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Hi! Is there anyway I can add in image or a link in the page builder?

When I did the update – I lost the background image. Where can I find this image?

It is impossible, maybe you overwrote the image on the server?


Hi again, there is today a security email from Envato about WP themes and WP plug-ins: ” This is a general community announcement for all buyers of WordPress items to bring your attention to an XSS vulnerability affecting multiple WordPress plugins and themes. The vulnerability is caused by a common code pattern used in WordPress plugins and themes available from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, the website and other sources.

This issue is not limited to themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest or CodeCanyon. Anyone using a WordPress website, regardless of where the theme or plugin was sourced, needs to be aware of this and take immediate action to ensure it is secure….”

is that affect this theme please? if yes, is there going to be an update? or teel us please what to do to be immediately out of danger about this security risk?

thank you

ok great… ty… i see that the same comment is for showroom wp? (last update was also in November 2014)

i have a email from your forum support that i have to update only the function.php datei, do i have to update the all theme for the security or the function.php only?

Please check the change log. Thanks

At the bottom of the demo… where the POINT logo is (on the left) and the social icons on the right… I want to put a login link only for employees… is there any way I do that?

Hello! You can do that manually in the code, footer.php

Hello, there is a question: when we install this theme the smooth scrolling on iphone and ipad was disappear. What is the problem?

Hello! Did it work on the demo page?

is it compatible with the Woocommerce Version 2.4.4 and if not how will i get the old version of Woocommerce? thank you

Hello! We’ve tested 2.4.4 with the latest theme version and it works fine.

Hi, how can I add a form (email subscription) in slides of the Revolution Slider like shown on demo of the template? Thanks

Is there a short tuto anywhere that can help me to add the form because I have no clue how to proceed? Thanks again :)

Is there a short tuto anywhere that can help me to add the form because I have no clue how to proceed? Thanks again :)

There is no such tutorial, you can generate the code at mailchimp and put it as HTML into the slider.

Hello! I purchased this theme for my company – and my company is expanding and I am creating a sub website to my website. Am I able to use this theme on my sub website for my company?

Hello! What sub website do you mean? Are going to use it within the same domain name or it will be used for another one?

How can I change the “title attribute” in the menu?

Hello! This is default menu field

In my menu structure – there is not a “title attribute” box. There is only a “navigation label” – below that is

Move Up one Under Hot Jobs To the top Original: Contact Us

Remove | Cancel Menu Settings

Please provide your wp-admin details and we will take a look.

I emailed you!

Do you know if this theme is compatible with Visual Composer Plugin?

Please check the response above.

Do you know if this theme is compatible with Visual Composer Plugin?

Hello! Its not compatible with VC


In the Page Builder – in “Text”... I want to create a custom button. When I create the button and put a working URL in the shortcode and publish… the URL doesnt either go to the page (which is a working page) or does not exist… whould you happen to know why?

Hello! Can you please be more specific? I need to see the page and url structure to help you. Please send website credentials to support[at] Our support staff will assist you.

on the demo…the shortcode “partners”... is there any way to make the logos not low opacity?

Hello! Please post this tech related question at the forum. Our support specialist will provide a solution.

Can I import a blog from another site into this template? Thanks

You can try to do that but we can’t guarantee that everything goes fine because we use for example custom post types.


You are welcome.


We updated the theme today and is not displaying the menu (looks that the navigation is not displaying styles). Have a look at the site Can you guys check and see what is missing? Thanks

Hello! I don’t see any issues Can you please be more specific?

Hi, please how can I disable page builder and see pages in visual composer? Thank you in advance for your answer!

Unfortunatly, there is no way to disable Page Builder.

Ok, thank you and have a nice day :)

Thanks. Wish you all the best)

Hello, Is it possible that the search function searches only in Portfolio (not pages and not post). Thank you

Hello! I think it’s possible but only as a custom solution, need to ask the devs. Can you please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com

Thank you I will.



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Quick question, is this theme fully php 7 compatible?


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! We don’t suggest to use php 7. It’s better to use previous versions.


BGT9752 Purchased

Is this theme going to be updated at all? Seems there may be some vulnerabilities since the previous one over a year ago. Thoughts? Thank you.


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! What vulnerabilities did you meet up?