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Congratulations Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)

Thanks bdayh.

Congrats and good luck with sales.

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Thanks Bedros.

Nice work!!! Good luck with sales! :D

Thanks tranmautritam.

Great work my friend!!! Very clean layout!!!! ;) Excellent theme!!! ;)

Thanks juanmita. :)

wow, that’s cool. Nice work bro. Keep it up. looking for more features :)

Best of luck.

Thanks Xaibi. What features are you looking for?

Great looking site. Is there anyway to restrict content on the site to only register users? They can’t see the content of any of the site..just curious..

Hi there,

The theme doesn’t offer this feature, but there’s a plugin that offers what you’re looking for:

Can it be used as a normal WordPress theme? (without using BuddyPress)

Hi there, yes absolutely BuddyPress and even multisite is not required.


Is it possible to layout one of the blog pages in a magazine style, or is it restricted to the layouts shown?


I want to use Wordpress to create a site where multiple users would be Editors in Wordpress for their neighborhood/city/state. I’d like to have the ability for them to enter specific info regarding people that they could easily view, edit, and track (name, address, age, kids, requests, etc.) Beyond that I’d want each user to have their own page on the site (example: where members of that neighborhood/city/state could sign up to be contacted and view updated news regarding their area.

Would this theme allow such a function or are there plugins already that would allow this? I’d appreciate in direction you could provide.

Really, really would appreciate even feedback from other users because I’m not sure if what I’m thinking is doable. Thanks!

Hi there,

You can set any page as the main blog page on each site, this page can be styled differently with the elements available in the Visual Composer to achieve a magazine style layout somewhat.

The theme doesn’t offer these features specifically, but it doesn’t sound that far away from what the theme offers. You’ll certainly need to use a plugin to add additional fields to the user’s profile (address, age, kids, requests etc.) and probably need to hire a developer to get it exactly like you want if you’re not familiar with WordPress and PHP.

Thanks for the reply

Very nice work!

Will we see Woocommerce integration in a future update? :)

Thanks kaga. There are no plans for full WooCommerce integration but the theme is already compatible with WC, which does come with it’s own styling.

Nice work <3

Q: Is Network features are similar to “Network latest post” wp plugin?


Hi there,

Yes it offers very similar features to the Network Latest Post plugin.

Thx <3 This theme is now mine \o/

Glad to hear it gdl. :)

Amazing theme, GhostPool!!!! Bookmarking this one for future use!! :)

Hi liaison,

Glad to hear it. :)

I was on the edge of buying Buddy , but now i see a better version :) great stuff , glws !

Hi there,

Great news. Look forward to your purchase. :)

Would be awesome if you can register and login with facebook, twitter or google plus… im sold this theme can have this option.

Hi there,

You can use the following plugin with the theme to allow your users to login via Twitter, Google, Facebook etc.:

really nice, but wondering about the “responsive” view…I have a galaxy 4 and it’s kind of unexpected (menu is “responsive” but rest of the site is just like a full view only very small)? could just be me?

Hi there,

What kind of things are you expecting to see on the mobile version of the site? As you say the mobile menu is used, you should also see the social icons have been moved to the bottom of the page, the search bar is now only shown when the search button is clicked and the whole site is resized to fit on your phone.


In the demo, we see one main menu.

Will there be another sub menu for individual site?

So in subsite, there will be two menus one global and one site specific.

Also, will the user of the site be able to create menu?


Hi there,

You can choose to display the left and/or right navigation from the main blog on all other blogs. If you choose not to use the main left and/or right navigation the other blog admins can create and add their own menu links to the navigation.

Awesome work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Very nice theme! Is it possible to display thumbnails in category pages? For example:

Hi there,

It’s not currently supported but you can upload category images with the theme so it’ll be really easy to add.

Is your Register page styling the /wp-signup.php page in WordPress or do you have something else being used to sign up blogs?

Thanks! Your theme looks great.

Hi there,

You are seeing the BuddyPress registration page.

Thanks for the comments. :)

Has anyone used this theme yet? I have it installed and initially was trying to run it under php 5.2. That appears to be a problem. Moved to php 5.3 and seems to be ok. Now I am wondering if I should go to 5.4 or 5.5. Any thoughts?

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

Love the theme! Will be buying in a couple of days to build a network of sports blogs and this theme has all the features I was hoping to use! Thanks!


Glad to hear it mike. :)