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Does it work with the new Wordpress 2.9?

Yes, we built this theme using wordpress 2.9.

I really like the blog style look but not really feeling the background yellowish color. is it easy to change it to my likings?

hello, yes you can change the yellowish bg by change color code in the css.

Great template! Just a few questions though:
    1. Can I swap the “Flickr” area for any widget?
    2. Can I swap the “A little About Us” area on the right for any widget?
    3. Are the ads manageable on every page? Or will the same ads show on every page?
    4. Is there a way to add a banner ad in the header and/or footer?
    5. If I have 20 categories, will all the categories show in the nav? Or can I limit them?
    6. Is there a simple form for the contact us page? Is that google map interactive or is it just that static image?
    7. Where are the links at the bottom under “More News” being pulled from?
As I said, I really like the template, but the lack of explanation forces me to question its flexibility and feature set. Please answer the above questions.

Thank you!



1. Yes, the flickr area is widget… all right side area is sidebar and you can put any widget in there.

2. Yes

3. It will same ads on every pages, but we will add some page templates so you can put different widget in each page.

4. You can put the banner code into the template (hardcode)

5. You should limit all the categories, and you can put the rest into sub categories.

6. No form yet, you can use form plugin. Google map is static image. We will incorporate form in the next update.

7. The links under “more news” are the latest news, continue from the center news. So if there are 10 news, 3 will show in the center and the rest will be “more news”.

Next update will be early jan 2010.


Very nice design in “Administration zone” and “public zone” Thanks and good year 2010 for you !


I rate 5 stars ! *

Thanks for the timely response. Once you update it, I will purchase it. Guaranteed. Great theme, and nearly perfect for what I’m going to use it for…which is to replace www.campusintel.com/blogs Cheers, JT

Hi, we have update this theme….

add 3 page template and 1 contact page with ajax contact form…

Hey, I just bought this theme and it looks great! I’m having some trouble though setting a few things up.

I followed the instructions for the thumbnails displaying on the homepage in magazine style, but they are not displaying properly. I just get the red x on the thumbs on the homepage. They are showing properly on the actual post.

I also tried getting the slider to work and I could only figure out how to put one post in there, but it doesn’t show the image either, just the red x. It did pull the copy and it links to the correct page. I’m unsure how to get the image to display and also how to get multiple images/posts in the slider. The instructions said to go to the Theme Options and find the “Image Cycle Category” but I do not see image cycle category anywhere on the theme options page.

Last question, in the demo there is Keep Update section in the widget sidebar that lists Twitter, newsletter and rss feed. I really like the way that is set-up in the demo and would like to duplicate that but not sure how.

I also noticed in the help images a sidebar.gif that lists a lot of options for various sidebars. Not sure if that is something I should have or not.

I rated the theme the highest I could, just need a little help with the stuff above and I’ll be all set.

Thanks, Zack

I figured out the twitter/rss/email. Just need a hand with the slider and thumbs. Thx – Zack


To add thumbnail into a post in the magazine style, see the instructions point #5.

You shouls add custom field named “image” below the post then input the value of the image url something like this “wp-content/uploads/2009/11/image.jpg”, remember the image url should start with “wp-content”.

The images should uploaded to folder “wp-content/uploads/”, you can manually upload the images use ftp or use the wordpress image uploader.

To add content and image into headline slider, in the theme options find the “headline category” (not image cycle category, it’s wrong in the help file), and select the category that you want to show in the headline slider.

If you still have an issue, please send me an email with your site url so we can check…



Version 1.1
- Add 3 page template
- Add contact page with ajax contact form

Thanks, I tried all that and it is still not working. Where would I find your email? Thanks for helping out! – Zack

Just found and sent you an email. Thanks- Z

I purchased this theme and I absolutely love it. It looks great the the theme has a lot of great functionality. I had trouble with a couple things after I installed the theme, and the author went above and beyond to help me with my problems. Turns out I didn’t upload the files correctly. They pointed me in the right direction and my site not only looks great now, but functions great as well.


