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Hi, can i link featured images directly to the post and not lightbox? thanks, Chisomo

Hi, this can be done modifiyng the code in widgets/mimonewswall.php, please sen me an email to support@mimothemes.com and i can send you the customization.

Best Reagards

I’m also very interested in this theme. (I just created a comment on Grider theme page) Just have a quick question…

I’ve noticed that image size/proportion of post/items on the home screen are mostly rectangle. Is this size or proportion fixed? What I want is to have ‘square’ image in the layout. Is this something I can customize or it will automatically adjust based on image I post?

Please let me know. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you, white

Hi cush2k, it will adjust to the size of image you upload. I have used same image size for all post except those in vertical, in those posts the images are double height of the rest.

In this theme you can customize everything appearing on screen. Sizes of images(posts) in newswall can also be customized via css.

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Hi, yes i got my theme installed but.. every post is a picture post .. even though i select it to be another type while adding a post .. http://modernluxe.me/ Any ideas? or could you login to test. Thanks love your work!

Hi, i have logged in to your site and see that posts formats are working ok. I have created a new ‘test mimo’ standard post for you to see it.

Please communicate by mail, it is faster :)

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i don’t have your email.

Hi, please use support@mimothemes.com for any issue.

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Hit, when I make a post with an embedded content, the front page disappears. I am using the newswall widget

Hi, please send me the url to support@mimothemes.com so i can take a look

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I am really disappointed with this theme. It JUST doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. Inspite of setting it up properly, the posts are not showing the way they should be showing. Very limited support from the developer in this matter. The developer is responsible for ensuring that a theme is working the way it is promoted & promised. When they say “very easy to set up”, it SHOULD be easy. Which it is totally not. And to top that, when asked for help, the developer simply tells you to refer to the documentation, as if I would not have the brains to do that myself. The documentation is also very incomplete, btw. Can definitely be better.

If the documentation had been enough. I would not have needed to contact the developer at all.

I would return this theme if it was possible. It is entirely useless to me. I would complain about this, only that I don’t know where to complain. I dont see any portal for that.

Thanks for nothing! ~Arti Agarwal

Hi, i am so sorry about this. I am everyday answering and helping people in my forum, email and here. If i told you to read the docs perhaps it was because i though it was better than me explaining something, to read it and see a couple of videos.

I can help you configure the site if you need it, and of course help you in any issue you have with the theme, please send me an email to support@mimothemes.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards

Hi, i there an possibilty for an auto Facebook publisher?

Thanks Johannes

Hi, yes, you can use the Facebook Auto Publish Plugin or whatever plugin you like.

There are a lot of great things about this theme and the overall look works best for a current project we’re working on, but there are also a lot of things that don’t make sense and could be done better. I say this with much respect, as I know how much work is invested in making these themes.

1) Why have “Mimo Custom Social” and “Mimo Custom Info” separate. There is a lot of overlapping social linking, yet doesn’t keep all the information in one spot.

2) Will Pinterest and Instagram be added in updates?

3) Why have a “colored box” behind the “copyright” widget? You never have a perfect bar span across the entire bottom, as the background box sizes to the amount of characters. I found it cleaner to just add a text box to the footer, then use html for the copyright and add my pages for “about us, privacy, terms, etc. The background stays white and looks much cleaner for responsive mode too.

4) Why the duplicate “widgets”, Showcase > MimoShowcase, Feature > MimoFeature, Main Bottom > Mimo Main Bottom?

5) I’m assuming all the widgets that start with the name “Mobile” are for building a mobile specific site only, otherwise ignore them? Not even sure what that means, as the main site is responsive?

6) Would be nice to have a separate “body” font option along with H1, H2, H3 etc.? The google fonts only affects the titles and is global.

This is a good start, and I’m sure I’ll have more as I keep building and sifting through the tools.

Hi Dizenjo,

1.To publish them separately, flexibility.

2.I can add them for 3.4 version :)

3.Trying to get a unique design

4.Some tasks cannot be done with only one position available, so i included several for the theme to have more features and flexibility.

5.Those are from Gantry Framework. Only supposed to appear in iPhones

6.I have tried to do that but Gantry framework google fonts code does not allow it.

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Thanks for the reply. I have read all the previous comments to better understand this theme, and I’ll say the negative comments shouldn’t fall directly on your shoulders. You built a great looking theme, it’s more the Gentry framework you chose that creates a difficult to understand build. Reminds me of Magento for e-commerce. Allows a lot of flexibility, but in the process added a lot of annoyances that could be written / coded better.

