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Wow love this. Going to buy this!

cool – that makes me smile!!


This looks great! I’ll surely purchase it in a week or so. :D Keep ‘em coming, you definitely have a great style.

thank you mcausevic – from a super buyer it’s good to hear you like it

This is top notch! :D

One thing though – the rounded corners are somewhat distorted – doesn’t provide such a great effect.

Nevertheless, the rest of this template is great!

Very nice Design! *Thumbs up!

thanks guys

How do we edit the theme? Can it be edited using MS Frontpage?

hi & thanks for the interest.

please be aware this is a site template, so yes you can edit this with the HTML editor of your choice (your’s being MS Frontpage)


i found it’s NOT IE6 compatible…the animation on left menu not go. did you notice this?

Hey jnash0, IE6 can’t handle the opacity change very well. It’s producing an ugly white border, so i thought it best to leave it without the animation, with the link operating as normal.


oh i think it’s nice if you write it in the description…moreover i fix it in my template, it’s not so difficult. bye

Great stuff, looks really useful.

This template is Awesome!!!!

Can it be used with WordPress 3.0?

or Can it be used with Mac Pages to create?





glad u like

it’s HTML only I’m afraid

not sure what mac pages is to be honest

dows the download this v card work or is there extra information you must add to do so ?


you must first create your own vcard, save on server, then put the appropriate href to the file.

here’s a “how to” link to an article:


Hey Glenn,

Awesome work! I found it featured here:

Now, could I include an audio player in it? (PremiumBeat)

And could I have multiple instances on the same page?




thanks for heads up on the blog article.

it’s an HTML file, so yeah there’s no reason why it won’t work. I believe there’s instructions on their website to help. I’m backpacking without a laptop, so unable to do any freelance work.



Hi Glenn,

I’m very happy with this theme – more than happy, it’s really incredible looking.

One thing – I can’t find the file to edit where it says your name even though I edited H1. It still shows your name instead of mine.

Can you help me? I’ve combed the code and it’s probably staring me in the face but I cannot find it. Thanks!

Regards, HelpingOut

Nevermind, found it – it’s logo.png

cool – glad you like it!

Hi Glenn,

Great theme!

I am making changes to it in Visual Studio 2008 and I cannot get the email section (Contact page) to work. It seems that nothing is happening when I click on the submit button on the contact page. I beleve that the settings are in the config.php. I have changed this to my email address but it looks like the php files are not getting called.

Can you please advice?

Many Thanks :)


thanks for kind words.

first things first – are you running php? and is javascript turned on? if so, what changes to the code have you made?

a few things to look at are:

if you changed the file directory of contact.php then please change the url in contact.js if you changed the id’s of the form then likewise you need to change contact.js

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to utilize a logo on the top of this layout? Does anyone have this template that I can view as an actual site? Thanks.


the part “Glenn McKeown…. ” is meant to be replaced by your logo or whatever you need.

as far as the actual size is concerned – the preview is actual size

Actually, I was asking about an actual site as in website using this virtual card, not size. ;-)

lol – sorry, it’d help if i could read!!

authors don’t get contact details of purchasers, so i can’t help, but try googling “Glenn McKeown vcard” ;)

Hey I love ur theme !!

1 issue though ! I cannot get contact form to work tried everything !

Can you check it out ?

Temp Site :

Thanks !

i’m concerned there’s no purchased tag on your comment.

you’ve made serious changes to the form that i can’t help with. it works good out of the box before you made your changes. try restoring the default setup