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Hi, why TopBar with (address, e-mail and phone) is not shown initially when the page loads and how to make that topbar loaded at once?

can i see your site?

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Thanks for your response.

This is a great theme, I have been working hard to change certain aspects like the top menu going to external links so essentially it becomes a multi page not single page. That is done. I see many talk about the infinite loading. Best possible solution that worked for me, was I got rid of the preload code. Don’t ask where that is now as I got rid of it :) Second, the contact form is a little off in the coding department. For me the message box id was message, but in contact.php it was trying to get the content from “comments”. just make sure that you are submitting and grabbing from the same place. IE: Inputbox ID=message, $comments=post_[message] and also make sure the email to be sent is calling the correct variable. “a message from $username that says: $comments” – not $message Hope that helps anyone with issues regarding those 2 things.

Thanks so much for your advice, I appreciate that and can help.

Hi there, where can we get support for this item please? I have a few questions: 1- The top bar icons are a mess, there seems to be about two or three icons fighting for space in each bit. 2- How do i make the slider larger, on inspect element it shows inline styles but when i open the html it is not there, where can i adjust this please? thanks!

can i see your site? or send me screenshot about this case at :

I have the same issues as this guys

Citrusbaum 6 months ago Flag Hello JOGJAfile, nice template, thank you for that! Topcontact on Firefox 31:

”iconmapmarker”: icon shows up 2,5 times. Yes, 2.5 times ”icon-envelope”: envelope 2 times + icon heart. ”icon-phone”: phone + a part of another icon.

How can i fix this, please ? Greetings from Germany

But where is the fix? you haven’t replied with a fix, can you post the fix for this please?

can i see your site? or send me screenshot about this case at

What plug-ins and modules are used in this template?

Hello! I have problem with contact form, its not working. I dont know how to fix this. When I press “send” I get a page “Method Not Allowed”

can i see your site?

lovely theme but takes forever to load in my browser

Is there anything I can help?