Hi, really like the theme. I have not puchased it yet, but I wanted to know can you get rid of the ads on some of the pages or will they always be there on the side of every page? Thank you

Oh and also I had a lot of photos to add to the site. Can I have a section dedicated to travel photos with subcategories and unlimited albums?

And all the tabs on your page can be renamed right? Ha sorry I am new to this. Thank you for your help.


Thanks for your interested with this theme :)

Home page, archive page and blog detail page (single) is use the default sidebar, so if you put the ads widget in the sidebar it will display in the home page, archive page and blog detail page. And there are 3 page templates and 1 contact page, so if you add new about page and contact page, it can have different widget in the right side bar.

About photo album, you can use the default wordpress gallery or search gallery plugin.

Do you mean all tab in the home page that display “All Categories, Economy, Soccer,etc”? Yes, the tab name will use the category name.

Please don’t hestitate to ask me if you have another question.



Like the tabs on your site have economy, news, politics, socials, sports, automotive.. you can change those titles right?

Also can you change the header with your own image and logo?


Yes, you can change those tabs title.

You also can easily change the logo image with your own in the theme option.

Thanks :)

Thank you for responding so quickly. I will be purchasing this theme today, although there may be more questions in the future..

Well, already having trouble with step 1….

I have the folder Pixomia from the themeforest folder. I have the other folder with wp-content/themes, since I already have wordpress installed on my domain. It won’t let me drag the Pixomia folder over to the wp-content/themes folder.

Any help with this, thank you

Hello Pete,

Thanks for purchase this theme :)

To upload the theme into your domain, you should use ftp program. You can use the most popular free ftp “FileZilla”.


I am very interested in the Pixomia Wordpress Theme. A couple of questions:

1. Pages seem to be at the very top bar of the theme. How does the theme handle pages with sub-pages? Will it provide a drop down menu like categories?

2. The front page appears with 3 columns, which I like. What does left column draw from? User defined categories?

3. Am I limited to 6 categories along the black bar at the top?

4. Does the theme honor the number of articles set to appear on the home page in Wordpress settings, and in this case, in the middle column of the home page?

Thanks! Chris


1) Good question, this theme still not support dropdown for pages, but we will consider to make it

2) You can choose which categories to show in the left column via the theme options

3) You can have unlimited categories in the top, just make sure it don’t break the layout

4) The middle column is limit to 3 articles, but you can add more by change some code, I will help you if you need assistance…


Sorry for the slow response.

One more question: Does the front page slider work the same as the Bitwork template?

I am interested in this template. However, I would need to the drop down menu for pages as discussed in #1 above. I have too many pages and it would probably break the theme.

Additionally, I would definitely need help with #4. I have 8 250×250 ads in the right column plus other widgets and especially need article content to go down the page too with these. I currently display 15 new articles on the front page. I would have to implement the code changes before I launch the theme as I have a live site.

I don’t know if all this work is worthwhile for you given I am only 1 sale, but you think you might implement the changes, I would definitely consider purchasing this theme.

Thanks! Chris

swalian – make sure you talk to me before you started any work. I had several advertisers contact me who want to take out more ads above the fold…kind of complaining about all ads below the fold…. I may have to stick with a true 3 column template to accommodate these advertiser requests, which means I might have to find another theme.

I really like this theme though and would still like to hear what you have to say to my other questions/comments.



Please send all these questions to me then we can continue talk by email… thanks

Hey I like this theme, but i will like to know if is coming with The CSS Thanks Olga

This theme is wordpress theme and include the php and css files…. is that what you mean?

Hi: I’m loving your template. But I’m having the same problem as customer above. I didn’t notice a solution posted. My images & slider images won’t show. I’ve followed the instructions over & over til I’m a little blue.

Could you help me see what I’m missing? I got it to working somewhat a few months ago. But I had to change servers. And now I don’t have any idea what I did…

Any help would be appreciated.