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Hello, I just finished creating my website with this template. I would like to create a blog that matches the blog layout. I’m new to Word Press and Blog Spot. Which one is easier to config to match the blog layout you made?

any tips? thanks

I’m a c# web developer, feel free to be technical.

Wordpress is probably the best, since there’s more documentation (and I will be able to help you more, I don’t know blogspot at all). You should check out Nettuts or In The Woods for more info about wordpress themes (for example: ). Or maybe you can contact direland, two posts above, who already coded the template in wp ?

I love ur design. Bought it. will use it for my another project.

I added a dark version of the template. Let me know if you like it !

Although the original fits my site better, the dark is a very nice variation. Thanks for including it!

Great design and work!

Here’s my Joomla conversion of it for my site:

Wow, good job !

May be you & direland can share the profits by selling the converted WP theme. Or you can release it by yourself. All your customers will definitely love it more than before.

That’s not a bad idea… I’ll look into making it into a wordpress theme.

I have tried to make a WordPress theme out of this so if you want I can help out. The only thing I can’t get to work is the tabs and scrolling images. How do I do that part.

Cheers for great theme :)

I’m not sure what you mean, so send me a message if you want to discuss this.

Thanks for this!

Great theme! Love the dark version. 5 stars!

I love this, perfect for selling something. Great work .

In IE8 , the icons in the features tab force the rest of the content outside the box (there is too much left-hand spacing). Anyone know how to fix this?

Also, I am coding a Wordpress version of this theme. I will soon post a link to it here.

About 40% of the Wordpress theme is now coded. I still have to work on some of the inner page layouts, but I should have this completed within the next 7 days.

Koroshiya: perhaps we can work out some sort of deal if I provide you with the fully coded Wordpress version?

Sure, why not ? PM me and we can talk about it.

Like to know how I coud to install this theme in the wordpress? It’s possible?

This deserves to be wordpressed. Great, great, great!

Hi, is the wordpress version ready yet? If not, when will it be available?