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Does this theme accept Paypal

Yep, here’s a full list of accepted payments

Hi, first of all congrats on the theme, looks amazing! Just one question away from the purchase: Is it available in Spanish language or is there a plugin that would make it easy to translate?

Thanks - Joan

Thanks Joan,

You would be able to add something along the lines of Google’s Website Translator (https://translate.google.com/manager/website/) or if your only doing the site in Spanish, you could just edit Spanish up to the admin panel.

Hope that helps.

Hi There, I am new to shopify, have read through the tutorials and primarily wonder, if I purchase your theme, will I be able to use it for its bones and go in and edit the layout of the pages in html and styles in css? (I am not a CMS developer and am most comfortable coding for html/css/js) Thanks!

Hey isb_ally,

Yes, absolutely. All the files are available once you’ve purchased the theme. The structure is a little different than a regular HTML/CSS site, but people usually pick it up.

Cheers, Simon

On the homepage and collection pages, is it possible to display products in rows of 3 for the entire page instead of 3 per row alternating with 4 per row?

Hey davidnguyen113,

Sorry this comment fell through the cracks…. Hope the following helps out.

You can control the products per row through the Collections section in the theme settings. Just look for the Products Per Row option.

Cheers, Simon

Thank you!

i purchased this theme and while the documentation mentions a contact page template, the download does not.

i tried contacting the author and never got a reply…

Hey riotboy,

The update is all ready to go.

ok… i think you said you were going to send it me. how can i get the update?

Hey riotboy,

If you send me an email at themes@sdjentertainment.com I’ll send along the files and instructions to upload them.

Can The Mobile Version Display Shop Next To The Menu

Hey Cwalkersr21,

Yeah, you can display a “Shop” link next to the mobile nav. It would take a little bit of coding in the theme.liquid and style.css.liquid files but it is doable. If it’s something you want me to tackle for you, send me an email and I’ll give you a quote.

On the product page options, I have set related number of products to 3, but on various product pages (seemingly random), I’m seeing 4 related products displayed. I would like to be able to fix this, because if there are more than 3, the fourth related product is displayed in a second row with a smaller thumbnail, making for an inconsistent appearance IMO.

Hey davidnguyen113, can you send a link over so I can take a closer look.

Just emailed you with a link.

Just sent you a response. Thanks again for purchasing the theme.

hey loving the theme! i have some questions too :

1. how to fix the header bar + tag line bar like skreened.com has ? 2. how to display product variant images right to the main image ? at the moment they are displayed below main product image 3. how to center tagline text ? 4. how to show border around images ? 5. how to change font sizes on menu, title, description etc ? 6. how to display search bar/icon in header ? like skreened.com has 7. how to move menu nav closer to logo ?


Hey reigomusic,

Thanks for purchasing the theme. I’m not sure of your level of coding experience is, but your changes would require a bit of coding the get everything up and running. Below might help you out.

1. Through CSS, you’ll have to change the header to fixed and adjust the tagline/user accounts section 2. This will require you to shift things around. The theme uses the getskeleton framework. 3. To center the tagline text you’ll just need to add “text-align:center;” to the ”#users p” element in CSS 4. You’d have to add border styles through CSS something along the lines of “border:1px solid #000;” 5. Adding a search bar like skreened.com would require a bit of customization but is doable. 6. To move the nav you’d just have to adjust the CSS.

All of the changes are fairly straight forward if your familiar with code, if not you could always hire a developer to tackle these changes for you.

Hope that points you in the right direction.

I just purchased this theme and when I upload it to shopify I get this error,

zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”, missing template “templates/index.liquid”, missing template “templates/collection.liquid”, missing template “templates/product.liquid”, missing template “templates/page.liquid”, missing template “templates/cart.liquid”, and missing template “templates/blog.liquid”

Hey ccoolsaet,

Just in case you didn’t get my email yesterday the following should help you out.

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file for ThemeForest, unzip it. In that folder you should see a plain.zip and a Help folder. The plain.zip file is the one you want to upload to your Shopify admin panel while uploading a theme in your admin panel.

Hope that helps

Hey There,

Awesome theme! Just having trouble displaying multiple products on the homepage. Please help.

Cheers, Marc

Hey Marc,

Double check how many products are in your Collection that you have selected to display on the homepage. The default is “Frontpage”, but you can switch it up in the Theme Settings under Home Page – Home Page Collection.

Hope that helps.

The tagline does not appear when viewing on mobile devices. Is there any way to change that? (Desktop and tablet work fine.)

Hey davidnguyen113,

Thanks for picking up the theme.

You’ll have to edit the style.css.liquid file in the Assets folder. Once you’ve located it scroll down to line 1424 and you should see
#users p {
    display: none;
You can change that to the following…
#users p {
    display: inherit;

It might require a little extra styled to make things pretty on mobile but if you know basic CSS you should be all set.

Hope that helps.


Thank you Simon, that did the trick. Appreciate the quick response!

No worries. All the best with the site.

Hi Simon, have another question for you. I would like to be able to display products from more than one collection on the home page. Would it be possible to modify the home page collection settings to be able to select more than one collection at a time?

Hey davidnguyen113,

There’s a couple of ways you could tackle it.

1. Just create a custom Collection with all those products your wanting on the homepage and then you can order them how you want within the collections page in the admin panel.

2. The second option would be with a bit of custom coding in the index.liquid template. Something like the following might help out.

{% assign collection = collections.NAME_OF_COLLECTION %}
    {% for product in collection.products %}
        {% include 'product-grid-item' with settings.products_per_row %}
    {% endfor %}

Just replace “NAME_OF_COLLECTION” with the name of collection you want to dipslay

Thanks again Simon. I ended up using the first option in order to order the products the way I wanted. Appreciate the stellar support as usual!

No problem, glad I could help out.

Can I get some support over on the dedicated support area… I have been emailing a few times now?

As it turns out… After about an hour or two of deliberating between Shopify and Crazy Domains get who ya think the problem rested with? Crazy Domains… Here is what they had to say: “It seems like this error is with Rook Media. We checked the Name Servers and seems like the name servers are changing to Rook Media. We are not sure why this is changing to some registries but we syncing already the name servers to our name server to all registries, please allow 2-4 hours for this and this should fix the problem” So, sorry about the confusion! I have never had his happen before… Name servers that somehow change to another name server on the fly… Doesn’t sound very secure.

All said and done, I am very happy with the theme :)

Glad everything got sorted. All the best with the site.


Great theme! One question:

Is there the option to have the slider image go right to the top of the window? Meaning the header + tagline bar would be transparent and overlaid on the slider image?



Hey CoreyF,

Glad your liking the theme, Sorry this comment got lost over the holidays, but hope the following will help out.

Currently there is no option in the Plain theme to do what you requested. However with a bit of work in CSS you’d be able to achieve the desired affect. Just remember to set up specific styles to all the other pages, so the menu isn’t transparent when there’s no image behind it.

Hi, Does this site support Hebrew language?

Hi Shapola,

Unfortunately this theme currently does not support Hebrew at this current time.