Reviews for Pniber – Modern Blog WordPress Theme

Reviews for Pniber – Modern Blog WordPress Theme

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for Design Quality

Works and looks great, actively updated, easy to use.

Author response

Hello WebHostPros,

Thank you for such nice words. We are happy that you like Pniber :)

Best wishes,

for Customer Support

My previous review was apparently deleted. I guess they only want five star reviews.

The Pniber theme is nice looking, and functions well, until it breaks the site. An update of one of the ancillary plugins broke my site, and it was not clear why. The support consisted of going to the author’s page and posting to a publicly readable forum. I asked for a refund at this point, since the theme was broken and the site was down. It was denied, and perhaps that’s when the review was removed.

Since I am “stuck” with this theme, I went ahead and submitted to the public forum. The author did respond, and noted in the response that his plugin was out of date on the site. It uses a non-standard update mechanism, relying on yet another plugin to show when updates are available, so the need for update was not apparent. Fortunately, updating fixed it.

While that sounds great, this is the first time in over five years with many plugins and themes on many sites, where a simple update broke a site completely. It is just not acceptable to have a site down for extended time due to small updates. It is also unfortunate that the author has no apparent support ticket system for support, only a forum and a well-hidden email address.

I think this could be a great theme; I’d give the looks and functionality five stars, until/unless it stops working like it did for me, then it’s much lower.

However, the overall experience of purchasing and getting support for this theme via Envato has been poor, hence the lower rating. If you run a real business like I do on your websites, then it is not appropriate to have no support ticket system, and it is not appropriate for reviews to be deleted.

Author response

We do not agree with this rating, just as we did not agree with your previous one-star rating. Indeed, the previous negative review was deleted, because it described that you could not find a way to contact us, although this is more than obvious and no one else had any problems with this.

Moreover, I want to remind you that if the review was deleted, it means that Envato Support agreed that the review was unfair.

At the expense of the non-standard theme update mechanism, this is the standard update mechanism that is used on ThemeForest. If you buy any other themes on this site, then most likely they will have the same update mechanism. Here is the official documentation of the update plugin:

Regarding the error that you had. It arose because theme updates were not installed. A few months ago, when the Unison plugin released the update, we noticed that because of this there is an error that you are writing about. Therefore, we hastened to fix this error and released a new theme update. Thanks to updates, you can not only expand the functionality of the theme, but also eliminate such errors.

Regarding the fact that "we do not have apparent support ticket system for support, only a forum...". Please note that the forum is the most common form of support among all authors. It is also very convenient because you can read about the problems encountered by other users and find a solution for yourself. Notice, that in addition to the forum, you can write to the post office or, in extreme cases, write your problem in the comments on the theme. Moreover, as you and our other customers may have noticed, the response time to a question on the forum is quite short, because we try to help our customers as quickly as possible.

Returning to the subject line of your request for a refund. It was rejected because you wanted to return the funds for the reason that you had a mistake and you could not find a way to contact us to solve it. As we already mentioned, if you wrote on our forum, the problem would be resolved as soon as possible.

We hope that you will take into account all of the above and on your next purchases from other authors will be more equitable in evaluating their themes.


for Design Quality

My wife wanted a personal blog for her, ended up with Pniber and I'm very happy with the performance and design of the theme, my wife is happy with the design.

Support is great, their forums is very helpfull when you need something that has been always asked, replies usually come fast.

The only bad thing that I can think of this theme is the limited options, they are basic with some more advanced features in the post/archive type, but I can't take one star, since the theme is pretty new, I'm sure the devs will add more features while time passes.

Author response

Hi rwky!

We are very pleased that you are satisfied with the Pniber theme and customer support.
Of course, we will improve our theme and add new features in the future. If you have any ideas on this subject, we invite you to share them on our forum.
Thank you for your opinion, it is very important for us :)

Best regards, LenVan

for Other

For everything inbetween everything seen :) Pniber and its author deserve all the best...

Author response

Thank you so much, Radumeirosu! It is very nice when our efforts are so highly praised ;)

Best wishes, LenVan