Discussion on Plexx - Portfolio and Video Gallery for Agency and Studio

Discussion on Plexx - Portfolio and Video Gallery for Agency and Studio

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Hi, I have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to show a different menu (menu items) on a specific page ? Thanks. My best. Mathieu

Hello Mathieu, thank you for your question. Unfortunately the theme doesn’t have this options but you can use a plugin, for example Conditional Menus, it’s free, or any other.

Ok, good ! Thanks for your fast answer !

aocial media buttons

Hello, could you please specify your question?

Sorry, It was a mistake. I Sent you some questions through the mail.

Can the YouTube style portfolio sorted by category ?

Hello, unfortunately there is no such option, the only way to make it is to add few portfolios on one page with Elementor plugin, each portfolio will contain only one gategory.

Hello, is filtration of the videos possible? Also, is it possible to have the block as you have it on this page https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/portfolio/elementor-page/ but also have a title below each block which goes into a seperate page where the video is available along with some information?

Hello, thank you for your message.

Yes you can filter the videos the same way as images. About block and title if I understood you correctly, it’s possible to open a project page or custom page on click on an item instead of video lightbox, also you can add few sections of portfolio with Elementor plugin and separate them with title/text

I love the theme. Thank you for the work. I would like to change the color and/or add shadow to the second line on the portfolio hover text (the line that displays the filter text over the thumbnails). Could you please send me the css for this. Thanks.

Hello, thank you for the message. Please add this code to Theme Options > Custom CSS for color (in HEX):

.item-filter {
    color: #ffffff;

and for shadow, I think it needs to be adjusted 2px X and Y offsets, 1px blur and color in RGB + opacity:

.item-filter {
    text-shadow: 2px 2px 1px rgb(0 0 0 / 29%);

GeneZ Purchased

Hey! never really needed support for this, but this has been bugging me a little. Is there a chance or is it possible for people to leave comments or like portfolio items by any chance? Thank you.

GeneZ Purchased

Basically what I meant was, is there any chance people can leave comments on the actual projects/portfolio items (not in the blog).

Hello, thank you for your message. Unfortunately there is no option to add portfolio comments without code editing. Have you tried any comment plugin like Disqus or Disqus Conditional Load?

IS there a way to set the nav bar width to match the page container width? Now my navigation is 100% wide and page is contained inside a padded container.

Hello, thank you for your message, already answered, please check your email

Is there anything I can do to display Video title and Subheading under each portfolio tiles, without hovering over video?

Hello, thank you for your message, already answered, please check your email

Hello, is it possible to include a video even into portfolio item? In your preview version I only saw pictures in the portofilo item (for example here: https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/portfolio-item/say-goodbye/) and video portofolio consisted only from lightbox videos (for example here: https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/portfolio/youtube-style/). I need a portfolio (like this: https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/portfolio/) but include videos in the individual items. Thank you

Hello, thank you for your message. Please use support email to get faster help.

Yes you can include a video to a single portfolio page, there are 2 ways:

1. Open a project in admin panel, click on Header tab, choose Header type – Video and paste video URL there

2. Open a project in admin panel, add a video URL as content in editor on the top


sk-d Purchased

hey can i still import the demo?

Hello, yes for sure, there are XML files in Demo folder, also you can take a look video tutorials, or send me URL and admin access to support email and I will set test projects.

I am using youtube links for the video portfolio, however there are no images on the items on the live site. I can add a hover image, but can only see that when I hover over the item.

edit: I found the featured image field, so that solves that. Would be nice to automatically generate a featured image (like the preview with the youtube URL).

Hello, yes it’s a problem, but not easy to automatically generate images from Youtube, they often change their code and it will make high load on server. Better to use services like get-youtube-thumbnail.com

Hello, Is it possible to have Portrait Video (vertical) ? Or only classical landscape videos ? Thank you

Hello, thank you for your message. The theme supports vertical video 9:16 and also square 1:1.

Thanks for your answer. Also is it possible to mix video and photo on the same page ?

Yes if you are talking about lightbox (photo/video on click)


I bought the theme and just don’t know how to set up a page like this: https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/portfolio/video-light/# I can’t find the Pleex portfolio item: https://youtu.be/FwkMiTXu7Z0?t=17

And also i got this message: “Elementor Plexx Extension” requires “Plexx Premium Theme” to be installed and activated.


Hello, thank you for your message. Pease use support email to get faster help.

Do you have Portfolio installer plugin activated? The page you want to set up doesn’t require Elementor but ou can use it if you like. Also you can try import Demo content with Wordpress importer, if you have difficulties while importing you can send me URL and admin access to support email.


We have purchased this theme specifically for this -> https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/journal/?color_scheme=dark-scheme

We have installed the theme successfully but upon duplicating the Journal page and editing it with Elementor, we are getting this error: “Sorry, the content area was not found in your page. You must call “the_content” function in the current template, in order for Elementor to work on this page.”

Can’t this page be duplicated/edited with Elementor?

Also, when we installed the theme, the side widget with social media (the one that says Fb. You. Tw. Ig.” did not appear.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your message.

1. To get a page like this please use “Blog Packery” template, it doesn’t need Elementor. But if you want to use it with Elementor please choose Plexx Fullwidth template and add Blog widget in Elementor editor

2. You can add these link in Theme Options > General – Links (turn of Floating Social switcher)

Hello, yes for sure, you can put up to 30 videos on a page then use load more button, but I recommend up to 15 for faster page loading speed.

Hello there. I don’t see the Plexx theme update within my Downloads list in Themeforest. How can I do to update it? Since I update WP to 6.0.2 the theme is only partially working. I’m using version 1.3.2. Thanks in advance.

Hello, thank you for your message. You use very old version of the theme so update might work wrong, don’t forget to make a backup copy of the theme before updating.

You can update it automatically with Envato Market plugin for Wordpress.

Hello. I’m trying to do the same as the example in your link. Full screen backgroud video with play button. But I can not. This is the example: https://plexx.mallinidesign.com/fullscreen-video/ And this is the website I’m building: https://www.pedrocardillo.com/teste1/

Please a need help!

After the last update of the template, it is having some problems to work in the Safari browser the videos in Lightbox. And also the problem mentioned above. Background full video. With the autoplay function, the video works but the audio is blocked by the internet system. I need a comeback. Yours sincerely

Hello, thank you for your message. Please use support email to get faster help.

All modern browsers require muted audio for autoplay function. In some cases you can get video with sound but it varies from bbrowser to browser.

About fullscreen video in example – it works good but there is a content block below, perhaps you have something in editor. Hvae you tried to disable editor content?

Also you have some javascript errors in console, have you installed any other plugins for website?

hello, can i have 2 or more portfolios for different projects/pages?

nevermind, i figure that with filters i can do what i wanted to do, sorry for the question

hello, i want to know if i have to update theme on my page, and how to do so.

my page is www.alejoiglesias.com


Hello, you don’t have to update the theme if everything works fine, but you can do it any time by downloading the latest version from Theme Forest > Downloads manually or automatically by installing Envato Market plugin.

9mm Purchased

Since updating to the new Elementor today, the Plexx logo will not go away. I want to hide it but it won’t hide. I tried replacing with my own logo, it still shows the Plexx logo. I chose to use text only but the Plexx logo is still there. It’s a bug. Anyone?

9mm Purchased

I figured it out. Wow, that was tricky.


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