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Don’t know why my previous post has been flagged as inappropriate. Congrats! Great theme!

Page builder..

Revolution Slider..

Responsiveness & retina ready..

Guaranteed SEO plugins compatibility..

.. Mad Dog, you Rockkkss!


Thanks a lot.

Hi, any plan to release it in html? will definitely buy it if soon :) thanks and great job!!!

Yes, the HTML version is available will be submitted to TF next week.

Hi, any plan to release it in html? will definitely buy it if soon :) thanks and great job!!!

Nice Design, Good luck with sales :)

Thank, I do my best

Great work as always, congrats !


This Rocks! Very clean and attractive design. Will buy this soon for our clients.

Finally a responsive theme that looks different!


Very pleased you like :) Thanks

Great work, WooCommerce ?

Thank You

I guess in a week or so.

ok thank you

Thanks for your interest in my products

Hello I wanna Buy the theme but is there a way or option a menu like yelloeproject. I want the menu will not dissapper.I am sorry my english is not good. A pop up menu like yellowproject theme.

it is possible but as a custom solution only :(

Theme looks awesome, perfection to the details, i like it, some little quirks in responsive tablet mode though: the 4 footer blocks, the left one shows 2 posts below eachother making the column 2 times as tall as the other 3.

I’m just curious about one other thing, is it possible to have other pages with a fullwidth slider like the homepage as well?

Thanks in advance.

I will take a look at the footer block. Yes you can do that, adding the fullwidth slider to other pages.

Hi, This theme is very nice and has an very attractive design. There is only one problem I noticed and that is that the theme loads very strange.

Every time when you switch menus or posts, the whole theme loads all over again. You should make the background, the menu, the sidebar all fixed so that the dont have to load all over again.

PS. Do you have also an tabel for a review site that supports wp-table reload?

It is not ajax based theme :) I do not have it in this theme

Hia, i was wondering if its easy to change the white background color with a pattern? if so i’ll buy the theme and try it out..

You mean the white background for the content part?

It is possible to do but not via theme admin panel, I will let you know how to do that ;)

Hi Mad Dog, Great theme, do you have any plans to incorporate a review ranking system into the theme?. Would love to use this theme for my next review site but desperately need one with a decent product review.

If they are based on the custom functionality then I won’t do that, but if they use some popular plugins, then I will think about it.

Thanks Mad Dog, will kepp an eye out for sure. Gd Lk with sales

Looks great! It it compatible with buddypress plugin? Thank you!

I did not adapt it to buddypress.

I just envy this theme, english font is very simple and beauty I am Korean wordpress user, everything is only english

It has WPML support, you can translate it ;)

Oh I see I just try it

Love the theme – the boxed layout content seems a bit wide for me – can I make this more narrow without too much effort?

I’m working on the option to control the width from admin panel, to choose either 1170 or 960

Great theme. Is there a dark version included where I can enable white text on a dark background?

There is no such an option.

Any plans on implementing that option in a later update. Would look awesome in a dark theme.

I did not try the dark version, will do that :)

Can the price-table be reloaded on every page so that we can add it on pages that we like without having to addit it every time we put it somewhere? Something like wp-table reload, that we enter the data and than put the short-code everywhere we wish?

If not.. could you make also a standard table that could suite for review sites with all the text and images centered. That would be sell as well and I would buy it directly.

Let me know.

Cheers, David

Hello David! There is no option to copy/paste the table.

AWESOME!! and Looks Amazing on Mobile (LUV that smooth drop down menu! will def be on my list now for an upcoming client) And with a drag and drop page builder?! WOW MadDog ROCK$!! IT AGAIN!

Thanks :) I do appreciate it.