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Hi, was wondering if it is possible to add a forum pluggin on the website with user login? Would work with the shop to.


Concerning user login / registration, as a prominent feature we don’t have that included, however, WordPress by default has those features so you should be good.

As for the forum & shop plugin, we support bbPress and WooCommerce.

If you have anymore questions, let me know.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hello PixieSquad,

Could you please offer the PSD file of PixieHuge logo on the top-left corner? It’s incredible and I love to just change it’s text to be my website logo :D

Thank you very much!

Hey Manst3r,

The PSD of the logo for PixieHuge is something that’s not included in the files. However, if you do need more help please turn to our support. http://support.pixiesquad.com

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hello PixieSquad,

I have a problem with the Teams page. I added 2 teams but they are not displayed on the Teams page. Only the heading is displayed.

Best regards Bremer

Hey Bremer,

If you need verified and licensed help from us, please create a ticket at http://support.pixiesquad.com

But the issue problem is with your page settings. Let’s get that ticket going so that we can see how we can help here :)

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hello Author,

We are planning to start a Gaming competition and esports tournaments site.

After researching a lot on the internet we have shortlisted few themes.

So i have few questions for this theme.

Can this theme supports payments? Can this theme have a wallet or points system to user accounts? Can we stream youtube live streams to our website? Can the Admin Holds the Prize Money?

And how this theme is useful for an eSports and Gaming Tournaments site?

Thank you so much in advance. Looking forward to your reply.


Hello VFXHeroStudio,

Thank you for directing your questions to us. This theme is oriented for eSports teams and organizations and as such would not fit your cause very well. What I’d suggest for you is to take a look at our latest theme that has support for tournaments as well as teams/organizations: https://themeforest.net/item/pixiefreak-esports-gaming-theme-for-teams-tournaments/22790412

However, this theme does not support payments or any point / user system. Everything is managed from the admin side of the theme.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip


level5 Purchased

Love this theme! props to you guys! but how i can adjust my theme to rocket league cause i dont see logo of it or anything just other games.. ;/

Hey Level5,

Thank you for your interest. We have a demo dedicated to rocket league: http://themes.pixiesquad.com/pixiehuge/pink-prime/

Please check it out, I think you’ll find it suitable!

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hello Filip!

In 2017 i bought Pixiehuge (ver. 1.1.0). I have never updated the script but I see a lot of changes in the changelog and I would like to ask:

1) As a buyer of ver. 1.1.0 do i have right to download 1.1.6? That version is currently available to download for buyers in products download section?

2) In WordPress > Plugins there is no “update” button below your Pixiehuge plugin. How i can make update, should i manually upload files on FTP? If so, what exactly should I update, both plugin and theme or just one of them?

I will be very thankfull for quick answer, we have experienced some critical errors that require from us immediate action.

Thank you,


Hello Misza,

How are you? Thanks for reaching out again!

1. Yes, go to your profile here on ThemeForest you should be able to download the latest version of PixieHuge with no trouble. 2. Yes, feel free to go with the FTP update. To do this, download the files. Go to your FTP, find the theme files on there and replace your current ones with the downloaded version, simple as that.

Feel free to extend your support license if you wish, and receive licensed and verified help from us at http://support.pixiesquad.com

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hello again,

thanks, not bad for monday, hope you Guys going good as well :)

Should i replace theme files only, or plugin files as well? I already replaced files in theme folder and after that half of the main page disappeared :)

Mostly we want fix the issue with the “Match page” (after adding the event, the script didnt generate the “Match page” subpage)

Thank you very much for such a quick answer, really appreciate that. And i will seriously rethink renewing our support license.

Misza erl-esports.com

Yeah this Monday going smooth for now :) Thanks for asking.


Please find this article useful, especially the FTP method explaining a bit in details on how to perform the update. If you do need more of our help, you’ll need to extend your license. :)

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

I really like the layout of the theme. but is there anyway, you will be adding player to be able to manage their own account, team and join matches/tournament or forum? or you can plan to release another theme soon

what kind of tournaments are available? do you plan to add more?

Hello Antone,

Unfortunately, PixieHuge does not allow for adding in tournaments nor players to manage their own accounts. The function does not lie with this theme.

We do support tournament creation, based on a bracket on this theme: https://themeforest.net/item/pixiefreak-esports-gaming-theme-for-teams-tournaments/22790412

I invite you to take a look at it :)

Have a nice day.

PixieSquad – Filip


mplayer Purchased

For players, we have a lot of them, if we add them all to a team, is there a pagination so there isn’t just a huge long list to scroll through?


Yes, there will be a pagination inserted after a few teams! :)

Have a nice day.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hi, just wanted to ask a few question before getting this theme.

  • The description mentions drag and drop feature. Does it use some kind of page builder like Elementor or Visual Composer?
  • It also mentions shop integrations. Where can i see it in the demo? I assume this means woocommerce support right?
  • Can i use non-standard provider on the live streams section. Our team currently streams on nimo.tv it does have an iframe embed option.
  • I’m looking to organize/categorize teams and matches based on games. Is this possible?



1. The drag&drop feature is for item lists, making it easier for you to switch places between players/teams etc. We don’t support any page building plugin 2. Unfortunately we don’t have a demo for this, but yes we do support WooCommerce. 3. We don’t support nimo.tv, we only support the platforms that are on the platform as they are integrated with an API. 4. Yes, that’s how we classify everything. Each team has a game, match as well.

Have a great day.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hi, thx for the answer. But there’s some thing i still need to clarify.

