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I’m noticing one issue. Bullets don’t seem to work. Number line items work fine but adding bullets just leave white space. Is this a reported issue?

Please use the UL or OL list classes found in the sample content from the end of the about page – http://curtziegler.com/sitedemo/pixelpower/wordpress/about/

Since the base css is based on the skeleton framework, you need to add the class if desired.

Also featured images, they seem to just enlarge on click even if you set the image to link to a URL . Has this been reported?


You can override the default functionality on a per post-type basis (image, gallery, post, link, etc…) as seen in the highlighted code: http://cl.ly/image/0k0k2a0y3w2d

So what needs to change in order for it to link to the post?

For the specific post format(s) you want to change, content-xxxxx.php you would change the linkto to ‘post’ instead of nothing. Thanks!

Very beautiful theme. I would like to know if this theme will work with WooTumblog plugin for post formats.

The theme uses the built in post formats. It’s most likely possible I would imagine but would require customizations.

Hey cudazi,

This is such a great template!

I am wondering what the short codes for the columns are right now i seem to be only able to use one_half ( is there one_quarter three_quarter)??

Thanks in advance, ryan

Hey there, please be sure to read the help file and sample content. The help file notes: one_half, one_third, two_third, one_fourth, three_fourth, one_fifth, two_fifth, three_fifth, four_fifth, one_sixth or five_sixth

Note the use of “last” in the width for the last column. Columns should add to 1, eg: one_half + one_half equals one full column.

Thank you for the help and i now see it in the help file!

I however cannot find instructions on how to apply the tipsy tooltip is there a short code for that?

Thanks for your quick response

Hey there,

The tooltips are really designed to work automatically with the social icons but as defined in js/script.js you can add the class of tooltip to a link and it should pull the title attribute of the link into the tooltip.

I will have multiple people to post on my blog, how can I make it so that it shows the authors name and/or avatar on each post?

Hey there, you’ll need to modify meta-post.php or similar to include the information you want displayed. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_author

How can I add a new Post Format? I would like to have a post format similar to the Standard one but with a different Icon.

Post formats are standardized by WordPress and cannot be changed. The icons are images in the images folder and you’re free to replace the sprite as needed for your customizations.

i mean the formats like aside, chat, video, status, etc. I want to create a new one thats the same as the ‘standard’ one but with a different icon, i still want to keep the original standard one too.

They are standardized and can’t be modified: http://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Formats#Supported_Formats

You could repurpose one like gallery and duplicate standard/etc if you would like but I can’t really get into free custom work at this time, sorry.

I see how to change the pages to be full width with the dropdown under a page, but if I want a single blog post page to be full width how do you set that?

The full width is only for the page templates, it would be possible with some modification but isn’t a built-in option.

Can you provide info on how to do that or how much it would cost to build it?

Sure thing, send me a message via my profile page and I’ll be happy to get you a quote. I’m out for Thanksgiving until Sunday/Monday and will get back to you then.

ive added a banner on top of the posts. what code do i add to it to make it resize for mobile? see here http://www.beingattractive.com

I inserted the banner in index.php here is the code: <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?> my banner <?php // Search results (index.php handles search if no search.php used)

Please review /css/screen.css and look for the code around the “Responsive Images” section.

Great theme Cudazi! I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and still loving it. However, I was wondering if you could tell me how to make a quick edit to the search box. I would like to enter some overlay text in the text box to make the search box in the sidebar a bit more visible to site users. Is there a way to modify searchform.php or some other area with some code to make this happen? Thanks in advance.

You can add a “placeholder” attribute but the value will be the default text for now in searchform.php

value="<?php _e("GO","cudazi"); ?>"

You can change GO to whatever, just be careful of any quotations.


I love this theme and would like to know what are the advertising options I have with this theme? Is it possible to advertise within posts? Have a leaderboard advertisement? Any suggestions please?

Hey there – you’re free to add on any advertising plugins (free or premium) with this item, it doesn’t come with any out of the box.

Ok, great.

I have another question, for gallery posts, is there a way to make images resize automatically to full screen when the user is on mobile? I’ve seen it on several realtor iPhone apps and was wondering how (if at all) this could be accomplished with this responsive theme.


It was an app (Realtor.com) so I’m not sure how they configured it. Is that something that can be achieved with this theme? If so, how please?

Also, I was looking at this site on mobile (iPhone 4) and there’s a caption overlay that pretty much takes over the picture. Anyway to remove that please?

Hey there, I’m not seeing the overlay, the theme was tested on a 4/4S upon submission.

Is there anyway to keep the header static? I’d like to have a big header up at the top but if it scrolls with me, it’ll take up too much screen space.

There is an option for fixed or static header in the feature list, thanks!

hello my site is www.femvi.com how do i get the titel of the post above my foto? And my menu doens’t want to appear. How do i make menu appear. Thank you

You’ll need to customize the site files to move images/titles around.

The menu instructions are in the help or by importing the sample content. Then you’ll need to assign the menus you create to a specific location in appearance > menus.

how can i extend the pagination to show more number of pages?

If you go to line 188 in functions.php you’ll see cudazi_paginate() which controls the pagination.

All information on customizing this item can be found at: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/paginate_links

1.Hello, Where and how can i customize the site files to move images/titles around for the blog posts.

2. On the site http://curtziegler.com/sitedemo/pixelpower/wordpress/ The home page is the lastest post page. How do i get that?

Thank you

Hey there, for your first question, I can’t really get into free custom work at this time, sorry.

The second question can be done in the Settings > Reading menu by setting your home page as latest posts which is usually a default setting if it’s a fresh install. Please see the “WordPress Setup” section of the HTML documentation file included in the download.

Hello i alreay managed to get the Menu together.

1. Where and how can i customize the site files to move images/titles around for the blog posts.

2. how do i get the social icons under the bio picture on my frontpage like you have on your site . http://curtziegler.com/sitedemo/pixelpower/wordpress/

The social icons are from the bio widget that needs to be added to the sidebar.

I’m using the dark version of this template, on the “Social Links” when you hoover over one the popup shows above the link image and I cant click it

check it here


any ideas how I can fix this ?

If you view the site without the admin bar up top or logged out as a normal visitor they appear normally. Thanks!

what file controls how the [embed] behaves?

Around line 8 in includes/filters.php and the very end of includes/shortcodes.php, that chunk if removed will restore it to it’s original functionality but may alter the responsiveness.

i dont have a filters.php file in the includes folder

Sorry, libraries/filters.php ( http://cl.ly/image/2D18081X2i1g )

How do I change font’s type and size of my posts? Urgent help, Pls.

Just replied to your email – thanks

Great work! How can I remove the grey bar between the posts?

You’ll need to modify the margin of that element in the css, /css/screen.css around line 69. Otherwise, the grey bar is a background of the primary column.

I can’t get into free customizations but Chrome’s inspector tools or Firebug will be able to track down these elements quickly.