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is there a way to disable the responsiveness?

You would need to hop into the CSS and remove the sections that takeover when the browser is resized in /css/screen.css and skeleton.css.

@media only screen and (min-width: XXXpx) and (max-width: XXXpx) etc…

Hi there, I need to widen the right sidebar a bit and can’t seem to figure it out in the CSS . Please can you point me to the correct section.

Thanks in advance.


You will need to modify the underlying css framework in css/skeleton.css or the theme files where it has “four columns” in the css classes, etc…

Thanks. How about shortening the main post area. When I widen, It drops to the bottom as the overall width is too much?

Appreciate the fast response.

The overall framework container areas would need to be widened too, if a column is enlarged, it no longer fits so it’ll drop below.


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what do I have to modify in the “content-image.php” if I do not want a link on the image?


aum Purchased

Please can you let me know what do I have to modify if I do not want any link on the image (no link to full size, no linkt to the post … no link at all) ... I need only display the image. Thank you.

On lines 170 and 172, you can remove

<a href="". $image_full . "">


Sorry TF goofs up the formatting but I think you get the idea. I can’t get too in depth on free custom work, sorry but that should get you on the right track.

Hi, before purchasing this theme. Can portfolio posts be in full width page without the sidebar like the demo?

and also can blog posts or different pages be organized in the 4 column grid like Portfolio 4 column demo?

thanks in advance.

Hey there, all special formatting examples are shown in the demo – the blog is formatted like the main page and the portfolio items are as-shown but it can always be customized!

Hello cudazi, great theme and really easy to configure! But… How I can disable the tooltip of docial media icons?

How can i remove these tags from comments template? <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””>

<del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> Thank you!</strong></i></em></del>

Anything pertaining to the comments can be customized via comments.php or /libraries/comments.php but the WordPress core does it’s fair share of work behind the theme too so you’ll want to refer to the WordPress codex.


I just added this to my css files: .form-allowed-tags { display: none !important; } And works like a charm!

Thank you!


Hello How I can disable the tooltip social media icons?

In the js/script.js file, you can remove the chunk of code that starts with “Tipsy Tooltip Setup” for the elements you do not want to use the tooltips for. Hope that helps!

easy! Thanks cudazi. Great support.

Hello cudazi,

The RSS feed not working. ¿? The URL http://www.mysite.com/feed/ shows nothing! (show a empty page)

Try setting / unsetting / setting the permalinks and see if that helps, check the source code to get the actual RSS url to be 100% sure of the path.

Hello, thank you for building a great theme. How can I add another sidebar column to this theme? I would like to have two right sidebars. Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be done under the realm of free support, this would be a customization of many theme elements/files.

hello cudazi,

How can I include the social links in another place? (for example on footer widget)


Hey there – the widget can be places wherever you wish but it has only been pre-styled for the sidebar area.

Hi, nice work with the theme! I created a static home page and I’m stuck on removing the page title from this single page. Please advise!

The quickest way would be to use CSS , the included body tag adds a lot of helpful css you can take advantage of for page by page styling unless you want to create a custom page template without a title.



I would want to use jQuery if possible (I’m not good at it) for social network buttons in bio social links so that when I hover over a specific social network image – it would create a hover effect with brighter image (which I already uploaded to my social icons directory). Would you please be able to provide me with quick direction of how to do this?

I tried something like this in “pixelpower/js/script.js” but it didn’t work:

$(’.bio-social-links a’).hover(function() { $(this).attr(“src”,”/images/social_icons/facebook-bright.png”); }, function() { $(this).attr(“src”,”/images/social_icons/facebook.png”); });

I’m not good with jQuery I would truly appreciate your help!

Thank you!


Hey Max,

I’m sorry but I can’t take on any free customizations at the moment, to brighten/dim the images, I set the opacity on hover, something you can do with jQuery or CSS .


Is there a setting to activate the footer widget? I’ve dragged some text widgets into that area under Appearance, but they don’t show up on the homepage or post pages. Thank you.

There shouldn’t be anything special there… did you add text to the text widgets? Do the sidebar areas work for you?

If I add a header image (logo) it’s not responsive, defeating the point. Header images don’t fit with the menus and you can’t disable them completely – doing so leaves an annoying message to add a menu. Unfortunately I’m going to abandon this theme. An expensive mistake it seems!

In css/screen.css try adding ”#logo img” to the list where you see the Responsive Images section and it should take care of that.

Is there any way to update the avatars in the posts instead of having the stock avatar image?

sorry if this is a stupid question i have been fiddling around for a while now.

thanks for the future help,


Hey Ryan,

The post type icons are the same image called a “sprite” stored in /images/sprites_post_types.png there should be a PSD included with the theme for editing, otherwise use the existing as a guide/template.



I just purchased this theme and tried uploading it but the install failed. Here’s the message I got in wordpress:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Have I done something wrong? All I did was download the zip file and then upload it directly into WP.


Hey there,

Please unzip the main download and read the included help HTML file in a web browser which will walk you through the entire setup process.

Also: http://cudazi.com/2011/wordpress-broken-theme-stylesheet-issue/


Hello! how can I install the same social icons in my page?

Hey there, please be sure you’ve followed the setup instructions and imported the sample content. The social links come from the WordPress admin area and then are displayed using the bio widget, included in the theme.

I Have a problem. Mi logo is disable. Do you know why? my page is www.levariete.com.ar, but there is something strange if I see the web through my iPhone I Can see my logo. I don’t know what to do. Thanks.

I think your logo is set to “www.levariete.com.ar” instead of a full image path.


The tool tips over the social icons on my site are not working quite right. They flicker when you hover over them. Here is the site: www.claimitcareers.com.

Also, is there any way to remove some of the padding in the header beneath the logo image so that the header is not quite so wide and the tagline lines up with the image?

Thank you!

The flickr only should appear when you are logged in and have the admin bar, your users should not be affected. As for adding/removing padding, please use FireBug or Chrome developer tools for any customizations, tracking down styles used and so on.