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This is the case: your theme comes with the pro version of Advanced Custom Fields. But the plugin needs to be updated (because of a conflict with Yoast SEO and Gutenberg). But if I try to update the plugin it gets replaced by the free version of ACF and the site no longer works.

Any tips on how to handle this? The only way my site now doesn’t break is if I turn off Yoast SEO which I don’t want to do.

Hope you can answer this. Not sure if I need to renew my support for this… please let me know if I do!

thanks, Joke

Hello, thank you for your message.

You can download new version of Plexx theme in your Themeforest > Downloads page, extract theme from ZIP archive, open Plexx/Plugins folder and install “advanced-custom-fields-pro.zip” from there or you can send me your URL and admin access to my support email and I will update plugin.

oh thanks! Will do that! I’ll let you know if this fixes the issue.

YES!!! problem solved! Thanks so very very much!!

Presale question. This appears like exactly what I have been looking for. Can I showcase my videos and front end users can select the video to buy and add in cart to pay with Paypal?

Hello, wordpress doesn’t have this system but you can try with Woocommerce – free shopping plugin, but test it before with free theme, maybe this is not what you are exactly looking for.

Hi there, interested in purchasing this theme, looks perfect for what I’m looking for!

I have 3 presale questions – 1. Is there a way to set the Journal page as the homepage WITH all blog posts (vs. assigning a homepage and assigning the static blog page). 2. Is there a way to add a widget or embed a shortcode for a social media plugin below the plus load more sign, or only in the footer? 3. Once customized on our own, is this able to upload to WordPress.com or only the .org version?

Apologies for the multiple questions, I’m new to this site and not quite as familiar. Thank you so much for your help!

Hello, thank you for your questions.

1. Yes you can make any page as homepage including blog template, for example this one – https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/journal/blog-minimal/

2. Widgets are available only in footer, you can add below “load more” only with editing PHP code of template

3. This section of Themeforest wordpress themes is only for personal websites (.com, .org and etc) with your own hosting and not for wordpress.com service, be careful before buying

Feel free to ask me any questions about the theme.

Thank you so much for the prompt response and helpful information!

Hi. Two questions. Is it possible to edit the width of the website? It seems to be fluid, so expands content to full width, can this be reduced?

Additionally, is there a way of showing portfolio items WITH the text, such as when you hover over portfolio item, it shows portfolio title and details, can this be visible without having to hover.

Thank you

Hello, thank you for your questions.

Yes the theme has adaptive width but you can set maximal width with Custom CSS code.

There is no such option but I can add it if you need only short text within title.

Thanks for the reply. How do i do both of these please?

I can help you with both but not faster than this weekend.

Hi, great theme! Just one question: how can I format text into the “About me” section? Thanks

Hello, thank you for your question.

You can edit it in Theme Options > About me

Hi thank for your quick response, but I didn’t mean the editing of the section: I’d like to obtain formatted text (bold, italic, etc)

Ahh got it, wordpress requires cleaning all text from html tags in custom fields so it’s no possible by default, but you can send me URL and admin access and I will make it available for you or jest give me your email address (or text me to support email) and I wii give you a file to replace.

Hey Mallini,

Having a really basic issue, trying to load the demo site to a local host so I can edit, but none of the images load into the demo, just the layout. The media is there, just not loaded.

Thanks for you help!

Hello, thank you for your message. Perhaps there is something with server settings, you can try to increase response time, because media files are big.

Hello! Love the theme but was wondering if it is possible to have this video grid but with white space/padding in between the videos? https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/portfolio/portfolio-3-video/

I noticed that this demo page (https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/portfolio-3-video-margins/?color_scheme=dark-scheme) does have padding between the videos but when scaled down on mobile devices, the videos remain in 3 columns, as opposed to being responsive and re-formatting to a one column layout. Just need this clearing up before I purchase. Thanks!

Hello, what mobile device do you use?

About player bar at bottom, it seems you turned off it in your vimeo player settings (check it in Vimeo account), also navigation arrows can be seen when you move mouse or just use keyboard left/right arrows.

Hello thank so much for your response. I am moving the mouse and still no arrows show up :( Are you able to try and send me a screen grab if your show up? https://tamberstudio.com/

Hello, is it possible to add a “blog minimal” on a special category of article? thank you for your work

Hello, thank you for your message.

Unfortunately there is no such option, you can try to use some Wordpress plugins to control category but no guarantee.

I love your theme! Great job! I’m not very good at coding. I need a little help. First, is it possible to remove the search icon located in the top left? Also, I would like to have the “Floating Social Links” in white on all pages. I didn’t see this option for the contact page. In fact, I would like to have all texts and links to be white on the entire website. Thank you so much

Hello, thank you for your message.

Yes you can remove search icon using this code in Theme Options > Custom CSS:

.search-icon {
    display: none;

This code for white floating social links and navigation:

.top-navigation li a,
.floating-social a {
    color: #fff;

Contact page option you can find in Contact section of the plugin (you can edit fields there).

You can use support email to contact me faster.

