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Hey, really liking this theme! How do I enable captions to work on images, however?

I retract my previous question. For some reason I did not see captions working before, but they appear just fine (user error!). Thanks again!

This is a lovely theme!

But I have a question for inserting images. It seems like wordpress will hard-code the image size (Actual size / Large / Medium, it is up to the editor). However, it will break the column width when the image became too large. This doesn’t happen when I use the default theme like Twenty Eleven. Can you please help?

Try the full size until I can investigate further, thanks!

OK, Thanks!

When i go to add menu items in the WP in the theme, my bar still shows only one.

Any ideas or solutions here? I hate to change the code, since that could mess up any future updates….... Thank you!

Be sure when you’re adding/editing the menu in WordPress you press the save button when you’re done.

Hi cudazi. First very good and fast theme! (thx)

Have two questions: - While running google page speed, I receive the point “set imagesize” on format template “image”. Do you know how I can set the right imagesize on these images to satisfy google pagespeed?

- And the other question, while browsing the code (Google chrome F12) I see something like:

<footer id="footer" class="container" role="contentinfo">...</footer> <!-- by Anonymous () v --> <!-- Added via wp_footer + theme settings --> This “by Anonymous” unsettle me a little bit. Is that from your theme?

Thx a lot


Sh*t, this dont sound well :S…

Ah yes, can you say something to this imagestuff?

You can try removing that code output to see if it goes away if you’re not using the Google analytics code. Also in functions.php you can see cudazi_featured_image() and see if adding the image height/width would speed things up for you but I think it caused issues with the responsive design in some browsers.

I have the same Issue as @EnHoE007 I use a Website speed test site called It does Page speed and gives items to fix so your site loads faster I was able to get the site down to Page load time: 6.13s with wp super cache But I’m sure it can get better Page speed reports The following image(s) are missing width and/or height attributes. Can something be added to the code in the theme to add the attributes that it is asking for? The same issue was there with no plugins and just an image it reported that image did not have image height Width attributes thanks

Also – for the best speed bump, I would suggest using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache on any WordPress theme.

Yes I’m using wp Super Cache Plugin.

Could you add height and width to theme

Hi! Great theme – I bought it a couple of days ago. Only issue is that I cannot get the Microsoft Translator Widget: to display. I have this installed on many of my sites and I’ve never had an issue with another theme. So, it does not seem to be an issue with the widget but rather with the theme. Any ideas how to get it working?

Try removing the last block / shortcode in libraries/shortcodes.php and see if that has any effect – thanks!

Hi there, I have two questions.

1. When I embed my vimeo videos using the [embed]url[/embed] shortcodes they are letterboxed vertically instead of filling the full width of the post. How do I get around this?

2. What host do you use. I ask because your demo is very responsive yet my site is sluggish and Im looking for an alternative. Even with most of the plugins disabled the WP Admin area is also painfully slow.

Hey there, did you import the sample content to have a look at the [embed] usage in that context? Be sure you’re just using the embed with the normal browser URL, not the actual embed code between the [embed]

For #2, I used W3 Total Cache to speed things up.

Yes I did. I am using the embed as outlined with just the url and not the vimeo embed code. It only happens with my videos though so I need to figure out if theres something set on my vimeo account that causes it. Other videos from vimeo do not suffer the letterboxing.

I tried W3 Total Cache but it conflicted with WP-Members. (Names and locations didnt show in email notifications for new users) I also did not notice any significant change. I am currently using another caching plugin (Quick Cache) also with no significant change.

I was using your Studio960 theme for a few years and decided to change to see if it was a theme issue. Its not. Hostmonster tell me theres nothing wrong on their end. I was looking for a host recommendation.

Great theme. However I am facing a problem with embedding images similar to ctchen.

Images inserted in post bodies are not resizing and they just go out of the column width (eg:

I tried using the full size image (as author suggested) but it does not help. If I make it the featured image – it resizes correctly.

Try going into the editor’s HTML mode and removing the width and heights for the caption and/or image and let me know.

Thanks – stripping the width attribute from [caption] fixed the issue. I should have tried that as well :-)

Hey – an update on my last comment – If I strip the caption block from the image and then use it, it resizes gracefully. Could you help fix this as I would like to use the captions with my images?

Our social media buttons in the right column do not seem to work correctly. They keep flickering and are practically unclickable, any solution for this?

Dear Cudazi

Thanks for this wonderful theme. I am trying to hide tags on each post. I can’t find which file (and lines) to edit. is it possible to do so ? thank you.

You can edit meta-post.php if you wish to change or remove this section, thanks!

Cudazi I’ve messaged you before and have always appreciated the support. Been running the theme for a long time now and love it.

Recently, I’ve encountered issues uploading images. Now, whenever I upload an image into a post, I immediately receive an “HTML Error” after the image has been uploaded. And while the image does get placed in the directory, there is no way to resize the image using WordPress’ built in feature. I’ve been troubleshooting this for a while and have found that the issue is somewhere within the theme, because when I switch to “Twenty Eleven”, the image uploaded works great. Can you help me fix this? I can send you any additional information you need, including the WP account, but it’s frustrating because I can’t upload any pics onto my blog right now.

The site is at


Hey there, in the 1900 downloads, you’re the first to bring this up, hmm. When I Google “wordpress html error image upload” a lot of related issues on other unrelated WordPress powered sites comes up. Try disabling all plugins, then install one called regenerate thumbnails, I found one person’s theme had a resolution this way.

Hey there,

great theme to begin :)

Any way I can make a sticky post?


I think WordPress put it in the Publish section when creating a post. – Thank you

oh jeez. why have i never seen that. Thanks you!


Is it possible to see the dark version of the theme somewhere ?


Hey there – I don’t have a full demo, just the small preview screenshot, sorry!

Hi, great theme, but I was wondering how I can set this to use excerpts for my blogs instead of full posts (my posts get a bit long!). Also, is there an easy way to set the default font to arial?

And one last thing, my tag cloud has some long tags (i.e. entrepreneurship) that actually run larger then the widget. Just wondering if anything can be done for this.

Please use the more quicktag or toolbar button to cut the blog posts off as seen in the demo. Send me a message via my profile for the tag with your website URL so I can have a closer look. Thanks

@archehypnose You can see it at my site

How come if I use a photo as a featured image on the blog, why does it then have to be in my gallery? I don’t want to have the same photo twice, the problem is that if you delete it from your gallery it deletes it from your your “featured image.”

With the WordPress gallery shortcode, you can exclude a specific ID of photo – [ gallery exclude=”21,32,43” ]—

Hi all!

I’ve purchased this theme and I’m totally liking it! I’ve send 2 support emails to Cudazi and he responded on the very same day. His support is also very valuable. My support issues are now solved which makes me a very happy user.

Cudazi, keep up the good work! Kind regards, Roberto

:) Thank you for the kind words, you made my day!

When I view this theme on my Mac, I can barely read it. On my PC the fonts look fine. How can that be fixed?

Hey there – it was designed on a Mac and tested on a PC, nobody’s mentioned that ever. Maybe an odd browser setting?