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Hello, this is an interesting theme, but I would still need a couple changes. Are you available for that and what would be your hourly rate?

I haven’t been doing custom work lately, sorry. If it’s minor, send me a message via my profile and I can send you a quick quote or see if it’s something I can take on at this time. :)

On the mobile view (iphone, anyway) the post type icon and the date appear to be layered in front of the image, for instance, on your Dublin post and gallery preview post. My goal is to have images (especially featured images) not be obscured by anything. Can this be done? Also, can the post type icon be disabled entirely?

Please post support questions using the account used to purchase the item – thanks!

I haven’t bought the theme yet. I’m trying to find out if it can do what I need it to before I buy it.

Sorry – yea the post date could be hidden by a specific size/layout type in the media queries of the css – thanks!

Hi Again :),

I added new portfolio post but main picture doesn’t show with lightbox. You can test it from; http://www.burakozkan.net/?portfolio=zed-bull-bilgisayar-yazilimi&preview=true&preview_id=745&preview_nonce=2757801b72

Hey there, that URL doesn’t let me preview the page. Be sure and read the included instructions on setting up / installing the lightbox and importing the sample content to see how it all works together. Thanks!

Hello! I write my own widget. And it works but… it works fine when this one displays on my pc. On iPad and iPhone it works bad – it wouldn’t fit into the screen((( But how you make it? I can change width of my widget, but I don’t know how to recognize what device is used for viewing my site now. Your template is looked fine in any case. How you make it? I hope, I could explain the problem) Thank you anyway!

Check out /css/screen.css near the bottom to see how the different sizes affect different elements. Thanks!

In the file /libraries/custom-post-types.php you’ll see an area I commented out you can use:

/* 'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'portfolio', 'with_front' => true ), <----- You can set this BUT can't have a page with a slug of portfolio. */

Hi, I’ve got an rss problem, trying to add my rss feed to feedburner and it pulls up a duplicate title header like your demo page i

duplication of the title header i.e. PixelPowerPixelPower – Inspired by life, powered by WordPress

i’ve turned off all plugins and cleared my cache to troubleshoot and make sure it wasnt something ive added and it seems to be on your demo site as well.

any idea how to fix this?

You may need to alter (or just remove) the title filter in libraries/filters.php or add a WordPress Conditional around it for is_feed,


Hope that helps!

The tweet embed of latest wordpress don’t seems to work. Do I miss something?

Thx for the great support !

Removing the RAW shortcode bloc does the trick but I guess it’s not “good” for the reste of the theme. And the tweet is not centered or anything. Any chance that you add a propore [tweet] shortcode? Or maybe it wont work with the resizing?

Hmm. That tweet feature came out after the theme was released so it will need to be styled independently. I haven’t had anyone mention it yet and can’t say I’ve tried using it but I’ll look into it.

Thx ! I know it’s not a BIG problem at all, I guess it’s just nice to keep up with wordpress features. ;)


Still loving the teme, is there a way to add automatic “Read More” tags when a post is displayed on the homepage.

Ideally a summary of say 50 words would be shown then the read more link.


If you don’t want to use the “more” tag you can try something like this: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/auto-read-more-generator/

Hi, please can you explain where to add time stamp (hours and minutes) in comments and not only the date?
And, is it possible to remove:
You may use these HTML tags and attributes:....

The file libraries/comments.php will have all formatting relating to the comment list / data. The date format is controlled by your date format settings in the settings area of the WordPress admin.

You can hide/edit any additional items using css, eg: .yourelement { display:hidden; }

I tried to get the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin working but no matter what I did the code got stripped every time. Disabled all plugins, still the same. Is there a chance that it’s theme related?

Hey there, I don’t have experience with this plugin at this time, sorry.

Thank you for your time. I did, however, manage to resolve this by myself. For future reference the solution is to quote out the last four lines in the shortcodes.php like this:

//remove_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’); //remove_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wptexturize’); //add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘cudazi_strip_formatting’, 1); //add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘cudazi_strip_formatting’, 2);

Excellent. Thank you for the update!

Am I missing something about getting pages to work? I even imported your demo content, and any pages I add to my main nav only go to the 404 page.

Here’s my site, Archives2 is the demo archives page bundled with the download.

Thank you for the update, sorry for the trouble but it’s good to know how it was resolved.

Disregard my previous post – the problem was with my permalinks.

How would I tweak to include the year in the date tag?

In any of the content-xxxxx.php files, you’ll see

<?php the_time( 'M d' ); ?> 
The M d come from: http://codex.wordpress.org/Formatting_Date_and_Time

Fixed it, nevermind

Hi there,

My site is www.healinksblog.co.uk

I don’t want the banner across the top, just the logo on the top of the background. How do i do this please? :)

Replied above

I can’t see it? Can you please copy and paste it into a reply here. thanks.

Sorry :)

There’s a “Full Logo URL ” setting in the custom options page, see the notes on that page for the logo update.

Also, when trying to add a facebook like box and twitter feed using widgets, nothing shows up on the sidebar.

Replied above

In fact, even when i add a text box widget saying “test” nothing shows up….

It looks like you have been able to edit your sidebar, the social links automatically go into the bio widget when you add them in the Social menu area.

I can’t really get into free custom work such as modifying your header, sorry, you’ll need to edit or override the /css/screen.css file.

awesome theme!

Hey, the HTML <-code-> <-/code-> doesn’t change any formatting on the template. Can you fix this?


I will need to get back to you on this, can you send me an email via my profile page?

if I wanted to make the single blog post the full page width, how would I do that?

There isn’t a built-in option for this but you could use custom fields to control the visibility of page elements on single.php. Just as an example…

if ( get_post_meta($post_id, 'single_column', true) == 'yes'){
…single page layout…
…normal layout…