Nice! Thank you :)


I imported the demo and installed it, but youtube / Vimeo style portfolio is not on the list. How can I make it like your demo site?

Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your message.

Yes Youtube style portfolio is not included to demo content because it has very big size, but you can send me URL and admin access to my support email and I add you few test projects.

Greatly enjoying the theme! Quick question: for each portfolio thumbnail, I would like to display that portfolio item’s “subtitle” field in place of the “filter” (item-filter) which is shown by default. (I’ve currently turned the item-filter text opacity to 0.) I’m creating a music portfolio where the “subtitle” will always be the instrumentation of the composition and I want that to be visible in the thumbnail. Thanks for your help! The site can be found here – it’s still a work in progress: https://conorbrownmusic.com/wp/portfolio/

Great, thanks so much! Impressive turnaround time on this!

Now for the finishing touches: what is the coding object name for the portfolio subtitles? When I change .subtitle it only changes the subtitle properties on the underlying portfolio pages rather than the small subtitle text on the thumbnails.

Also, I would appreciate it if the background for thumbnail “title” and “subtitle” behaved so that display:inline-block would do its job differently for each. Ie., decouple the background between those two. Currently the thumbnail text background is being managed by the following code:

.item-description h2 { opacity: 1; background-color: hsla(0, 0%, 0%, 0.5); display:inline-block; }

Hello, for subtitles I used ”.item-description h2 span” which you can find in Theme Options > Custom CSS as I said before. But if you want to separate it is better to use different code, I used “subtitle” so you can find it in Custom CSS now.

Magnificent – it’s working great! I appreciate your speedy assistance.


inky07 Purchased

pre-purchase questions. great theme btw a) Is it possible to go to a video single porfolio page from the video gallery/portfolio by clicking on a individual thumb? b) can you mix video and other projects and stills in a single portfolio ? c) can a single video portfolio page include type under the video?


Hello, thank you for your questions.

a. Yes it’s possible if you turn off Show in lightbox switcher for this single project

b. Yes sure you can mix it on any portfolio template

c. Yes you can add text like here – https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/portfolio-item/dreamed-in-japan/


inky07 Purchased

thx this is very helpful


inky07 Purchased

Hi is it possible to hide the featured image from the portfolio page? once i click on the item on the grid and enter the video page, I just want the created blocks to show and not the featured image. thx

Hello, yes for sure, you can add this code to Theme Options > Custom CSS:

.image-featured { display: none; }

inky07 Purchased


Great template! Considering to buy it. Couple of questions upfront: - I’m new to WP, so don’t know if it’s a piece of cake, so better ask: is there a login mask for visitors of the website included? Can I make one? - when a video from e.g. youtube style portfolio is playing – what is the play/pause button in the right upper corner for? It doesn’t seem to do anything.. Cheers!

Hello, thank you for questions.

There is no special login template for visitors, only standard, perhaps you can use some plugins from Wordpress repository.

Play/pause buttons there are for photo slideshow, I can remove them if you want with Custom CSS code.

Dear mallini, i bought plexx-Theme this morning because i like it’s look very much. But during installing i had some problems. Wordpress did not install the downloaded zip-file so i had to download the pure Theme-File without the demo stuff. That worked, but now i can’t install the demo-Sites and my backend looks very poor/empty. I think there are some items missing, that i need to work with. Would you please help me to install the demo-stuff correctly? Best regards, Steffen.

Hello, thank you for your message.

First of all you should unZip the file you downloaded, because it includes Demo, documentation, theme and etc.

About Demo content, yes it’s often problem when server doesn’t allow to import all files from Demo, you can try once again or send me URL and admin access to my support email and I will help you with Portfolio template and Projects.

Thank you for this quick support. I would like to give you admin-access to the page, but i need your emailaddress. I only found a text-field to write you directly. You can send me your address to reeder(at)dvjournalist.de Thank you!


loumadhu Purchased

Hi, Wordpress did an auto update on a clients site and now this error message come sup at the tip of the site:

Warning: Declaration of plexx_SplitMenuWalker::walk($elements, $max_depth) should be compatible with Walker::walk($elements, $max_depth, ...$args) in /home/tamberst/public_html/wp-content/themes/plexx/functions.php on line 0

This is the site: https://tamberstudio.com

Can you pls help?


Hello, thank you for your message.

You can download new version of the theme in Themeforest > Downloads, or you can send me admin access to support email and I will fix it.


loumadhu Purchased

Thanks! I have sent you a message via the contact form… it contains logins, did you receive?

Thank you for access, the bug is fixed.

Hello, Will the theme support the Video Thumbnails plugin? I would need an option for auto thumbnails of Vimeo videos. Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your message.

No, it doesn’t support, what plugin do you want to use?


Excellent theme. Can I disable AUTO-Play on my video header? I’ve noticed in some browsers (on a PC) my video plays automatically.

It would be nice to control the auto-play by disabling it.

Thanks—and I’m very happy with this install.


Hello, thank you for your message. Please use support email to get help as customer.

Yes it may differ from browser to browser, the autoplay option (switcher) will be added in next theme update.