Discussion on Plexar - A Portfolio and Agency Template

Discussion on Plexar - A Portfolio and Agency Template

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Your theme is beautyful. But I have one quesiton: I use horizontal scrolling with portfolio.html Do you have an example or a suggestion of inpage-links, e.g. i have a link below image 1 and want link to scroll to image 4

Your help is higly appreicated Simon


I really love this template and I want to use it for my new website. However, I see a very limited number of sales. Is this site still supported? Also, can this be implemented by someone who knows WordPress? Would appreciate your kind response.


I just downloaded Plexar. In the documentation the first sentence says “you need to upload the “pia” folder in your downloaded package to your host’s root directory(or any other directory accesible).” But that folder is not in my files? I feel like something is missing? Can you advise? Thanks!

Love the beautiful layout and code. Though the template have some issue, it’s a great work!

Will do you fix the issues? thinking of buying,...

It is sad to see how many authors abandon their products here …

Hi honryou, Trying to locate where the “works” background color is referenced. Need to modify the defaults.


Hi! i Just downloaded your theme and when i went on my WP platform i figured out that the theme was in HTML, and that’s weird because on envato elements i seatch for WP themes with horrizontal scroll..

Now i really dunno what to do with your theme, because i’m able to work on just wordpress themes.

i’m really sorry and i understand is my fault i didn’t read well that was in HTML.

I’m honest to tell u this straight away and i was going to ask u if can be possible to be refunded because i really won’t use this theme

i really hope you can apologize me


I was wondering how I add a custom .woff typeface into the theme for all headings and body?

Hi, I want to talk about your product.

I want to buy this but can you fixed the issues mentioned above on the mobile version. 1- The swipe doesn’t work well. 2- On Contact, the info doesn’t show up, just the image

Love this template! But iv’e noticed some issues with it when it comes to viewing on mobile devices. Its hard to explain but i’ll try.

The class “small-text intro-text” isn’t displayed at the bottom of the viewing window like it should be, instead it requires a pointless scroll to read the rest of the text. Also, with the copyright text in the sidebar menu, it can’t be seen at all unless you force the screen to scroll down to the bottom of the page. It just doesn’t seem like it’s supposed to preform that way. It works perfectly on desktop when I shrink the screen size down. It seems to only behave weird on actual phones. There was also one more bug, if you swipe enough times while in the sidebar menu, the portfolio items and text overlap the menu.

I hope this makes sense!

Hi, I really like the looks of this theme. Before buying, I’d like to know if the different background colors in the vertical scroll section are computed automatically based on the image? Or do I need to specify each color by hand? Also the vertical scrolling on mobile feels a bit off, would it be possible to ‘snap’ to the different pages when scrolling? Thanks!

On the portfolio page, is there a way to make the small, rotated text visible on mobile? The text I’m talking about is the ‘Auderd Brand website’ on the first portfolio item.

Good morning. I don’t speak english very well. I need to change something in the template.

1: I’d rather have a right fluid scrolling in the homepage (like the mobile version)

2: I think there’s some problem in resizing and enlarging the web page window. there is a change in the disposition of the layout element.

3: I would prefer to use the Helvetica font.

Thank you and I apologize for my English


You need to customize the javascript and css code to do 1 and 3.

Regarding 2, I’ve tested it and it works well, could you be more specific about the problem, maybe show me a screenshot of what you encountered.

Thanks, Andy

Hi! Is this compatible with Wordpress?

This is an HTML template, it is not a WordPress theme.

Hello, I’ve just purchased your plexar html template. In doc files it says I need to upload ‘pia’ folder to root directory…. but there is no pia folder… Is something missing?

Hello! In big resolutions for example Imac Retina 2500px or so, this website is totally broken.

You can check yourself : http://html.blahlab.com/plexar/

Anything we can do ? I have this website finish and now I have this problem, I cant use it :(

I check app.js and you block all Swiper(’#contact-slider’... to 2400px , why 2400px max? what about big resolutions ?


Greate work! But why does not work the internal page in a portfolio??? When will the problem be fixed?

Sorry, it is a bug and I’ve fixed it now, please check it out http://html.blahlab.com/plexar/portfolio-item.html

This page (item-2) and ather page in portfolio dont working. Only item-1 working.



la pagina presenta un bug. Diminuendo la dimensione della finestra della pagina internet, il sito si comporta in maniera responsive. Ma riportando la pagina in fullscreen la pagina non si riconfigura come nello stato iniziale. Inoltre vorrei capire come avere per la pagina uno scroll fluido, perchè per come è settato adesso lo scroll sembra macchinoso

Sorry, I don’t know your language, could you use English?


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