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I recently purchased and installed Pixel Power on an existing blog and cannot figure out how to create the boxes with excerpts like those on the demo’s loading page at: which some posts show a “Read more…” type of option.

Reading over instructions found at:

they clearly state the following:

“Although the_content() is usually called from the template with a standard text as described above, it is possible to have an individual text for certain posts. In the visual editor, simply write <!- – more Your custom text – ->.”

Do I need to add this code into EACH and EVERY post on the blog?

I had this option supplied in the theme previously used for this blog so was not aware of this necessity previous to your theme. ANY help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Disappointed pixelpower customer :-(

From what I understand of your response above, you are suggesting that I have to go into EACH and EVER post and add the line of code manually through HTML window, or use the button in Visual mode… and that you have not automated this option by means of code, as my previously used theme did.

I would have preferred knowing before purchasing Pixel Power that I would NOT be getting the theme “as shown in the demo”.

Disappointed pixelpower customer :-(

I have manually entered <!- – Read More – -> part way into the first four posts and the posts are still displaying as complete posts, not excerpts.

Please advise?

I replied above, please refrain from double-posting, thank you

I have manually entered <!- – Read More – -> part way into the first five posts and the posts are still displaying as complete posts, not excerpts. My categories are also showing complete posts instead of excerpts.

I have checked under Appearances \ Editor and could NOT find where you have the_content() in your style.css, index.php, or functions.php files.

I then tired installing Advanced Excerpt plugin but discovered it won’t work because your theme does not use the_excerpt()

Please advise? :confused:

Disappointed pixelpower customer

( removed )

Oops, just saw your reply about the cache, excellent news!

I have enjoyed using Pixelpower for a while and downloaded the latest update today. Trying to install the zip file, I got error message:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

What went wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Please be sure to only upload the theme zip –

When re-uploading, you may need to activate another theme temporarily and delete the first copy of PixelPower. (Or just overwrite the files via FTP)

thanks for your prompt help

I just purchased this theme and Wordpress says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”


oh sorry I just saw the above post is the same! I will try this..

Okay, I take that back, I am still having problems…I only uploaded the .zip file while in the Appearances->Theme->Install page. I tried it a few times and I am getting this stylesheet error every time.

You may need to manually go in and delete what you uploaded earlier, the theme zip is found in the ‘Themes’ folder.

Got it thank you, I was trying to upload the entire Themeforest .zip Thank you!

You’re welcome, thank you for the purchase, I appreciate it.

Just getting around to setting up this theme and am having a problem with the social media icons after the bio. Please see and let me know your thoughts on how to fix this.

Seems to me I may be using the wrong widget and these are intended for posts/pages but I do not see options anywhere else for the post-bio social icons.

Hey there, please use the bio widget included with the theme, the widget pulls in icons/links from the “social” menu for you.


Using bio widget but forgot about the Social Links option. Thank you!

Any plans to add Pinterest icon?

Hi ~ How can I change the date that shows up under the post type (e.g. Apr 21) to show the year also? I’ve tried the info in the FAQ section and am not doing something correctly…

Also, how can I change the font on the header & post titles?


The excess information may just be getting cut off/hidden, do you have a link? I can’t get too in-depth on free customizations but I may be able to find the hangup.

Hi there, are you planning to insert Google Webfonts in your theme? More and more theme authors are implementing them in their options panel. Just wanted to ask before I start implementing it myself as I think it’s a big win having a dropdown in the options panel directly.

The logo is using Google fonts and I believe there’s a child theme example using Google fonts as well.

Having problems embedding youtube link. Can you let me know what I am doing wrong?

Please give this format a try:

I would just like to say I’m very impressed with the theme the Load time of the theme is really fast. I’m switching from another theme that was slow and was unhappy with it. One feature I wish you had in this theme was front end upload But I do have a plugin that will do it.

I noticed that when I activated the plugin Side bar login it was already in the code and appeared in the sidebar. Very Nice :>

One thing I’m very confused about is making the Images smaller on the home page and the category pages. How would I make it smaller then stock.

O OK I under stand Now Thanks you. Will this effect the Mobile Phones as it stands now the mobile phone the images are too large.

Once i change the sizes in both files do I have to regenerate the thumbnails? and How?

Nevermind My question above DUH I didn’t see (Google: WordPress Plugin Regenerate Thumbnails) thank you so much By the way Loving your theme

Hi there,

Thanks for designing this great theme! I enjoy it a lot.

