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How can I activete a blogroll for your theme? Thanks

Blogroll is a widget (links) which you add in Appearance > Widgets.

I can’t find it into widgets and i cannot create any kind of link into admin

Here’s a couple screenshots from the demo:


Does this theme support oEmbeds? I’d like to begin embedding my Tweet, but when I drop the URL in as I do with YouTube, it’s not working. Thanks!

Hey there – try removing the last shortcode/filter in /libraries/shortcodes.php and see if that helps out.


Whenever I try to upload the theme I get this error message: The style.css stylesheet is missing.

I’ve no idea what I do wrong :-(

UPDATE: never mind, I found the answer on your website:

Excellent, yes, please unzip the file and read the html help file for all setup information, thanks!

Hello, i love this theme!

But i can’t get the title of the post above the picture just like the theme demo. My titles are under the pictures( my page: )

How do i get the tittle of the post above the pictures?? like in the demo

Thank you

Hey there, if you use a featured image, it’ll be on top of any post type, if not, it’ll be below or wherever you placed it in the content. (Featured images are optional) Please import the demo content onto a blank site to test and see all the site’s features. Thanks!

Hi, I download the theme, but when I upload it to wordpress, wordpress told me: - the theme hasn´t style page style.css why? thanks

Please read the included help file – thanks!

I need to change the posts titles from H2 to H1. Where would that be changed in the theme files?

Please use a text editor NotePad++, TextWrangler, Dreamweaver, Coda, etc… to do a find in files for “H2” to track those down. Thanks

Fantastic, and very useful theme, but the category icons are a little bit blurry. Is the theme retina display ready?

Thanks! The icons were created before retina was really taking off but I’ll look into getting it updated. (There’s a separate PSD in the download for the icon sprite to update/export – sprites_post_type_icons.psd)


I have v1.0.7 and see there has been an update to 1.0.8 Is there a way for me to easily be notified when updates are out and to easily update the theme?


You can sort your downloads by latest updated but there isn’t an email notification at this time. I’d just watch I don’t post a lot, just updates/related.

The hardest thing to get used to about your design is all the work is already done for us. Good documentation and comments. Enjoying it, thanks!

It appears that the home page and detailed post page both pull from content.php, if we want to style them differently how would we separate them?

You can edit single.php and put a variation of the content.php code within the page itself and/or use

Ok, got my site up – couple of quick q’s: Is it possible to have different pics on different pages utilizing your bio-widget? Second, I installed a mail-chimp newsletter sign-up, which looks decent, but the boxes are spilling over on the right a few pixels. Any suggestion on how to fix?

Well, the bio widget was intended as a single use, if you didn’t use the social links, you could drop multiple bio widgets and use a plugin like widget logic / widget context to show various ones on various pages. The mail chimp sizing is tough, it just sounds like it may not be a fluid width item and has a specific width set.

Thanks – we decided to just use the one pic. For the mail chimp I resized the boxes to 158 px (around base css 282). Seems to have resolved the issue without affecting the contact form.

this topic has blog???

I’m not quite following your question, the site is a blog focused theme.

Hi, is there a way to change the favicon in the wordpress admin panel? I cannot seem to find the same file as in the similar comment doing it via Filezilla. Yet, my other site allows to do so via wordpress? Can you help?

Please overwrite the existing favicon.gif in the theme folder


How can I reduce the height of the white bar (header bar) at the top where the logo and the tagline sit in?

Fantastic theme!


Hey there – the height is determined by what’s within the element, there’s no set min/max. You’ll need to modify any padding/margins of the specific elements within to get it thinned even further.

Nice looking theme. I love it!

But where do I translate the twitter widget? For example “about X days ago”

You’d need to modify the plugin itself (js folder has the source), the text is brought in through jQuery/JavaScript vs PHP.

If any one was wondering why the Blog roll was missing wp 3.5 removed it if you really need it install this plugin Link Manager


First off, great theme. I’m having a problem with the featured images not resizing for the gallery views. For example,

I get this on my test server (correct):

I get this on my production server (incorrect):

This happens with the featured images too where the more horizontally oriented image doesn’t get automatically resized into something that fits nicely into the grid portfolio. Maybe I missed something at setup the second time around?

Thanks for your help, NG

Hey there, I can’t see those two links but what happens with the sample content?

No worries. I figured out the issue and it was a server permissions problem.

However, I have two quick questions:

1. When I set up the theme I figured out how to do 2 column and 1 column galleries /portfolio display but now I’m unable to get my gallery / portfolio to go to 2 columns. It’s in the default 4 column now. How do I do this?

I watched the YouTube video but I don’t see this explained. In the theme instructions it doesn’t list the custom field if there is one. I tried portfolio_columns as a custom field but that didn’t work.

2. In the gallery / portfolio page, I want to link the image and the text below the image to the Portfolio post. Currently only the text below the images on the portfolio page links to the portfolio item. The photo links to itself. Where do I change this?

Thanks! NG

Hey there, the sample content has this example done for you but this page has text explaining it as well –

For the second piece, archive-portfolio.php does the actual output of the grid/text/links based on settings pulled in from other pages.

Where do you need to edit to change the URL of the logo link. I am using this as a blog instance setup on /articles. Right now if you click your logo in the header it will take you to /articles when I want it to go to the main index of the site.

Thank you.

Hey there, try the settings in Settings > Reading > Front Page displays to control your home page, otherwise if you want to manually set it – towards the end of functions.php you’ll see a function with a comment above “Text or Image Logo” which builds the image logo or text logo based on your settings.

Can i change the background style with WP or do i need to edit the CSS?

You can do it through the WP appearance area – color picker or image uploader, thanks!

Trying to determine if I want to purchase theme. The link to view the live demo is not working. Can you point me to the URL to view the live demo? Thanks!

Hey Larissa, The demo seems to be working now, there must have been a bit of downtime on my server – sorry! ( )