Hi, yes, you need to use Gantry way of doing. I have developed my own framework for my next coming themes to be able to do exactly what i want :)

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hi, I updated my theme to the new update . but i noticed titles are disappeared. www.4moredesign.com can you define what is the problem plz :)

thanks ..

Hi, it seems you have updated from a very old version, this titles feature was include some time ago.

Please open your news wall widget and edit the words in title options and save it :)

Best Regards

Thanks it’s solved my problem :) an other thing if you pleased :) , the web sometimes when loading stuck on the background and not showing the content till i refresh it again . - and the description on the news wall not showing the full words i writes on :)

Thanks again ..

Good afternoon.Tell me please, in this theme, can i make a collage as here? (link http://manvanced.com/)

Hi Robert, you can make a collage exactly in the way you see in demo. Is this what you need?

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Yes, I mean to change the layout to be exactly the one in the link) Thanks)

Hi Robert, of course is possible but changing css, also the functionality on click is different…well, if you know how to touch the code it is all possible

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Hi, can i make the post page just show my linked youtube video and no other widgets.

Hi, sorry for delay, yes, of course, it would be easy :)

Best Regards

Hi. Do you happen to have this theme available in just HTML, CSS and JS? I don’t use Wordpress and i’d like to implement this on my own CMS.

Hi, sorry unfortunately this theme is not available as html.

Thank you for your interest. Best Regards

Hi, I’ve got question for you before I purchase this theme.

I am fan of big picture when I look on my mobile phone. And I was looking on your theme on my samsung note 4. And this is the screenshot http://imgur.com/Rd9gABO

As you can see two red arrows on left and right, so is it possible to max out the size of pictures, so no space on the left or right? maybe custom css on mobile? so everytime I look on any kinds of mobile phone, that pictures will be max on the screen.


this can be done easily with css, i can send you the code if you buy the item. Just contact me at support@mimothemes.com :)

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I am using Godaddy Wordpress hosting and am getting an error all the time (I have all the access to my files and folders and already tried giving gantry 777 permission).

I am getting this gantry error when using it outside of maintenance mode:

Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas03_data03/68/2367468/html/wp-content/plugins/gantry/core/utilities/cache/cache.class.php on line 138

In admin maintenance mode everything is good. In regular user mode (not logged in) it’s working after I flush the cache manually but only for 1 refresh, after that it’s broken again.

Please help me.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Hi, I have already tried this solution. I have also tried setting up everything from scratch. Still the same problem.

Hi, please could you send me login details to your site? if you don’t mind, to support@mimothemes.com , so i can take a look to what is happening?

Best regards

Hi, I have send you a message and created a new user for you on my project. Thanks.

I have purchased your theme and have installed it on my website upstreetmag.com but when i click the plus theme setting nothing works there can you please help me and please guide on how to remove the comment box on every page

Hi, you can see in documentation a detailed section, ‘theme sart up’, to see how to start the theme. The comments settings are in Wordpress Settings/Discussion, whre you can set to allow comments on posts or not.

Best regards

hi, i like to buy this themes, but i have a one question, do this theme works with square pixel?

Hi, the theme declares some image sizes to use, it can be changed in a line of code, if you buy i can send you the code and you can set the image sizes to your own needs

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thanks for reply, if you dont mind, can you give me an example on your web with square image?cause i’m afraid it became weird layout

Hi, unfortunately that demo is not available.

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I work with MimoPlus is all going well but I have a problem with the widget “Mimotabs” it not working. how to do??

Thank you in advance

Hi, please to get support properly, ask in the support forum any question. It is at http://mimo.media/forums

Remember to include a link to your site to see the issue.

Best Regards

How to register for this forum? I could not do it?

Hi, you need to go to:


And use your Envato username(which one you purchased this theme) and purchase code from this product, you can download purchase code with the theme itself(in download package).

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I’m having trouble creating a child theme from this theme. The css child is taken into account, but I want to crush the single.php file in my child theme that does not work. Thank you tell me how to proceed.

Have a good day

Hi, please create a folder called html and place the single file there as it is made in the theme, is this what you are doing?

Best regards


Yes I created an html file in which I placed the single.php file but it is not taken into account.

Is there another manipulation to do?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, it seems that Wordpress does not recognize it, but can be solved i think following this thread


Please tell me if you got it. Best Regards