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First of all, i love your template. I bought it and I’m super happy with it. Is there any way you can have an autoplay in the ? Thank you

*flexslider image-slider

hi, thanks for purchasing the template, secondly i am sorry for late reply coz i am on vacation. as far your question is concern, just open custom.js file in js folder goto line 121 “slideshow : false, ” make it “true” that’s it. Thanks hope it will help you :)

hi there

Great template. Well done. Quick question. Index_5 has Our Services and Form. I want this on the Index page, but the contents of the tabs do not show. What am i doing wrong?

hi, yes i am here now send me your email id i will send you the index.html page with tabs and form in it…. its just a one JS file is missing … if you could just replace the js file of index to index5 but keep last two js file on index.html animation.js file i am talking about. Thanks :)

Hi, great template. I am completely new to making websites or modifying templates. Do I have a chance modifying this template without any coding experience? If yes, could you give me some advice how should I start with this template, or some links to tutorials that could help understanding how the template works. Thanks

hi, thanks for purchasing the template, well first of all you have to know about the editor like DREAMWEAVER and open the html pages in it and than modify if you know the html coding … if now go to http://www.w3schools.com/html/ it will help you . thanks :)

I am having difficulty showing your theme in multiple devices. Please see below http://www.responsinator.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fthemeforest.net%2Fitem%2Fplussone-responsive-multipurpose-html5-template%2Ffull_screen_preview%2F5328469

you can also see these effects if you resize the screen. Can you please provide a solution to the issues that you see. I am trying to go live but these issues are deterring me from going forward. Any quick help will be greatly appreciated. thanks,

hi, can u help me about recent work. i want remove grip on image. how can i do it? thanks.

hi,i buy ur “PlussOne – Responsive Multi-Purpose Html5 Template” i was edit template but there was a problem about logo and main menu when i wass scroll down page logo become very little and main menu going left side of page. help me plz about this. thanks.

Email me your email Id thanks

i make it thanks.

Hi again, just need to know how to change the Navigation font. Thx

just open style.css file goto menu section and put any font you want in this class ”.menu ul > li > a.menu ul > li > a” thanks :)

Thanks. I a sure this will help.

Hi, this is really great template i have not yet purchased it but i saw 1 problem in boxed mode when u scroll down menu shifts to the right hand side do u have fix for this ??

Hi.. im having the same problem… it happen in every browser i tried..

Have you found any solutions?

Hi atifport.. thanks for the feedback.. im waiting for the fix..!

Still no news after 2 month…

Any news?


I would like to buy this theme with drupal. Earlier i saw it on themeforest. How i can do that?

Thanks, Alíz

in the RTL mode Bullets doesnt go right side


First of all, thanks for this template, it’s great! easy! and awesome

I bought the template for this website : www.linstantdunregard.fr but my formulair doesn’t work, i’ve change the adresse as explained, but i don’t know why it doesn’t work

And i would like to know if it’s possible to change the FLICKR API to INSTAGRAM?

Thanks a lot :)

Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin: