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Hey! This is great! Just that we have site categories instead of post categories. Does this theme offer that option? Also, I just confimed with Envato, subdomains are single licence, wildcard domains are extended license. So, we have bloggers, that can register and create their own blog in a regular way, new site is a simple subdomain. Can I somehow test new blog registration via signup.php?

Hi there,

The theme allows you to display content from categories used across the site. Basically blog admins from different subdomains who use the same category name will link their categories.

Blog registration is handled by WordPress Multi and BuddyPress (a free plugin) which you can test on your own website. :)

Hey Guys, just purchased your Plexus Theme, looks great! After we purchased Plexus, I came across your Socialize Theme, what are the main differences between Plexus and Socialize? Can Plexus use the Socialize theme? Can Plexus do the same as Socialize or more,since it incorporates multi-site? Thanks!

Hi there,

Plexus is a theme designed for WordPress multisite so you can display blogs, posts, categories from across multiple subsites. Socialize does not have these features.

You’ll also find a list of all the features for both themes on their respective item pages.

If you don’t require WordPress Multisite features then I would recommend Socialize as it’s a much more powerful theme.

ok. Thanks.

Hi GP Support: After making a purchase, where is the best place to go for support? Do you guys have a forum? Thanks.

Hi there,

Yes I do. Pease sign up to our support site at

Great! Thanks!

Hello, thinking of buying this theme. Just wondering for the activity, I noticed there was categories underneath. Is there a way a user creating a post can select 3-4 categories? For the other users looking to find specific posts is there a way for them to filter out all the categories so they can find their results faster? (In the case there are 20+ categories)

Hi there,

I’m not sure what mean? When a user creates a post they can add it to as many categories as they like.

This theme does have category filters – I’m sure there’s a way using a plugin or custom script.

Thanks for the response. When a user is on the site I would want them to have the ability to filter out all the posts/blogs created created on the site using a filtering option. For example there would be a list of 20 categories in the sidebar, and any user would check which categories he would like to filter by checking them off. It would be an easier way to find specific types of posts rather than scanning through all of them. This would ideally fit in the left sidebar.

As I say the theme does have category filters – I’m sure there’s a way using a plugin or custom script.

Another question I had was, am I able to achieve a full width browser layout as apposed to a boxed layout? I would like to have a sidebar on the left and right. The sidebar on the left would be filters and the one on the right would be advertisements. Is that possible? I would like the sidebars to stay consistant through all the blog/post pages. If this isn’t possible here would you know where to go to achieve this? Thank you.

The theme can certainly be modified to be full width, but this would require a number of customisations. You can contact my developer who does all the custom work for my customers. You can check out their previous work and get a quote from them at

Okay thanks. Just wondering if there are other wordpress themes like this that either you created or someone else? (specifically showing blogs posts with featured image, categories like plexus has under “Sitewide Posts”

I don’t have another theme like this and I don’t know of any other theme with these features, sorry.

I am trying in install the multisite feature in the theme and three plugins will not deactuvate to let me proceed: layerslider, nexus plugin and js composer. My host support has also tried and think they have done it but they are all re-enabled when I return to the site. Any suggestions? There is no “deactivate” selection in the plugin list for these three, only an “edit” selection. Thanks.

Hi there, it sounds like you need theme support. Just so you know the ThemeForest comments area is a dedicated place for people who have not yet purchased the theme and want to ask pre-purchase questions.

If you are looking for theme support, please sign up to our support site at or browse our articles at which contain many detailed answers to frequently asked questions. Once logged in, you can create a new support ticket at


OK. Thanks.

Hi GhostPool. I’ve got a couple of questions before i decide to buy:

1.) Can i set a global sidebar? 2.) Can i block users for editing the sidebar, ads, plugins and themes? 3.) Does your theme work with wpmu dev plugins? 4.) Can users register at the front-end and get an instant subdomain, that i’ve already setup? (this way, every sub is the same on the global site)..

Sorry for the questions! :D ..



Hi there,

1) No this is not possible. WordPress does not allow global sidebars on multi site installations.

2) The WordPress Multisite website says the following:

“The capabilities of the site administrator role are also reduced in a WordPress Network. Site admins cannot install new themes or plugins and cannot edit the profiles of users on their site. Only the Network Admin (aka Super Admin) has the ability to perform these tasks in a WordPress network.”

This means they can still edit sidebars, so you’ll need to look for a plugin that restricts this access.

