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Hi, i dont speak about styling but about js conflict.

Can you please send your wp-admin details and I will check it?

wondering if there are plans to have this Wordpress 3.9 ready?

Hello! Almost all the themes have been updated. You will be notified once the theme update is ready.

Hello, any update on the update of this theme? :) Thanks

You can update to the latest WP.


I really like your theme, however, am concerned you are no longer supporting or updating it (last update was 1 year ago).

Are you planning on supporting this theme further or has it been abandoned?


I do support all my themes, this one does not have full woocommerce support, it requires additional styling. You can check my other themes, which are compatible 100% with woocommerce

Ok – Is this theme fully compatible with WP 3.9+?

Yes, it is

my download did not include dummy content. where can i download dummy content?

Hello! If you read the documentation you will see how to import the demo content, there is an option in the theme settings panel that allows to do that.

shortcodes available? Do i have to edit from with the themes editor?

Hello! Yes, the shortcodes and page builder is available in the theme. Please read the documentation that comes with the theme in the main zip file.Thanks

Hello there! Very good template. I consult you, I have a problem with the submenu, the bottom, left me behind what woocomerce products that appear on the page. You got this idea?

Hello! Please use the contact form on my profile page to get in touch with me and I will send you the latest theme version.

Hi due to the security vulnerability I need to exchange the “Revolution Slider Plugin” where in your files do I find the slider?

Greeting, lm

Hello! What version of the plugin do you use?

Version 3.0.7

We will update the theme to 4.0 and the plugin this week. You will receive an update notification.

How customizable is the homepage?

I would want to remove the featured posts and replace it with videos. Could I do that?

Also I would want to and columns for content snippets

Sure, you can do that, like the showreel block with vimeo video.


I’m using the Point Business theme for a client and we’ve come across an issue with the portfolio gallery page. This page was set up several months ago and has been working well, in that we’ve created portfolio details items and the gallery images are showing on the portfolio gallery page. The issue has occurred only recently when we’ve tried to add an additional portfolio item and now all of the thumb images of the other portfolio items are no longer displayed on the gallery page. The portfolio detail items still exist and you can navigate to them by entering the full URL to that item.

thanks Andrew

Hello Andrew!
It sounds really strange, because if you did not do any changes, nothing won’t change. Please check the source of those thumbs, maybe the images are not available on your server, or there is an issue with the permissions.

How can I add a custom module to the Page Builder? I can update the /core/page-builder/* files but would prefer to modify in a child theme.

Any chance of adding a hook in the next update?

Hello! We do not provide assistance in development of custom modules.

Will this theme be compatible with wordpress 4.1 anytime soon?

Hello! All our themes are wp 4.1 compatible.

Hi. is there any shortcode with this theme to do write in 2 columns with this theme???

Hi! Use the page builder to create columns

Hi. is there anyway I can update the theme in wordpress?

Hello! The best way to do that is via FTP.

Hallo.. iam new to wp,

i have 1 or 2 questions before i buy it i hope you have time to answer me please today… just to be sure that i don’t make mistakes :-)

1. all the pages can be fullweight and not boxed, or just the startsite? 2. are the colors editable like in html themes? 3. the shop you have is it working with a specific plugin shop from wp?

thank you!


hello again… is it possible for a demo? to see if i can work with this? thank you :-)

ok… i will go in the forum now… ty


Hi. is there anyway to create a blank page without the slider or the menu?

Hi! Sure you can do that but the menu wil be available always.

Hi. I am creating a parent page so that my child pages have the same content / information… is there any way I can do this with the page builder (using the modules)....?

I am trying to create child pages with the modules on the page builder already on there so I do not have to add modules to each child page…I hope this makes sense!

Hello! You can use plugin, it will duplicate any of your existing pages with the page builder modules.

Hello, how to i Disable “Related Posts” please? and the plugin for for more languages is this:


thank you

i think you didint understand me :-) ... i did use it but the resaults are in fullweight page and not with sidebar page… how can i specify that please (after hit the enter in search box and have the resaults that they are showing in fullweight page and not in page with the sidebar)

Please make sure that you have the right sidebar settings in the theme options panel. If you have the default state “without sidebar” then you will get a fullwidth page.

ah.. ok.. great.. thank you!

How can i put a small gallery in sidebar or a simple image? i can not see that in widgets sidebar… also i can not see how can i add some widget’s in sidebar, like facebook or twitter for example or calendar…

thank you

so, i found how this is possible, the only thing that i can not find is how can i put a small gallery in sidebar… ty

Please post all the question in one post on our help forum and the support staff will assist you.

ok ty