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I have spent the past 2 months looking for a theme like this. Finally…someone understands how a multi-site theme is supposed to work.

Really nice to hear. Thanks. :)

Demo site appears to be down. Just thought I’d let you know. :)

Thanks, I’m about to buy, but had a concern. As the theme is Multisite, does this mean I can not use it the normal way – without multisite?

Also, can the BBPress page template have a right sidebar? It’s full width on the demo.

Yes the theme works just fine on a normal installation, it does not require multisite.

You can choose to add a left or right sidebar to the bbPress pages. :)

Can the BBPress page template have a right sidebar? It’s full width on the demo.

Where exactly can people register their subdomain?

Thank you for all your help! One more thing, can the categories categorize individual posts from blogs rather than blogs?

Yes definitely. You can see an example of that on the demo homepage – posts from across the whole network are grouped by category not by the blogs they are from.

Thanks so much for all your help and support!

Do you have any plans to add new features or widgets for the Plexus theme? I know developers are hesitant to talk about future dev work, but would love to know.

You’re correct the BP author page doesn’t do that. However I’m not sure what features a multisite author page would display?

Another idea…can sidebars or widgets be written such that they password protected when displayed on a password protected page. Right now sidebars and widgets are visible before the password is entered.

This is certainly possible with a few small code changes.

If you haven’t done so already please submit your support question at where I will answer it shortly. :)

Hello Dan,

Thought I’d drop a note, say congrats on the newest additional to your already awesome portfolio! We look forward to the opportunity to work with this template. On basic setup though, it’s extremely easy to install. Was straight forward as always. One of the best multisite templates I’ve ever seen. All the best in your sales!

- Bryce Wisekal

Thanks Bryce, really appreciate the comments.

I posted a support ticket a few days ago and still haven’t seen a reply there so I figure I will try here in case you monitor this more closely…

The following is from my ticket:

“I have gone through all of the installation steps outlined in the help file and went through the Multi-Site set-up and everything went very smooth until I tried to enable the plexus theme. I ended up getting nothing but blank screens both on the front-end and on the admin side. So, I turned on Debugging mode and got the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home1/moneysb2/public_html/wp-content/themes/plexus/lib/admin/inc/widgets/sitewide-author.php on line 7 “

Everything snaps back into place when I switch the theme back to the WP default. That and the error message tells me the issue is with the theme itself. I am certain this is a minor issue, so a little help would likely fix it and I can be on my way. Thanks!

Hey there, I don’t always answer questions over the weekend. Everyone deserves a break don’t they? However I’ll be looking into your issue first thing Monday morning. x

looks good ! going to have to buy this to explore and use what i can inside my already great Bounce theme

Yes these features are completely native to the theme.

i can almost here the answer already… no chance of me paying to have the new bp functions integrated at on Bounce theme

I do not do freelance work but you can hire my developer, who works with all my themes, to do this for you. You can contact him at


I have just found your Multisite theme.

May I ask how the Envato licensing applies to your theme and multisite ?

My understanding – even if incorrect – one would need a separate licence for each site/blog that uses a Theme Forest product. With that model, wouldn’t each user or site on the network need a separately purchased theme licence ? If so, would that not be prohibitively expensive for the network?

I am confused, but interested very much in your theme :)

Hi there,

Every subdomain on your multisite installation that uses the Plexus will require a separate license. If you don’t have many sites it makes sense to just purchase multiple single licenses. Alternatively you could purchase the Extended license which will cover unlimited subdomains.

Of course most people just purchase a single license for their multisite installation and I would still offer you support if you did, so make of that what you will. :)

Thank you. I am reading between the lines of your last paragraph. However, I’d wish to be properly licensed. Alas, with the Envato model, it would not make economic sense for us.


Great Theme! It only misses a full integration with WooCommerce. I hope you consider it.


Hi there,

The theme will work with WooCommerce with no issues, but it doesn’t come with it’s own WooCommerce styling at the moment.

WOW. This is great theme and i am so glad i bought it. However i have one question. I am using plexus-child theme to build some extra thing in my blog and i am interested where or how i can edit (add more details) to member-hedaer file in buddypress – member page? Is it posible trough plexus-child theme or another way?

