Discussion on Poco - Advanced OpenCart Theme

Discussion on Poco - Advanced OpenCart Theme

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simkalp Purchased

not support opencart 3x – Php 7x ? maza engine install not working!

i replied in your ticket

Hello, in product catalog page, product containers do not automatically adjust their height to the height of the highest element in the row. Is there a way to fix this please?

Thank you!!!!

send me your website page link


dnrt Purchased

Sir as this in manually created theme, so our PayPal button not comes on product and checkout pages, how i can added here , i also ask help form PayPal end,

i also need support form your end sir .

next concern is:-

sir related product can be in horizontal line.

its look odd when they shows in our website vertical.

pls help in this.

Create support ticket and provide your website url and admin login https://templatemaza.freshdesk.com/

dnrt Purchased

this is a CHEAP theme, please no one buy this. i buy this 6 month ago and till time i am not able to add working PayPal in this. i thought that paypal have problm, but its worng, due to this theme , we not able to add working paypal. i waste my time and not able to GET any single Order due to this problm in last 6 months.

Sorry for any inconvenience. please create a support ticket, we will help you to fix issue

hi,how to stop webp for image?

Yes, go to extension -> mazaengine -> system -> asset and disable webp



Is there an option to move the filters to the top?

You mean horizontal? then sorry no

Hello, I will install this theme for my client, but to install the products, I will install it in my own domain and then transfer it to his domain. Is there any problem with my theme license?

Not support Turkish language. There is so much errors.

Please create support ticket. i can help you. we have test theme and there is no error so maybe issue is something else

and theme is supported with all language, so make sure installation is correct or i can help you

how to change header and footers for logged in users ? POCO demo header and footers shows up when users are logged in. Please let me know urgently.

go to builder page, click on pencil icon on any widget, module, design, section, row or column. and find option for logged

Saleh7 Purchased

I want to buy theme but i’m worry because i need to use it with opencart4 is there demo for opencart Does it support opencart Regards

we are working on it. and it will be ready by tomorrow

Saleh7 Purchased

Thank you

it is supported now

Fatal error: Uncaught Twig\Error\SyntaxError: Unknown “template_from_string” function in “mz_poco/template/product/product.twig” at line 17

I also get another error like mz_config

It seems like you are using old version of theme. Please use latest version

Do you have video tutorials that show your layout builder and page builder? I couldn’t find any on your YouTube channel.

there is no specific video made over layout builder or page builder. but here is some useful video which may help you to understand https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWWf4ijDADsacnqlIk-yzpC6qpkv9yhkP

I already viewed those before leaving my comment. Do you have a demo site where I can log in to look at your theme editor? I just want to make sure that the page builder and layout builder can do what I want them to before purchasing. Thank you.

Yes of course, you can access admin panel of all demos https://pocotheme.com/ https://demo.pocotheme.com/admin/

How can i display “same category products” on single product page?

Yes you can, use “maza product listing” module and place it in product layout builder. in module setting, enable option “auto filter”

Hi, is there a module that shows all the brands available?

Yes use “Maza brands” or use manufacturer page

Well, i try Meza brands, but i have to add any brand manualy. i would like to get it work automatic, when new brand appears.

The changes I made through the root codes (“catalog/controller/account/account.php”, “catalog/controller/account/login.php”) are not working at all. Could there be a code in the theme? I couldn’t see it.

I want to redirect to “common/home” after logging in.

It is because of ocmod. whenever you changed any file, then go to extension -> modification and click on refresh button

İ did not working.

edit this file, and replace following code to line no. 82 catalog/controller/account/login.php

‘account/account’ to ‘common/home’

Hello. Is there a sticky filter feature? https://prnt.sc/yDOP1vDLS1BV

I have no idea what do you mean? Please explain it correctly. if you mean is filter module come with theme then yes it is

Yes it is possible to make filter module sticky by bootstrap class “sticky-top”. you just need to edit module and add class there

The changes I made in the “public_html/catalog/view/theme/mz_poco/template/product/common/product.twig” file are disappearing when the filtering process is applied.

for that edit this file catalog/controller/extension/module/mz_filter.php

and find function “public function product()” and add option data to products list ”$data‘products’ = array(“

I made changes to the root of this file, ‘public_html/catalog/view/theme/mz_poco/template/product/common/product.twig’. When the filtering process is performed, those root operations disappear. I think when the filtering process is done, it retrieves the product cards using AJAX. So, my question is, which file should I edit to modify these product cards? Which twig file?

filter ajax is also using same twig file, so you don’t need to edit twig file now, but twig file need options data from controller file. so that you need to add data to ajax controller file as i mentioned in previous reply

How To edit checkout fields disable postal code – company and most of not need fields

-Also How to make customer login with google first before go to checkout ? We want to control checkout page ? -How to enable login OTP or with social login as this make easy checkout process as you can see most of new theme make checkout easy as possible

Hi, checkout page can’t control from settings

1). How To edit checkout fields disable postal code, most of not need fields - You need to hire developer to customise it

2). How to make customer login with google first before go to checkout ? - It is possible by adding social login button at top of left column in checkout page, we have social login module which was added in login page but also possible to add in checkout page

3). We want to control checkout page ? - You need to hire developer to customise it

4). How to enable login OTP - There is already guest checkout option if customer don’t want to create account, and possible to add social login buttons. but if you want to login by OTP then hire developer to make it

Thank you - Jay

Why does this theme not work efficiently with every module? https://bit.ly/3pDJ1Jw Prices of 0 are not hidden. Not really compatible with modules either

Only CSS base theme support all modules, not other themes. Any module which modify frontend will required manual fix. this is how opencart work, not specific issue with poco theme

Having some issues with the theme. Some JS or CSS is not loading after i have instaled theme on locahost.

I just click on clear cache button and it fixed

Okay. So do I need to do this after every change? I’ll start working on the website and will contact if this occurs again. Thanks man, you’ve been a hell of a help.

not for every changes, some changes automatically clear a cache. but if you see unexpected result then click on clear cache button


drag84 Purchased

My version of the theme is now 1.7. How do I update to the latest version?

here is steps: https://themeforest.net/item/poco-advanced-opencart-theme/29855890/faqs/50876

if something goes wrong then you have to renew your support to get help on it.

Hello how can i update some parts https://i.ibb.co/JcyC6qr/images.jpg For example, this part (I don’t want to update all)

at which step request timeout

I have downloaded and installed the latest version of the theme. i made the necessary updates from the contact setup section. The site view is broken and has slowed down a lot. Now my old backups, I’m Decrypting, check the speed difference between 2 sites https://i.ibb.co/TkS6Xk6/uplo.jpg
make sure developer mode is disabled and all cache is enabled. and open this link and follow guide to configure .htaccess file https://medium.com/@analytics.stratify/learn-how-to-increase-page-speed-using-htaccess-8df2420dd116

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