Today, it happened that on desktop IE and Firefox is served with the mobile theme, rather than the desktop one. Chrome and Safari are showing correctly the desktop theme.

Any idea why this is happening? If yes, how do I fix it?

Thank you!

The only thing would be if you have a testing plugin to set your page width or if the CSS was modified/overridden with another tool down the line. It seems like it’s loading normally on this end.

Thank you for coming back quickly!

It turns out that the W3 Total Cache plugin was playing a bad joke on me. Reset the plugin and it started working properly immediately. And just to be on the safe side got CloudFlare and will be deleting the W3 plugin.

This is a great theme, indeed!

If you allow me, run a site that has your theme through Google Page Speed and see what the suggestions are. Maybe you can implement something in an update or for your future work.

Keep up the good work and the customer service! Much appreciated!

The theme is with a jquery problem. Can you help me? See it in

Please, forget it. Was a plugin…

Thank you for the update

I set up all my Photos and the category is funny photos now my next step is add the jokes only problem I’m thinking now is after I add the jokes they will be the newest posts and show first on site load. Here’s the problem I would like the photos to be the first to load so the visitor see the photos first and if they want joke they will pick the category. I have been searching most of the day for a plugin that would load a category as the landing page and to my surprise non exists but a lot of questions on how to do it and no real answers. there used to be a plug in that listed the categories as a landing page when the site loads but thats not what I want I want the category funny photo to load whit the site. Any one know of a way to do this with out a .htaccess rewrite. a plugin? how to template it? changes in the theme? any ideas? thanks in advance Mitch

Realized that while it worked to only show the cat I wanted will not change to the next page. Made sure all Plugins where off. Must be due to custom Code for Navigation and Scroll to top. Looking for another theme as it seems Not having any luck getting anyone to help with this one.

Honestly, I just don’t know how that other plugin operates. You may want to just replace any of my navigation code to use the standard next/prev links and see if that help. previous_posts_link / next_posts_link etc…

thanks for your suggestion but as I said I did not know how to code if I did I would just do it.I can follow directions and add / replace. I have just took a break from looking for a new theme and so far have not found one as nice as yours. I’m going to give your suggestion a try with winmerge and the codex. thanks

I’m trying to install Infanite Scroll Plugin and its asking for the themes CSS Selectors I need these Content Selector – Div containing your theme’s content Navigation Selector – Div containing your theme’s navigation Next Selector – Link to next page of content Item Selector – Div containing an individual post

For example this is from twentyeleven Content Selector: #content Navigation Selector: #nav-below Next Selector: #nav-below .nav-previous a:first Item Selector:#content and twentytwelve Content Selector: #content Navigation Selector: #content nav Next Selector: #content nav a Item Selector: .hentry

I tried to finds pixalpowers but failed Could you please let me know what they are.


I really can’t get involved in third party plugin setup as I didn’t create and haven’t tested/used the plugin, sorry, you may want to contact a developer or send me a message via my profile and I can send you some service links.

The tool links above will give you the information you need to “inspect” each element you’re looking for and test with that specific plugin.

Wow I was just going to ask you how much you would charge me to get it working I do use those tools and can’t figure it out. I will have to look for some one willing to do it. thanks anyway

If anyone has got it working and can get it working for me and you would like a free WordPress site for a year Send me email at admin (at) thanks

Purchased earlier this week. Excellent theme and just what i needed!

One question i have is how to change the color of the main navigation links at the top of the page. I tweaked the CSS so the top area is a solid color and not light grey and I need the menu to be white.



I can’t get into customizations but in the css/screen.css folder you’ll see notes about .sf-menu which is related to the main navigation and where you can customize, ex:

.sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited  { 
    color:            #999;

Thank you for the help.

Hi cudazi

Small issue with the custom bio widget.
All widgets are set to blog’s home page only. The bio widget is set to all pages.
With these settings, on the home page, the bio widget is displayed at the bottom of the sidebar, under all the widgets. I would like it to be at the top.
Please check it here

Thank you!

Hey there, you can rearrange the order of the different sidebars in sidebar.php if you would like, thanks!

Is there a way to control in which order the posts show up on the portfolio page? At the moment it only depends on the creation date of the post as far as I can see.

Btw thanks for the great theme. It’s a lot of fun to work with.

In page-portfolio-grid.php on the query_posts function you’ll have to add in a order / orderby parameter –