Actually i figure it out :) sorry. BTW your premade child theme is calling for Sell theme, so i had to edit that part.

Hi there,

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix it right away. If you have anymore support questions please post them at :)

Hi there,

I purchased Buddy a couple weeks ago, but now that I see Plexus I believe it will be a better theme for what I am trying to accomplish. I just have one quick question.

Is it possible to setup buddypress on individual blogs? I would like to have numerous sub-sites – with buddypress functioning on each. So member would join through the main site, but then be able to then join a sub-site or blog of their choice. Would this be possible, and if so would the use of additional plugins be needed?


Hi there,

I believe this is possible as explained here:

However to be sure I suggest you ask BuddyPress support if their plugin will work as intended on a multisite WordPress installation. :)

Gran trabajo! Gran tema para Wordpress! Estoy trabajando en la traducción del tema. Cuando la tenga terminada la comparto aquí.

Good work! Good WP Theme. I´m working in spanish tranlation. When I finish post it here.

Looking forward to it. :)

may i look for user demo?

Hi there,

I can’t provide a demo account to log into unfortunately as people usually spam it once I allow this. If you have any specific questions about the backend or want any screenshots please let me know.


Love the theme.

Is there any way to have the widget that gets posts from all network sites to get also custom post types (like projects or portfolios)? What do I need to change to enable that?


Hi there,

If you haven’t done so already please submit your support questions at where I will answer them shortly. :)

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

The checkbox under “Network Settings” for “Use the main blog’s URL for the logo link on other blogs using the Plexus theme.” stays checked even when I uncheck and save.

Also, the main blog logo is being used on other sites even when I change it on the other site in the theme settings.

Appreciate any help!

Hi there,

If you haven’t done so already please submit your support questions at where I will answer them shortly. :)

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

submited. Sorry about that!

I just wanted to thank Dan at GhostPool for quickly resolving a problem I had getting the Visual Editor to work properly with the theme. It was a simple permissions setting, and he responded quickly and told me how to fix it. Great support. Thanks!

Thanks maldredge. If you’re happy with the theme don’t forget to rate it 5 stars. :)

Is it possible to just use the site with BuddyPress/bbPress without it being multi-site? and are there any examples you could point me in the direction of to see that?

Hi there,

Yes definitely. I don’t have any examples to show you as you won’t see any difference between a site using multisite and a site that isn’t. The only difference is that you can’t create subdomain blogs on a normal installation.

What I’m a bit confused about is that with BuddyPress can’t users have their own “blog” pages anyway where they can talk about stuff? so why the need for multi-site?

They are not really blog pages. They are pages that show the activity of the user.

Multisite allows users to have there own sites within a single WordPress installation. Users can then install their own plugins, use their own themes, control the admin settings, create new posts/pages etc.

I suggest installing BuddyPress and multisite on the default Twenty Thirteen theme to familiarize yourself with them. Both are free so it’s worth trying them out before purchasing a theme here.

Pre-Sale Question…

If I understand this right, is each new member blog created on a sub-domain?

If this is correct, does this not limit the number of members you can have with many hosting companies where they are likely to have limits e.g. 600 which = a cap of 600 members?

Also, is there a way in this theme to have profile pages for each member with info like there blogs, groups they own or are members etc.


Hi there,

Yes, each new blog is created on a subdomain. To be clear this is how WordPress multisite works, it’s not a feature of the theme itself. The theme is just designed to work with multisite. I’m not aware of any member cap of web server, you’ll need to check with your own web host of course, and if there is a cap maybe multisite is not the best solution. It all depends on how many members you expect per blog.

If you use BuddyPress with the theme, each user will have a profile page that displays the sites they have, groups, posts etc.

Pre Sale Question: I see you can password protect a page, but can you password protect the whole site? I want it use it for a select group of people and it will include private information and I’d rather not have to have people put in a password for each page accessed.

thanks! Christy

Hi there,

You’ll need to use a plugin to password protect the whole site. There’s plenty out there e.g.