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I was looking for integrating this theme with my wordpress.

Is there a way I can integrate the whole thing to a payment gateway?

Yes, we can convert this landing into Instapage. Instapage works with WordPress too. Take a look at the official website and let us know if this could be a good solution for you. Regards.

Are the educational slider images included?

We can’t include (redistribute) the demo images in the downloaded item. The content is for presentation purposes only and it’s merely an example of how your website will look, but you need to use your own images. This is for all Themeforest Authors. Regards.

dosen’t word. Can you help me to add this template by filezilla? thanks

Hi, sure! Add your question at our forum and the support team will help you :D

Is there any easy way to make the “features” sections into 1/3 columns instead of 1/4 columns? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and great work!!

Hello, please add your question in our forum and the support team will help you there. Regards.

Product Demo Link is not working.

Hi @quib_sandhu. Ok, thanks.

Hello everyone!

We are extremely happy that we can present you a great product and provide excellent technical support for all of our customers.

If you have any pre-sales questions, please, post them here in the item comments so our team can answer them promptly.

If you have already made a purchase of Plaza – Education – Hotel – Dating Landing and have any questions or problems please do benefited from our Support Center. We’ll try to answer all of your questions as soon as possible

CoralixThemes Team

Is there a source to get more icons to replace the ones that came with the html?

Hi xxx, the forum is working perfectly. “Plaza – Education – Hotel – Dating Landing” works perfect. Any questions you have can help in the forum. We will have answered your questions in our forum. We have said on the forum that this item does not support ie8. If you look at the quality standards will was declared obsolete almost a year ago.

All other inquiries, please add your question in our forum. Thanks.

CoralixThemes Team

But it is in your html code. If it is not supported, shouldn’t you remove it from the code? thanks.

Hi @nextpulse, please add your question in our forum and the support team will help you there. Regards.

CoralixThemes Team

your website not working

Hi @vsjayan, demo is 100% online and working :)

Hello There Pre-Sale question

I really like your this Template, can you show me some links where this template is running as a website ?

I just want to be more sure about this

Thank you

The demo is running.

CoralixThemes Team

Hi, I purchased couple of themes developed by your company, including this one, and now I am looking to use the GRIDS code (the 54 small images blocks that slide & interchange), in the second theme.

can you please suggest which corresponding JS and CSS file I need to import, and do I need to add any <style> </style> script as well in the second theme?

Thanks in advance, by the way, this theme is awesome…

Hello, for the js we use jquery.gridrotator.js and the css is grid-style.css. You also have some custom grid code in the main js file. Good luck!

Hello @vsjayan , we see it working.

Regards, CoralixThemes Team

Ok, thanks.

Regards, CoralixThemes Team

Hello, I have a problem with the slider images.. It depends of the screen size…if my image is at the bottom of the form or not.. take a look: can u help me?

Hola @pyramint, vemos que tu lengua natal es español, por eso te respondemos en este idioma. Si tu soporte gratuito incluido con la compra del producto ha expirado debes adquirir una extesión de soporte. Una vez que hayas adquirido la extensión de servicio podrás entrar en el foro y realizar tus consultas a nuestro equipo de soporte.


CoralixThemes Team

I have no problem to pay extra support, but do you think that you can help me to fix this? tks.

Yes, it is not a problem, this is how we build it. The form is inside a full width container and the slider is the background (fullwidht too).

SPANISH: No es un error, es como la armamos en un principio. El formulario esta dentro de un contenedor y el slider esta de fondo. Si sabes css,html, es muy facil cambiarlo.

Si no sabes como hacerlo o necesitas una customizacion envianos un mail a coralixthemes (at)

Is it easy to translate the dates and the whole design?

Hello @ejfstudios, it is a template, you can modify the content, change images and text by yours. Everything that is normally included in a standard license.

Regards, CoralixThemes Team