For #1, i see.. then if i want to move sections around, it requires going down to the code? i’m fine with this, i just hope you guys have a good documentation. coz we do plan to add several custom pages in the future.

For #3, do u know what the API for? if for example for fetching thumbnails. Theoretically, if you use custom post or ACF for this section, it should be easy enough to add a new field for manually uploading thumbnails right? cmiiw.

For #4, to clarify.. i’m looking to further enhance it by creating an archive page for each games and/or add a tabbed navigation to organize the teams based on games. something like that..


1. In order to move sections around you’d have to custom code this. We do have a good documentation, however this does not include for instructions on how to do this. 3. The API is the base connection in order the iframes to be directly streamed on the website. 4. Please take a look at our demo’s structure, that will do so much more then me explaining it here! :)

Have a good day.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

I do not find any flexibility in modifying the template layout! Nothing appears from what I am editing from the control panel.

Hello Scaming,

Please forward all your concerns to http://support.pixiesquad.com Where we can work together on resolving your issues. I’m sure it’s all a setup problem on your end.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

I went with you and my ticket was deleted for no reason! We are bigger than this Setup problems know how to handle them do not reduce one’s experiences


I have bought the pixiehuge theme on themeforest a while back, and altough I lost the support on this item, I would like to ask 1 thing.

The site has been having some weird issue where if the url is found in google (and sometimes also trough facebook shared link to the website)... there is like a “cheap” ad popup in between clicking the link and going to the homepage. It occurs randomly, and I at first thought it had to do with the person that is clicking the link (as he has some malware or something on his pc).. But we are getting more and more complaints about the website being hacked. Ads are like “you are the WINNER” and such well known ad spam things.

My question: I myself don’t see it possible to have such an issue with buying a premium theme (and none of the comments I read are saying anything about it), Do you know any other buyers/clients asking you about this? Or is there really no way the theme has “dirty” code that has spam/hacked content alike in it? Any idea how to even solve this perhaps?

Thanks in advance if you could be able to answer this question, it’s the only one I have :) Any help is appreciated.

Hello Nextmotion,

We normally disregard any questions where clients ask us for help without a valid support license, as support is a paid service here on ThemeForest. But we will make one exclusion here and that will be it.

Our theme when submitted to ThemeForest underwent a quality assurance check and therefore does not have any dirty code in any way. It was also rated with A+ grades for speed, quality and many other factors by other websites. Not to mention it being a theme of a month here on ThemeForest, which is a handpicked award by Envato.

So your problems lie not with us, as the authors of the theme. Please check any 3rd party plugin installed or if you made any modifications to the theme code.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Thanks for the clear reply! and making the exclusion :)

No problem.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Would it be possible to make the Mixer Stream page show the video and chat side-by-side, instead of chat below video feed? Considering purchase.

Hello Kensonplays,

We are able to rearrange this for you. If you decide on a purchase, please make a ticket and we’ll help you out with this.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hey, i just want to ask how can i edit the homepage i want to add something or edit

Thank you

If you need help, please open a ticket support.pixiesquad.com

Regards, PixieSquad – Boris

Hi! Awesome work on your esport themes! I would love to buy this one, however it’s missing the “Tournament” feature. The PixieFreak theme has it but I prefer the design of this theme rather than the PixieFreak theme, so any chance to get it for this theme as well? Would be awesome!

Thank you


Thank you for your kind words. It wouldn’t be possible as each theme has its own unique set of functions and design. I hope you understand this. However if we ever decide for inserting a version of the feature tournaments onto PixieHuge we’ll let you know.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hi, is it possible to make news’ images clickable like the title of the news?


Unfortunately it’s not possible as the theme isn’t designed to be that way.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hello PixieSquad!

First at all I have to say “really nice work you have done here with this theme”. :)

I’ve read all the comments on this site and watched the complete demo and I have to ask some questions before I will purchase the theme:

Will following features be integrated in the theme and if yes, when will they be integrated?

1. Edit and add playerinfos like Monitor, Mainboard, RAM, Console, Controller etc. 2. One player can be part of more than one team like R6, CSGO and FIFA, etc. 3. Login-Button for Wordpress-Login for members who will create news etc. 4. Category filter for news 5. Remove “Our Team’s Stats” from roster overview 6. Upload and add own videos and youtubevideos and show them on the page 7. Download-Section for wallpapers, videos, etc. for the visitors 8. Disable- / Visibility-Button for players

And another question:

I have to enter the age of every player every year or can i enter the date of birth and the theme will show the correct age?

Thank you for your answers! :)

Kindly spky

That’s a WordPress feature by default. WordPress has many plugins that allows for this feature to be modified and played around with. So it’s up to you on how you want this to be setup.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

2. This is not possible due to the structure of our theme. If you want one player to be a part of more teams, you’ll have to recreate the same player again

A mate of mine told me, that this isnt possible, because of the same nickname. so it wont create a new player. is that correct?

but i need this feature, that one person will be part of more than one team…

You will be able to create the player with the same name under two different teams. But you will not be able to create one player and assign him to different teams.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Is this theme compatible with wordpress 5.0.3?

Hello Joe. Yes it is.

Thank you for asking!

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hello do any of your themes include an image slider?

Hey! Merry Christmas! :) PixieFreak includes an image slider.


Thank you!

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

Hi, I’m interested to buy this theme, so I want to know, How works this theme with last Wordpress version 5.X? Its compatible 100%?


Hey there,

The theme is compatible with 5.X. Let me know if you need anything else.

Best regards, PixieSquad – Filip

can you release an html version of this please?

Sorry but we have no plans for that.

Regards, PixieSquad – Boris