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the Page Builder is not showing in the admin area on a page? what do I need to do?

Hello! If it is not displaying than you you did something wrong. Please send your wp-admin and ftp details to my email which is help at themedev dot me and I will take a look. Do not forget to specify the issue you have in the email.

Hello: I am a Chinese user, I purchased your theme yesterday, after the installation, the display properly in Google Chrome, “IE” 8.0 The following are not displayed correctly, our website:, take a look at where the problem?Thank you!

Having tech questions, please post them to my support forum. This comment form is only for pre-sales and general questions

Chinese users can not add background slider!I have installed a slider plug.

Having tech questions, please post them to my support forum. This comment form is only for pre-sales and general questions

What time is the updated version of it?This theme can not be used in IE 8.0 inside

Great design. planning to purchase soon. Have a question. is there any ‘call to action’ (mini contact forms) in the template other than the standard contact page? I’m wanting to include this functionality on several pages I’ll will be building for specific products.

You can add the existing feedback form on any page.

What is the time to update it? I can not use, I use the IE8.0 browser.

The big update will be available this week.

Thank you!Your hard work!

Thanks for choosing my product.

Instead of dividing the available space by 4 for pricing tables, you can do something like this (I have tried it and it works just fine):

if ($(window).width() > 760) { var tblCount = $('.price_item').length; $('.price_item').width(Math.floor($('.price_table_wrapper').width()/tblCount)); }

Make sure you update both places in theme.js with this code. This will enable users to use more or less than 4 pricing tables inside the “module_price_table price_table_wrapper” div, depending on their needs. I hope that this helps.

Kind regards, Marc

Look forward to faster time to solve the problem of IE8.0, our leadership in waiting to see if I do the website too!I hope this issue is resolved perfectly, look forward to Thank you!Hard work!

As I mentioned before, there will an update this week with woocommerce integration and minor bug fixes.

The new Post comment box can not use the browser IE8.0

Thank you for relevant information has been sent mail to you!

The message has been sent to you, our problem is to solve it?

Please read my comment above.

Just so you know I’m about 95% sure I will be buying this theme :) I will wait before the update is released before I do so though. Thank you for working hard on the new features. I’m glad to see the new implementation of the shopping cart on the demo page. Will there be cart elements within the page builder as well (ie. recent product(s), featured product(s), products by category, etc.)?

Thanks for the note, please remove that link from comments.

Help?Our website under IE8.0 does not open, what time to help us to solve it? Thank you! Very anxious


Thank you for your reply, the general manager of our company is waiting for me to solve this problem, the to expect faster you solve!

You can send an email to me and I will resend you the updated files. My email is help at themedev dot me

Relevant information has been sent, thank you!


Is this template ready for multilanguage and the WPML plugin?

Kind regards,


Hello David! Yes, it is.

Do you know where I may find a layered PSD for the label images in the slider? These are the label / callout images that show text on them in the slider.

I looked in the PSD folder provided with the template but could not find these. This is proving to make changes to the slider content a challenge.

here is the type of image I am referring to slider1-3-2.png the one that says ‘Play youtube & vimeo demos’



We need to see the team in more than one line. Failing to see the entire team on one page.

How could we do this?


There is only one way to display the team, via carousel. If you want to display in another way, it can be considered as a custom solution.

I just purchased this template for a client. what I don’t understand is that on the homepage i have two grey bars with home on it, a slanted pencil – symbol of edit and admin and the date. I’ve been trying to remove it but I don’t know how. second, I think that the height of the menu bar is too big. I’d like to get it to half size. where on the css do I modify it? also in header.php, i have this line of code: . what’s that supposed to mean? in the style sheet I couldn’t see anything referring to those. I want be able to change the color of the header section. I’ve done it with this: .header_wrapper {background: #000000;} but when i tried to control the height, I wasn’t able to. any assistance will be appreciated. thanks.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please repost these questions to my support forum and you will be assisted.

Finally see an update, I really like this theme, Thank you: mad_dog team for their hard work, how old should update it?Not illustrate Oh!

Thanks for your kind words, do appreciate it.

I received a message from ThemeForest that an update is available for this theme, can you please tell what are the changes in new version and are there any precautions to apply the updated version?


Hello! Please download the theme from themeforest and check change_log.txt file.

Hey Mad Dog!

Wow this theme is sexy! Can’t believe I did’nt see it until now!! Quick pre-purchase question – are you available to do some customisation? I’d really like to get BBpress/buddypress in the theme – and I think you’d be keen to help when I tell you about the project!

hit me up :)


Then drop me a line to custom at themedev dot me :) maybe we will find a solution.

Sweet! Will do :) Ill do up a little project brief for you! Its pretty exciting. Worlds first Real Life First Person Shooter Zombie Survival Game :P

Hi Mad Dog,

I’m going to buy your template but I had a quick question. Can I add a table to the one of the pages? I want to display data from my database into a table. Let me know if this is easily achievable. Thanks!

What exactly do you mean? I’m a web developer so if I have to code then thats fine but I want to know if I can do it and hope much work will it be to integrate the table with data from db in this template. thanks for the replies.

Yes, it should be coded and then integrated.

Alright perfect!. I just wanted to know if I can. Thanks mad dog. i’ll purchase the theme now.