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It’s look very nice. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks buddy :)

Looking good, would this theme be available for wordpress in the near future?

If there will be demand for this, then yes :)

Thanks a lot.

Nice style , congrats ; looks great. :)

Thank you mate!

wp edition

If there will be demand for this, then yes :)

Thanks a lot.

do it the other way make wordpress then html if it is asked for

this is a nice theme but I doubt it will ever sell enough ,being html, to warrant a wp version.

I say start on the wp version and do not wait on this to sell.

make some money for a change

you deserve it

Hey, Thanks!

God Job :)

Where I found the browser mockup?

Thanks:) I can’t send you private message but there you go, I found something very simillar:

This is a really good template. However there are just a few things that are missing from what the description says it comes with.

The home slider disapears at at a certain width and doesn’t work on the iPad & iPhone.

The home sliders tabs on the bottom do not change anything when clicked.

The mobile gestures do not work with the project sliders.

The Lightbox does not respond to the page size nor does it stay centered on the page as you scroll (at smaller sizes it opens to be larger than the page size.)

One Other thing that I noticed is that when the navagation turns into a drop-down bar the margins on either side of the site are so small it makes all of the content very large and is not optimal for the fold of the page as it also makes lines of text very long to read from left to right and thus making it harder to read.

Would you please get back to me on if you can fix these issues. I am really on the fence about purchasing this template. It is really great aside from those things.

I believe this would definitely get more sales with those updates.

Cheers :)

Thank you very much for your remarks!

One of the best template out there, GL my friend.

Thank you very much florent! :)

Would buy if it was in Wordpress! :’(

Hey Josh! :) There might be a wordperss version, so stay tuned ;)

great theme! works really well on all devices :)

html, joomla or drupal i would say…stay exclusive.

Thanks :)
Durpal version is available here:
The wordpress version will be ready in about two weeks. Stay tuned ;)

Hi ! Dorbens

How to use jquery to internacionalize your Planetta , not using wordpress

Thank You !

Great Template and Great Design, 5 stars! :)
I’m back in business now, so sorry man, and don’t worry your WordPress version will be ready soon.


Good to have you back here at TF! :)
I already got plans for the WordPress version, so it is no longer relevant. I’ll let you know if there are any further projects.

Thanks buddy!

Ok, thanks for telling me, and one more time, I’m so sorry.
Good luck with this and with your further projects ! Thanks !

Hello, Is the wordpress version ready? Where can i get it?

Thank you,

Hi Dorbens

Great template, thanks.

A quick query: I am trying to create a single page image gallery using the supplied elements. I’d like a handful of images with the lightbox popup capacity, rather than linking to projects as per the featured pages. I’ve tried to mod code and seem to only be able to get a single image to display.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi dorbens… Nice job, but my question is: it is possible adapt these menu navigation as sitcky bar? thank you in advance….

Nice job !;

Thanks :)