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Good luck with sales ;)

thanks, drupalet

Awesome and original work!

thanks, vinyljunkie ;)

Nice style! Something fresh. ;)

thanks, kotulsky ;)

Preview shows wrong template…

hmmm i see the preview of ventura theme not pixlens… :-/

hey, the button have the right link but the notebook (images) not. i fix it. thanks dk ;)

no problem, great work :-) good luck with sales

Cant get it to work, it wont unzip propperly… :(

Muse ofc, but to unzip i guess you mean? There I use WinAce

(never had issues with it before)

We never had this error. Download the file again and check it. We have “the unarchiver” please check it with this program. regards, dk


I just bought this theme, i unzipped the file, what file am i suppose to choose to open the document in Muse?

pixlens_red – this is just one page?

pixlens – this is a contact form page?

Any advice/input would be appreciated.


Hello. Unfortunately this template does not work correctly. Upon trying to publish it, I get this error:

Internal error: 400 Bad request. (117007)

This happened on the original template AND the website Im making with the template. Is there some way to fix this? It will not publish to Business Catalyst.

Hey, I have not heard of the trouble! Download it again and check it. Witch adobe muse version you use? regards mf

I am using Adobe Muse CC v 2014.3. Still not working

Hey, please check you email address (you habe change) in the contact form. > go to contact > select the contact form > up on the right you see a “blue dot” click on it and go to the email address and change it or look whether it is correct. ! Check it in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Version ! regards, mf

Hello there, I bought and downloaded Pixlens. However after unzipping the zip-folder I get 4 folders and when trying to open (from muse) pixlens in pixlens_white_ v.1 -folder, I only get contact page. When previewing the site it shows also other pages, but not otherwise. I guess i have same problem as MD 187 had 3 months ago on this message chain. It is frustating. Please help.

Hey, thanks! So i have check it. for example. When i click on “About Us” i see this http://i.imgur.com/ZOgM2ZY.png on “Service” i see this http://i.imgur.com/J8Kd9bY.png and on “Works” i see this http://i.imgur.com/B4DuDll.png Its work perfect! Please check your Muse or make a Update perhaps there is the problem! / MD 187 – has not the same problem as you. He think it build on more pages, but it build on one page with background slider and a dropdown content. (about, service, work, contact) click “home” – the drop down content close and you see the full background image. regards, mf

Weird, I did not have the latest version, even thoug it “said so”.I reupdatred the same version (?) and now it works.Thanks for your help & have a good one :-)