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This is a simple great theme. Maybe this has been suggested before, but any chance with the next update you could make the post type images compatible for retina display? Perhaps use Font Awesome or some other icon font instead of static images?

I like that idea, let me add it to the list – thank you!

(Excellent username by the way…)

Hi, I really like this theme. Just one question, is it possible to show full posts on the homepage?


Hey there – sure thing, I’ve just used the “more ” quicktag but you can leave that off to show the full post.

WordPress Kills Post Formats UI For 3.6 Release. But you can install post types UI with a plugin. Figured I would let you know if you didn’t and in-case you wanted to get a head start on checking if the plugin and 3.6 beta will do the same job with your theme. here’s the article by WordPress Kills Post Formats UI For 3.6 Release Mitch

From what I understand, they’re keeping the current radio button format list and skipping that large UI. Hopefully that plans stays for now. :) Thanks!

Hi cudazi, Your can tell me which file must be updated to version 1.0.7 to 1.0.8? Thank you.

Looks like filters.php was updated but to be 100% sure please use a file compare tool. Thank you

Selling my site How can I transfer ownership of the theme to someone else and take me off it?

They won’t have access to any possible updates/support (since they don’t have your account access) but you can send them all download files and the license certificate and then remove all copies from your installation. Just as long as this is still part of the same overall project which it seems to be. If it was for a new site/project, they’d need their own license/purchase.

Hi, I’m quite interested in this template. I’d just like some answers on these questions before I buy it, maybe ;) - Is it possible to pinned a specific article in ordre to stay on the top? - Is it possible to enlarge the right column width and integrate specific widgets? As you can see on my current blog, I’d actually integrate twitter, facebook and instagram widgets, I’d like to keep it this way. - Is it possible to integrate AddThis Button or social buttons on each article? Thanks in advance for your return as on my current blog, directly in the code. Furthermore, is it possible to integrate the widget

Hey there! Yes, in the publish post settings you can set it to “sticky” and it’ll stay on the top of page one. As for the modifications of columns, that’ll be a modification of the code itself. For the widgets and plugins, I’ve tested what I know but there are thousands so it’s hard to guarantee, most should work just fine in the sidebar area. Thanks!

Thanks. Have a great week-end.

You too!

Hey, I’d like to find the widget autobio as the sample (theme -PixelPower). Someone know which one is this one?

Regards, Luis

Hey Luis, the custom bio widget is activated with the theme in appearance > widgets and is 100% custom to the theme. Thanks!

Hey Cudazi! Is there support for breadcrumbs?

I’m trying to install Yosta plugin breadcrumbs, but I don’t know which file should I edit.

I hope you can help me. Regards, Luis

Howdy, you’ll probably want to add something like that at the end of header.php for it to appear across the site. Thanks!

How easy is it to make this theme non-responsive? Is it just a matter of checking a box in the site options section?

There’s no built in option to disable that but you can remove the end of the stylesheet that controls that functionality. (/css/screen.css)

hi :) just a “pre-sale” question: is the theme capable of infinte scrolling? maybe built in function or with jetpack? thanks.

Hey there! I haven’t used an infinite scrolling plugin actually. The site is intended to use the built in navigation system as seen in the demo. Using other systems may require template modifications.

Hi, I’m really interested in this great theme. Just wondering how much I can customise it? I’d like to change the colour scheme a fair bit, is that possible?

Thanks, Alex.

You’re welcome to use the built in color picker for the basics, otherwise I’ve included a couple sample child themes where you can customize as much as you wish. Have fun!

Hi there,

I love this theme!

I use WPML to translate my site. I can’t find the 404 and result pages. I’d like to translate the 404 error message and the result page messages. Where can I find these?

Thanks and great job :)

Thanks! Is there anywhere where I can find how to use child themes (sorry if this is a beginner’s question) Is the results message in the index.php page as well

Thanks again for your help

Hey there, upload the main theme, then upload an included child theme to test. ( )

Thanks very much. I’m gonna try that.

Hello i have got 2 questions: 1. How to make miniature of the post with href to this post, not to image. (in your demo u got miniature leading to the post and leading to the image) 2. I find bug with ul listing – there is no changes when u make ul list in your post. (ol listing works good).

P.S. Sorry for my very bad english. Great theme, <3 it very mutch. Thank you!

Hey there!

Please import the sample content and switch from visual to HTML mode to see the “read more” text and customization. ( )

As for the lists, end of the about page sample content has the various list styles:

Thank you, but on 1st question i mean: how to make thumbnail picture with link to the post ( ) and how to make this thumbnail with link to the image ( ).

The gallery post format will do that link automatically for you, the main image is set as the “Featured Image” like the others.

I would like to put an adwords banner under the last line of content for each post. Before the comments, and still in the white area of the post info.

I would like the banner to appear on the actual post page as well as the home page when the full post appears.

Where in the code, and which page, do I paste the Adwords banner code? I’ve been able to get it everywhere BUT within the content area, under the post content.

Hope you can point me in the right direction.

Hey there, you may want to use / create a plugin for this, something along the line of ( this ) – Thanks!

I’m not really so good at code, but if you said something like.. on the single.php page, paste the code after the line ’< ?php get_template_part( ‘content’, get_post_format() ); ? >..

then I would understand. But on that page, single.php, I’ve pasted the code everywhere possible and the adwords appears everywhere BUT in the content section. Surely it’s simply coded to insert, I’ve never had a theme I can’t do this on. Appreciate if you could identify the area for me.

Thanks again.

The code in their examples would be in a plugin or in the theme’s functions.php. I can’t get into free custom work but can do a quick quote via email if you can send me a message via my profile:

Hey cudazi,
I would like to move the portfolio tags from above to below columns.
Tried to modify archive-portfolio.php without positive results.
Could you show me the way, please. :)
If it’s not to much to ask..

Hey Mupetz, is the correct file. I can’t get into free custom work but I can look into a quick quote if you send me a message via my profile, just let me know! ( )

Hey cudazi,

Will you update code for Twitter REST API v1.1? Loading tweets no longer works with v1.0. Getting this error:

{"errors": [{"message": "The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.", "code": 68}]}

Hey there, Twitter disabled retrieving tweets using that method so the plugin had to be removed from the theme unfortunately. You can search the .org plugin area for a free alternative or for anything they may offer as well as a replacement. Sorry for the hassle.

No problemo…can’t take the blame for Twitter changing their ways. Thanks for the follow up.

I don’t know if you have noticed with the Preview, but on the HomePage the Menu drop-downs work fine, but the moment you go to a link/page:

the Menu Drop-downs no longer work.

I was able to make an update and will be sending the files to ThemeForest very soon.

A temporary fix can be seen here the update will be updating the menu jQuery.

cool…. Have a good one. :)

BTW, aren’t the Portfolio Images supposed to also open in a Lightbox? The are instead just opening in a blank page with the image, old WP functionality.

Something broken there also?

I’m seeing a lightbox, can you try again after my update? Thanks!

Hello thank you for theme.. i like this.. but i have a can i add this template from ftp filezilla? .. i add but i think i was a problem because some addition i can not use.. for example.. i couldn’t add my picture.. i couldn’t use contact page.. i couldn’t add some menu(contact,home,archives).. so i wanna this template use i dont wanna any change..but i couldn’t make :( please help me where is my wrong ?

Please be sure you’re only uploading the theme folder. It’s easier if you go to Appearance > Themes and just upload the file.

Nice theme, thanks

Thank you, I appreciate it!