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Sick of bland, boring web templates that cost too much??... Then you’ve come to the right place!

Enjoy this rich graphic designed website template that oozes colour and style. All pages have been designed with tableless XHTML/CSS and works in all major browsers.

Thought you would just get one colour right? Not on my watch! I bring you 7 different colour themes, each one ready to switch out with the default one.


Hmm, “I would love to have a cool little image/product scroller” I hear you say.. Well today’s your lucky day! This scroller allows the user to scroll through an unlimted amount of images you put in there. You can even make each image a link to its own page.

Template includes 5 HTML pages, Home, About, Services, News and Contact. Also includes an AJAX/PHP contact form that uses jQuery

Site Features:

  • Refreshing design to compliment your own imagery and company brand
  • 7 colour themes to choose from: – Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow
  • Image/Product scroller
  • Fully functional AJAX/jQuery contact form script that just requires you to enter your own email adress
  • Smooth jQuery Menu bar
  • Compliant XHTML/CSS code that works in all major modern browsers

Note: The font used for the logo in the top left corner is called BorisBlackBloxx and is a free download from Dafont

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