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I like this theme a lot. Sorry if this is a duplicate. I wasn’t logged in so I’m not sure my comment posted. I can’t get the twitter feed in the third bottom footer to show my twitter feed rather than yours. I configured the block and entered my twitter username in the field user name and cleared caches and registries and ran cron and cleared browser history etc… The twitter feed still shows your feed. Thanks

Could you send me email with your site URL ? I will look into your problem Themeforest.ner/user/tabvn#from Thanks for purchasing the theme.

My site is on my local machine still. I will put it up on the web and let you know where when I’ve done it. Thanks

Ok thanks


How do I install this theme into an exsting drupal installation?


Hi thanks for purchasing the theme, i wrote this in the documentation , so please have a look. thanks again.

Sorry, didn’t realize it’s an HTML doc. I’ve done as described, but after running the update.php I don’t get planetta in the theme settings.

Hello. we purchased this theme and love it but right now i need to turn off the responsiveness until we clean up the modifications we made.

I would like to change a complete color scheme for entire site. However, I don’t see any configurable way to change theme appearance such as background, foreground, skin etc. Can you describe what is a best way for relatively “non-css” oriented person to do this. If css is the only way to do is what parameters and files to change.

Hi unmeshsheth,

current that feature is no. thanks for purchasing the theme.

Thanks. I really like the Theme a lot due to lightweight approach. But, find that configurability of look and feel is very limited. Do you plan to extend this theme? If yes, I highly appreciate exposing many of the appearance related parameters. Second, it would be great if you could also provide interface and documentation for integration with JQueryMobile and other Bootstrap code.


When I transfer all new site (I use Acquia Desktop) to create an export, and import to local Acquia Desktop or external hosting such as Pantheon, all the images do not get transferred. Worst yet, I cannot replace any images to a new website either.

Here is an example: http://dev.sewa.gotpantheon.com/

Thanks, Unmesh

Try to check /sites/default/files and sub folders must readable and writeable

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hello, i need that the front page slider would be possible to put the image fullscreen, how can i do that. Can you help me?

Great theme by the way.

Hi thanks for purchasing the theme.

Currently it only support images and text on right .

If you want to do that you have custom code .

Yes i know that, but can you help me do that, you have this theme http://themeforest.net/item/solaris-drupal-theme/full_screen_preview/2295781 , that have the perfect slider for me, how can i do this.

Hi, First, great job. But I cant remove the “Recent Posts” in the front-page… It haven’t deleted/disabled options on this block.. I dont need blog right now. I tryed to put the block on “Only the listed pages”, administraror only.. but nothing happen.. Can you help me? thanks

hi there

hompage it ’s panel you need click to panel setting icon on hompage and then disable it via panel setting.

or send me your site information via themeforest contact form, i will help you

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hello. The theme is nice, but could you tell me how to get the “Edit View” gear icon and contextual menu to appear in the top right corner of each view page? I can “edit blocks” but not views.

Thanks, Ryan

Hi Ryan,

if blocks generated by views you will see “edit view” some create by block adding , or custom block by module you will not see “edit view” icon.

thanks for purchasing the theme.

next time any question relate the theme please send me via themeforest contact form


I like this theme. I plan to change main menu position to the bottom of the page. Can you tell me please how to make drop-up menu instead of actual drop-down.

Thank you in advance.

HI there

you have to made change in /sites/all/themes/planetta/templates/page.tpl.php

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hmm.. Thank you for a fast reply. But it is still unclear for me how to have a drop-up menu. I found this solution: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/using-superfish-menu-to-fly-up-instead-of-drop-down/30027 and I pasted the code in page.tpl.php and nothing happens. Any ideas?

<script language=”jscript”>

$(document).ready(function() {

$('#menu li:hover ul, #menu li.sfHover ul').each(function() {
    thisHeight = $(this).height();
    $(this).css('top', -thisHeight-20);    

}); </script>

Thank you in advance

Is there a way to use the default Twitter navbar with this theme?

I’d also like to know if this includes support for all of the javascript and other components that boostrap offers. The full boostrap, if you will.

Hi Tabvn, I can’t seem to get the slider working properly on the main page. I’ve copied all libraries, modules, misc, and theme itself. The rest of the theme seems to work good so far. I just need some help getting the slider working properly. Is it possible for you to give me temporary access to the demo site so I can look at the views myself and see what maybe is misconfigured on my end? I just need it for like 20 minutes to get things straightened out properly. THANKS! :)

Hi there

you follow the documentation you will have site like the demo. so that mean you dont need access to our theme demo.

thanks for purchasing the theme.

next time please contact me via themeforest contact form


Hi, i just bought this theme and I’m having problems on an existing installation. Where should I put Planetta/planetta/* files? In root ? It’s not really clear in documentation and I can’t get it to work!!


Hi There

Planetta is for new fresh drupal installation.


Are the colours of these theme customisable?

Hello, I plan on buying the theme and would like to know what module you used for the banner.

Hello, I have a problem with the portfolio. The pictures are distorted when I change the size of my navigator.

With Responsive mode (mobile phone size) the rollover color pictures are distorted too.

It’s same thing in your demo : http://planetta.envato.tabvn.com/portfolio-three

Can you fix it?

Thank you

Best regards


Hi Nicolas.

try add this custom css code to /sites/all/themes/planetta/css/custom.css (add to bottom of line)

#content .projectsList img{
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;

Then follow the URL http://your-domain.com/admin/config/development/performance hit “Clear all caches” .

You may also check image styles format via http://your-domain.com/admin/config/media/image-styles

I hope it helps,

Best regards,


Thank you for your fast reply. I added the css line but the display is badder :( what may I check image styles format in media/image-styles ?

Best regards


Hi Nicolas,

Via image style you can increase the images size to 420×300 eg(portfolio_four, portfolio_three)

Best regards,



a6e Purchased


Just bought this. Does this work with the latest Drupal release (I haven’t gotten a chance to install a new drupal server yet, but will within the next week).