not G but G+) If not would it be possible for you to create it? I’ll get the theme then.

Also, is it possible to social network buttons a bit bigger on the site?

Thank you!

People use G+? Kidding, kidding. :)

Just drop any additional icons in the images/social_icons/ folder and they’ll be added to the choices in the backend automatically.


Good sarcasm. Hundreds of millions use it actually. Watch it grow in the next year or so.

can’t figure out how to delete or update my earlier question, but I’ve figured it out. didn’t know there was so much content with the theme.

Thanks for the update :)

Hello, I need to run a shortcode in the “Cudazi Custom Bio” widget So, I added at the end of functions.php: add_filter(‘widget_text’,’shortcode_unautop’); add_filter(‘widget_text’,’do_shortcode’); just after the line: add_action(‘wp_footer’,’cudazi_google_analytics_code’); and before ?> but the shortcode is displayed and not executed. So have you an idea? Thanks.

You may want to go the route of

<?php echo apply_filters('the_content', $description); ?>

in libraries/plugins/bio widget.

Thanks for your help but not working. May due to the fact that I don’t know where to put the code?
- at beginning of the files,
- at the end?
- at specific location?
I have the same problem when I want to remove the automatic change of quotation marks from english ” to french « and »
not only in widget, but in pages also.
For the moment, I use another plugin/widget to replace “cudazi-bio-widget”, so it’s less important now.
Another question, what would the difficulty/price for modification of the theme to add another widget column? Like requested by DARKF3D3 Thanks

It looks to be around line 66 of cudazi-bio-widget.php, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help with free customizations as it gets very overwhelming in a hurry. :)

Cudazi, I have the syntaxhighlighter evolved, and when pasting code, this theme is HTML encoding the line return/carriage feed (enter lines) into BR / tags.

I’ve confirmed its this theme only, as when i switch themes, the code displays fine. Is there a way to disable this, or can you provide a fix to update my specific installation?

Thanks in advance.

that did the trick cudazi, thanks a lot.

any side-effects i should expect?

It will disable the [ raw ] shortcode to strip formatting but most people don’t need it, just removes extra P or BR tags WordPress adds in places you don’t want them.

well thanks again for the quick reply, really appreciated man.

All of my labels for twitter facebook…. and any other caption box pops up and flutters for every pixel change

how do I fix this?

It’ll only affect you while logged in, your visitors will be OK. It’s due to the WordPress “admin” bar up top shoving the site down. :)

Hi there, What is the best way to edit the loop as the latest post follows a different format to the rest in the modification i need to make. Where is the loop code?

example: latest post has full-width image and every post after this uses a smaller image

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