3) It’s going to depend completely on the specific plugin and unless I’ve tested them with the theme I can’t say unfortunately.

4) Yes if you use BuddyPress, which provides this user interface.

Hey GhostPool,

Thanks for the message, if you want i will contact them, to see if there is a way to test there plugins and your theme to see if they don’t interfere with each other?

Anyway, the theme looks great!

Hope to hear from you soon!


I get around 5-10 requests a day asking if plugin X or Y is compatible with my themes so it’s simply not possible to make these tests myself which requires far more than just activating the plugin.

Typically most plugins will be compatible and if they’re not can be adjusted to make them work. :)

Hello! We are interested in buying your theme for our website project. But before proceeding we need to have some informations : We will like to build a website with some users, and they should be able to administrate their own pages. Something like this site : Could your theme afford that mission? Thank you!

Hi there,

Plexus is a WordPress Multisite theme which allows users to have their own sub domains on your site with their own blog that they can manage. You can try WordPress Multisite out on any theme to see if it’s what you need:

Pre purchase question: do you know how compatible with PowerPress your theme is? We need PowerPress to run independently on each of our network’s sites. Kudos on a great looking project.

Hi there,

If PowerPress works on a WordPress multisite environment in general, which you can test yourself, it should work with this theme. :)

Sweet. It does. One more question, in the demo, the word BLOG is on all of the subsite listings. Is that possible to change, like for us it would be Podcast, or is that a set field. Thanks!

Yes, you don’t have to have blog in the subdomains/subsites.

How does this work with mobiles or tablets?

Hi there,

How does what work nancyg?

Your plugin, can you use it on mulitsites for devices…?

This is a theme, not a plugin. I’m still unsure what you’re asking as “mulitsites for devices” does not make any sense.

If you’re asking does the theme work on mobile/tablet devices then yes, it is responsive. You can test this yourself by viewing the site on one of these devices.


hpmebiz Purchased

Main site shows multisite new posts but the links aren’t correct. Quick fix?

Hi there,

This could be for any number of reason. Plugin conflict. Outdated version of the theme. Misconfiguration. Theme bug. The latter is unlikely as nobody else has reported this issue and I can’t replicate it on my installation. So I can’t suggest a quick fix without diagnosing the problem first.

Just so you know the ThemeForest comments area is a dedicated place for people who have not yet purchased the theme and want to ask pre-purchase questions.

If you are looking for theme support, please sign up to our support site at or browse our articles at which contain many detailed answers to frequently asked questions. Once logged in, you can create a new support ticket at


Hello, I’ve been encountering a lot of problems with this theme such as registering new users or having one amount of users in the dashboard vs a different amount on the news feed page. Before renewing the 6-month support plan, I wanted to ask if you offer additional support services where maybe you could help me with these ongoing issues? Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for your response! Perhaps I didn’t explain myself too well. What I meant by registration is the “Sign Up” or the create an account feature. Some people are able to sign up but some get a response saying the email is already in use (when it isn’t because it’s their first time signing up). And the issue with the amount of users is that when I go to the dashboard>users i see i have 24,500 users. But when I go to the newsfeed page, under the status update box it says I have 16,048 users. So I’m not sure which figure is the correct one. Could this be an error because of customizations? Thank you!

I contacted support from my hosting company and they told me that the Buddypress plugin keeps breaking itself because apparently it’s not the best written code. Maybe that plugin is what’s causing these problem. Is there another plugin that you would recommend to go with your theme to replace buddypress? Thank you!

Both issues definitely relate to BuddyPress, however I don’t think this is because of badly written code. The user number difference is because BP only counts active users (those that have logged in and used their account), whereas WordPress counts inactive users as well.

I would contact BP about the registration issues.

I can’t recommend another plugin because this theme was only designed to work with BP.


I like the look/style of this theme. I haven’t purchased yet, but I don’t want a multi site network setup. I want it to just one on a stand alone blog website/one website with buddypress, is this possible?


Hi there,

Yes this theme will run on a standalone blog, it doesn’t require WordPress multisite. However please note I do not offer any support for this item. I would recommend my other BuddyPress theme Socialize:

When installing on a Buddypress multi site multi network the theme’s options are limited to just a few “Customize” features. No Page Templates. No Sample Content. Weak.

Hi there,

Is the Plexus theme activated on the site you’re viewing, if so it should definitely have all the theme options and page templates. Nobody else has ever raised this issue so it’s unlikely to be a theme problem.