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Great theme, willing to purchase four licenses, will it support Uber Mega Menu 2? Also are you available to customize the theme (a little bit on top of the menu?)

Please reply ASAP

Please send an email to custom at themedev dot me, I review it and get back to you.

Email sent, please check. Thanks

OK, will get back to you asap.

Will there be an update supporting WooCommerce, or any future feature addons? Very interested, looks like a great theme!

If I have a lot of requests, woocommerce support will be available.

Excellent, thanks!

Hey, my css isn’t quite working. Could you add me on skype? martijnriemers is my skype.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please be more specific, it is child theme ready. You can send the details to my email, which is help at themedev dot me. I do not provide phone or skype support.

Having an issue – in the twitter widget, when I try to change the username, it just automatically resets to themedev or something like that when I try to click save, and won’t show up on the website anywhere in the widgets.


Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Need to check it on your site, it should work. Please send your site credentials to my email, which is help at themedev dot me and I will take a look.

Alright, just sent. Thanks.

Got and replied you back.

Another Bug to report, on the portfolio items management screen, the column for date has a title of “date” instead of “Date” with the uppercase d. One other thing as well, in the custom content creation pane in the page editor, when you use apostrophe’s in the titles, it breaks the titles and they dont show up.

Will check it and get back to you once it is resolved. Thanks.

Love this theme. Just wondering if there is a way to display blog post excerpts automatically in the blog listing? Thanks.

Yes, I know but you can use the cut option while writing the post, the problem is that some users need XX number of characters, others need XXX :( that’s the problem. That’s why I use the standard wordpress functionality to allow the user to choose from.

Can you please clarify what the cut option is. Are you referring to the More tag? And is there a way to apply that to all the existing posts automatically? Thanks.

Yes, I mean Insert more tag, I call it “cut” ;) No, you have to do that manually.

One other thing, I don’t believe you have a category in your theme support for Point yet.

Please be more specific, what category do you mean?

Will you make a HTML version of this? I mean like non wordpress. If you do, I’ll buy it a second time.

Yes, I will, it will be for sale asap.

Is it able to change the background grain over the menu and background color easily? Also, can I get the images in the background you have available on the demo site?

Yes, you can do those changes, please submit all your questions to my support forum. As for the background images, it is mentioned on the item page that the images are not included in the pack, you have to purchase them if you need ones.

Apologies for all the comments, but I also believe the Google Fonts aren’t impacting my site whatsoever and appear to be broken. . The image is here, and I’m trying to tile it in the background.

Checking what’s wrong, will get back to you shortly.

Please do the following, open css/theme.css, find class ”.custom_bg_cont.bg_pic” and remove “background-size:cover;” from that class. Having more questions, please visit my support forum. Thanks


are you available for customization? We are willing to pay for any extra work. We will be purchasing the theme today.

Hello! Yes, I’m available but please send the details to my email which is custom at themedev dot me and I will send you the quote.

Before I click the Purchase button, I have a question.

I can’t find any screen shots about your admin panel. Right now my biggest problem is, can you directly modify the black elements in the panel so they are grey? Or do I modify CSS?

Anything about the admin panel will be extremely helpful. Thanks.

Please send me your email to help at themedev dot me and I will send the screenshots of the admin panel.

Purchased! Great theme so far, however I checked the support forum for a issue I’m having while developing this site, and there’s no section for the Point Business theme. Any plans to get that up & running soon, or where should I send my questions?—Great job btw!

Hello! Just added “point” forum, feel free to post your questions.

Is there anyway I can see the admin panel please? Can the developer give us a testing account to play with the admin panel, just like how Joomla sellers always do?

This is so inconvenient. I just need to see the admin panel, and I have been looking for it for a long time, still haven’t heard anything from the dev or anyone else.

Hi there! I do not have a test demo server to play with the admin panel. I you wish I can send you the screenshots.

Thanks for the great theme.

I just uploaded the theme and tried to apply it to my webpage but it doesn’t work. It says there is no stylesheet.

Could you give me any advice for this?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please do not upload the entire zip file, only the theme zip file. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum

i have a problem viewing the theme in IE8…i tried viewing the demo ( the same problem on width…..but if i have to view in firefox, great…please need help.

Hmm, really strange, thanks for the note, added to my todo list. Sorry for the inconveniences.

any update on this issue?

There will be an update next week including woocommerce support, new features and fixes.

It is also better if the default feedback form has a capcha….

Hello! It is anti-spam protected.

ok good. thanks

This theme has caught my eye. Looks great. I’m mid-way thru development on a site with a different theme and am heavily considering switching to this one. I need to know a couple things first:

1. Is it possible to do custom backgrounds (full background and/or content area) per page/post?

2. I’ve read several comments regarding WooCommerce; this is an important feature to the site I’m working on. Will you be adding this support soon? If not, will WC still function properly even without this theme being optimized for it?

1. You can have custom background on any page, but you can’t change the content background. 2. I’m working on woocommerce integration

also… 3. Does this come with a child theme?

Hello! Yes, it does.

Does anyone know how i display the background patterns like at the demo? Can’t find it in the backend.


Hello! Please post your questions to my support forum and you will be assisted immediately ;) Thanks