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Great template! Quick Question: I cannot get my form to work. Is there anything else that should be changed, other than the email address in the php file, for this to work?

It says message sent but nothing arrives via email.

Could you please let me know the site url. It would help me to debug the issue and suggest you the solution for the same.


Sure thing! Just send you an email!

Replied on mail. I was unable to login.

Is there any blank page i can use to develop multiple page site?

Currently No.


Please help. On lower-than-desktop resoltuions, only part of the slider image appears; the right-hand side seems cropped off. It’s only when you scroll downward that the rest of the image shows. You can see this if you reduce your browser resolution and refresh, or even on a phone (I tried it on a Samsung S4). How can we resolve this?

Ok. I got it.
We can reduce the font-size in the media queries so that it appears fine on that resolution.

Could you mail me you site url at oumz99@gmail.com, and i will let you know the exact css code.

Hope this helps.

Hello! Its is possible to add an Instagram feed to the template? Tks!

I have not tested Instagram with this template. You can try adding it.

I will delete the mail.php file and no support, how do you?

Sorry, i could not understand the question.

sorry, my English is not very good, I commented that I lost the mail.php file. my laptop got damaged and no backup was made, you can spend the mail.php file? send it to my email?, thank you ..

Please download the template again and look for mail.php file in it.

I’m trying to upload my theme (PixelWay) to Wordpress, but it says the file is missing the style.css stylesheet. Any suggestions?

It is a HTML template and not a WordPress theme. You can contact Envato support for refund.


Hi, I really love this template, and I have one question if could be solved. When the page first time load in browser (tested in Chrome and Mozilla) Services, Portfolio, Pricing, Clients and Contact link not point to right place, there are some 50-100 pixels from previous section. When the second time click for this section, position was corrected. Is any way to fix this issue because in some moment visitor returnee need only eg. contact section and page looking little confusing. I was try Feature and About and every time point to right place.



Please add this in css->style.css in .roundprogress
{ height:184px;

Let us know if this helps.


Yes, this is it. :) Thank you very much.

I really like the look/feel of this one, but I’m having a couple of problems with it. I am unable to change the height of the home slider images (a must for me) even though I size my images properly and change the height statement in the CSS file. It’s simply ignored. Also, similar to OTA’s comment above, the navigation highlight doesn’t work properly even though my sections are named correctly and match the navigation. (and as I look back at this demo, it doesn’t work properly in it either). Additionally, the navigation often just disappears in Chrome. Unfortunately, this purchase didn’t work for me and I’ve emailed the author, but have not heard back yet. Will post solution/response as it’s received.

Apologies for delay. Please share your site url. I will suggest some CSS fixes for the same.


Nice & Simple,,,;

Thanks :)

Anyone else facing issues with the % circles and counter in Chrome, looks like it just started happening. It is even broken on the preview. Getting the error:

Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute ‘animate’ on ‘Element’: 1 argument required, but only 0 present.

Thanks for letting me know. I will check and respond soon.

Seems like CSS rendering issue with chrome.

Hi critopher i have the same probleme as you. Just hapening that day !! Help ! Only on Chrome !

Seems like CSS rendering issue with chrome. Will find a solution and respond soon on this.

Thank you, and very nice template ! (www.cinquante5.fr)

Please we need help !

Replied on earlier comment.

Did you find a solution ?

I am also experimenting the same issue with the % circles and counter in Chrome. It was working allright when I bought and installed the theme a couple months ago… Can you please help me solve it?

I still haven’t received an answer to this problem. Can you please respond? It’s been 8 months now, and the problem continues.

Any answer? My website www.papeismartini.com.br continues to present rendering issues with the % circles and counter in Chrome. Please help me correct it. Thank you

I am giving up!! After a year of coming back to check on responses for my problem, not a single reply from you. Not even to say that you are not going to solve it.

I have a bit of a problem. When i am trying to send email from my contact form the name, email and phone shows up but the message content doesn’t show in email

Hello. this template works with joomla 3x!?

nice template, but when scroll and open console display error:

Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute ‘animate’ on ‘Element’: Valid arities are: [1], but 0 arguments provided.

what is error?

Nice template. GLWS

If you like WP and Joomla version please let me know via my profile


is it possible to use this HTML on google sites? easily or would i have to “chop” it up to work? Or would it not work at all?