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EDIT : Never mind, troubleshooting fail. “pixelpower.zip” worked just fine.

I love your themes by the way, cudazi. I’ve never seen anything that looked like it would work quite so well as a portfolio setup.

Hi there,

I picked up PixelPower and tried to install the theme into WordPress, but I got the following error message. Any idea what’s up? I downloaded the file directly from Themeforest and didn’t mess with the zip file at all.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-705136-pixelpower-responsive-html5css3-wordpress-theme.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi, I have logged in with the account used to purchase the theme.

Again, I would like to edit the loop so the latest post has a full width featured image and the rest are smaller. Where in the themes files can i change this?

ps. I don’t mind changing the loop, etc. in php code, I just need to know where is best.

See my reply to idigdesign on customizing the content-xxxxx.php files.

Hi, firstly great theme! Just a couple questions…

1. Video post format: I would like the “main title” to appear below the embedded video. The “Gallery post format” main title appears this way.

2. standard post format: I want the featured image to be clickable to the necessary post, not open in Fancybox. The “Gallery post format” works this way.


All of the content-xxxxx.php files in the main theme folder will display the layouts of the post types you wish to customize. Keep in mind, everything was setup a specific way so re-arranging may require customizing CSS and such if padding between elements gets a bit off.

You can compare gallery to photo and such to see the differences and “borrow” from one to the other.

“You can compare gallery to video and such to see the differences and “borrow” from one to the other”

Hmm, they seem to be identical. I figured I could just move an H2 in content-video.php but it’s in the identical spot as content-gallery.php. Unless, I’m losing the plot, that’s quite possible.

Okay, I see, basically it’s…
  • Gallery post: Featured image / Title / content
  • Video post: Title / content (as we don’t add a featured image for video)

How could I get the video to act like a featured image and not the content? That would display the H2 below the video.

I think this customization is getting a bit beyond the realm of free support so I will ask that you need to find a developer to customize these items for you. You’re in the right files and areas, the CSS folder will have any related styles. You can always re-download the file from your downloads tab if a file gets too crazy and you need to “reset” it.

I suppose since the prices of themes have gone up, you would expect a little more than “beyond free support” – Then again, what’s $40 chump change right? Oh well, no problem I’ll just do it myself, thanks for the help or lack there of.

Hi, can you help me? I received this notification. Cannot install.

============ Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please unzip the file and read the included instruction manual which will walk you though the install, you’re most likely uploading the entire download from ThemeForest. Thanks!

Hi. I’m considering purchasing the theme (love it!). Would I be able to increase the header height? Thank you.

Hey there, there isn’t a built in option but all themes can be customized to include a larger header area to fit in a bigger logo or additional content. Thanks!

Can you set the theme to resize a logo so it’s big say on a desktop browser but renders (to fit) on a mobile browser?


Totally possible yea, you may want to add in screen.css around line 477 a spot in the “Responsive Images” section, #logo img….


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly – you’re a star. Can’t give me a breakdown of that can you? The ‘Responsive Images’ css relates solely to the mobile theme does it? So if I add the css for #logo img then that will control my mobile theme header image? Sorry to be thick!

Thanks loads

Thanks. I’ll have a look at it bit might have to come back to you :)

Hi. Sorry, I still can’t make the logo image resize for both a desktop browser and a mobile device. Can you just run through the css you’d use within the Responsive Images section of the screen.css so I can implement it. I know I’m missing something really simple but I just can’t seem to make it work. Sorry :(

Thanks in advance.

In /css/screen.css where you see this section around line 478:

.featured-image img,
.entry-content img,
.comment-content img,
.portfolio-item img,
.widget img {

add a line such as:

#logo img,
.featured-image img,
.entry-content img,
.comment-content img,
.portfolio-item img,
.widget img {

Give that a try, if it doesn’t work send me the url via my profile with the CSS in place and I’ll see what’s up.

Hi Cudazi.

Hey question, I”m trying to display portfolio items, but on the grid page. My code looks something like:


Basically I want to have a row div that expands the whole sixteen columsn, and displays portfolio style items. The reason I’m not using the portfolio template is because I have some other form-editing content fields above the portfolio items.

Its just not working. Instead of N columns (whether i use 4 or 3), it always displays one column less, and even weirder, some rows have just one image.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or that I could change to make it work?

Also something weird, unrelated to this, is that on the form editing fields I have above the portfolio items, it uses a very simple template like—> see code screenshot above, second part.

However, even though the whole div row apparently takes the height of the tallest element (Whether on the alpha or omega column), the alpha or omega columns still end up having different heights. Is there a way to force both columns to have the same height (take whichever is tallest)? When this happens for form entry controls, like a label/text on the left and an input control on the right, it looks weird that the label is way below the height of the textbox.

Here is an image on how everything looks (visually), on ImgUr


thanks for your help!

What happens when you use the sample content? You can try implementing a jquery plugin for equal heights, I don’t have one off hand but I do know there are quite a few out there, I haven’t noticed anyone report similar issues about this…

Regarding my previous comment, I was able to solve the first problem.

I was able to display the portfolio items correctly by taking the portfolio col-4 div out of the <article> div that encloses the grid content (among which is the form entry fields, my second problem).

I still have the issue where in the grid layout, I have a single sixteen column to span the whole page, and inside a , i have an alpha and omega divs, both four columns wide, but the type of element displayed on each affects the containing div height, making omega taller than alpha or viceversa), and that causes the form entry fields to be displayed at different heights.

So, I’m looking for a way to constraint both divs to have the same height..is this possible some how? Thanks!

(replied below)

Hi, Great Theme! Is there a way to configure the main page to display only a portion of each post with a Read More link? I have quite big posts, and I want people landing on the landing page to get a glimpse of each post. Thanks!


Please import the sample content to play around and see how it all works, you need to use the “read more” toolbar button or the more quicktag in HTML mode:




I cannot add menu on header bar. How can i add menu such as; Download, News etc.? I added new page but I didn’t see my page with menu.

I fixed my problem. Thanks for theme…


How can i change the theme language?


The theme is fully localized / internationalized, see:



How do I add the author name of the post to home page displaying all recent posts? If picture is addable too, that would be great Thanks!


The file meta-post.php is the proper spot to add this information.


Hey, I have “Your latest posts” set in Settings -> Reading but need posts excerpts to show up on homepage, not full posts. How do I do that please?

Also, how do you get YouTube and Slideshare to resize automatically on smaller screen? They are not resizing when I’m resizing my browser. Thank you!

Please import the sample content first to see how it all works, it’s much easier that way and explore the posts in both regular and HTML mode to see any shortcakes used.

Ok, I figured it out with YouTube and Vimeo. Any tips for SlideShare?

Sorry, I don’t have any experience with SlideShare.

I changed en_EN.po file with Turkish translate then I saved as tr_TR.po and tr_TR.mo and uploaded on /wp-content/themes/pixelpower/languages folder but it doesn’t work.

Please be sure you have changed your WP language in the main install’s config file as well. I’m not a localization expert but other sites are running the theme in other languages so I know it’s operational. :)

Hello, i’m looking foward to buy this theme. Is it possible to change the menu/header BG from white to a image background just like it’s possible with the default page background?

It would be possible but there’s no built in option to replace the header background, just the logo & background. The header background would need to be overridden with a CSS edit or a child theme’s CSS .

I have sent u an email a days ago… not answer….

Please re-send, I lost a handful of messages recently, sorry.