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Nice work :D Good luck with sales

Trojan in your popup, live preview.

Hey Gotelun, thanks for the heads up. I’ve taken a look and can’t see anything unusual. The preview files are obfuscated with JS, it could be that if it’s triggering a warning on your system.

Does this email template works in mailchimp?

This item will work in Mail Chimp – BUT – you need to add the mail chimp content codes to the html first, so that you can use their editor.

Its easy if you know a little HTML.

Looks great – is it responsive / mobile friendly?

Thanks :) This template is not responsive, but it does render nicely on a mobile. If you send your email address to I can send you a screen grab of how it looks on an iphone

Is it easy to switch the navigation panel to the right side? Can you post the screen-grab of how it looks on mobile?

If you know html – moving the nav panel to the right is pretty easy. This template is not responsive so on a mobile it looks exactly like the iPad preview image only smaller. Thanks