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After installing the new version can not find the shopping cart

Please make sure you installed woocommerce

Thank you!

I just build with your theme! This is our web hosting service.

As promised, I wanted to let you know when the site is up and running in case that you want to add it to your showcase/portfolio. This is an awesome theme, I gave it 5 stars!

Awesome result, thanks for choosing my product.

Hi Mad Dog,

How do I change the height of the menu and the color of the hover when the mouse hovers over the menu?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post all the tech questions on my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

Hi there! That’s one great theme.

I’m curius is there demo account so I can see the user’s interface? What are the features, after users login?

Nope. Someting like the user comments, after login, the woo commerce cart of logged user, history of the percaches etc.

It has the standard wordpress functionality. As for the woocommerce, you install it and getting the same woocommerce plugin functionality. No custom interfaces.

10x and Cheers!

the formatting on posts is off. then menu doesnt stretch the whole width and the background color is missing. related videos are all over the place

some examples of what i mean

the rest seems to be working okay from what i can tell.

none at all. i just downloaded it from themeforest and uploaded it. i will download it again and see if that fixes it. but i did not change anything in the code and i even tried disabling all plugins. i’ll let you know if it fixes it

no luck. i removed the theme and re-download it. still does not work right.

All I can see that the theme has been activated but no content has been imported.

Are there any plans to have the wordpress “Featured image” function added to the blog template in future updates?

Frankly speaking it does have featured image for the blog posts.

@mad_dog Frankly speaking, the theme uses its own version of featured images. I am looking for it to use the standard WordPress-enabled featured image functionality. In other words, I am looking to: 1) upload an image, 2) tell WordPress to “Use as Featured Image”, 3) the image shows up on all single.php pages above any content. By contrast, the theme currently requires me to select a featured image from a theme-specific settings panel, which isn’t an ideal use of WordPress functionality (settings panel isn’t available from the WP mobile app, settings will disappear when themes are switched, etc.). Are there plans to use/add the Standard Featured Image functionality in the theme as set out by WordPress/Automattic for posts?

Love this template. Need help with the update. Where can I get more information?

Please download the theme from themeforest and check change_log.txt file

I still need help. I was able to download it and re-uploaded the them again but now my nav bar is gone. I cannot find the help I need in your forum.

All set now. Thank you. :) Backup.

Nice to hearing everything is ok.


How do I change the text below each part of the menu items?

Thanks, great theme.

Hello! You can do that in the wordpress Menus section, just open the desired menu and change its title.

Thank you!

One more thing, when I add the links to the social buttons in the admin panel they don’t display on the theme, the header is just empty not displaying my Facebook, Twitter or YouTube links.

It looks like you do something wrong, please post all your questions to my support forum and you will be assisted. Here is the link

hey there – how do I edit the “slogan” at the top and bottom of the page??? It says “LET YOUR BUSINESS GROW” currently….

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. You can change it in the translator, in the theme admin panel. Having more questions, please post the to my support forum at

Great theme, but I am having a problem with the portfolio section of my site. 1. I followed your instructions but do not have a Post option in page builder – only featured posts. So I added the content to editor and added “content” to the page builder. Then added photo, but it is cropping the photo too small in height. I had put some other images in there before as well and they were keeping the size proportions….

Why am i having this issue?

Thank you!

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please repost this question to my support forum with the link to your site and site credentials and support team will assist you.

It’s a great template, but it can be better. Look forward to these following updates:

1, I wish you can add more widget areas such as header. That will be of great use.

2, the default page background is not a global settings, it can only affect the newly created pages. That’s not normal.

3, portfolio and gallery don’t look very energetic, I mean the thumbnails don’t have interaction like the other templates. It will make yours almost perfect if you have it.

4. Lack of customization on small things like the distance between logo and menu bars, so on so forth.

5, I can’t change the menu look by using my own image, nor can i add a shadow under the menu.

In general, this is a great template. Thank you mad dog!

Thank you for your reply. It IS truly a great template, better than the other “premium” ones.

2, that global background “Default custom background image” in the ‘View Option’ will add the same picture to a newly created page. But if I change the image here, all the existing pages will still have the same background. I have to change everyone of them. That’s what I meant by “not global”.

3, interactivity sample: All the page’s feature image, post image, gallery, portfolio, even text box, can have some sort of interactivity. I personally don’t like the scale effect that much, because it will either affect the image quality, or it will cut off the edge. But having a color overlay and a few available options, such as open image, open post, play video, will be very nice. This is like a standard in the templates already.

4, It’s very common to have adjustable padding or margin in the admin panel. So we won’t bug you by asking you repeatedly about “how I can change this & that?” And you won’t need to tell us every time something like:”it’s in the line 1400, change 41px to 0px.”

Thank you very much. Despite of all these suggestions, your product rocks!

Forgot one thing. When the navigation bar has a dropdown, it doesn’t show any hint to tell you there is a dropdown. A triangle or a ”+” will be good enough.

Can you please post all the tech related question to my support forum at because this comment form is only for pre-sales and general questions. Thanks


I’ve posted my problem on your forum but i also post here as i don’t have an answer yet. When I’ve transfered my website on my web server (I first develop my wordpress localy) i had to change the background image url via the Point theme option panel.

The problem is that when i create a new page the background image appears but on all my already created pages (before the transfer) the background image is missing.

I guess the new url is not taken in account for the old pages.

What is the solution ?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Can you please put the link to your thread on the forum and I will personally check it.


The Revolution Slider don’t show Shadow? Please help me.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. What do you mean, please be more specific?

ok, my english is not so good. see you on this side, there is the shadow in the pictures. for me it is not displayed even though it is selected in the settings (Revolution Slider).

This shadow is not available in the theme design, please check my demo.

is there any update on the theme? and where can we download the updates? thanks.

Hello! There is no update at the moment. All the customers will be informed via themeforest where is an update submitted.

Hello! Does it works with WP Multisites?

Hello! Please follow this link for obtaining information

I know WPML, dude, my question was MU, Multisites. I don’t like WPML so I use to make multilanguage sites based in subdomains. Is this theme compatible?

Oh, I see. Yes, it is possible, but in this case you need to have wodpress installed on each sub domain.

Hello love the theme just one question I install woocommerce 2.0.8 however that one for some reason is not working smoothly. Any help would be appreciated

Hello! I did not update the theme to 2.0.8, it supports 2.0.5, it is mentioned on the preview page.

Hi buddy where i can find the documentation for this theme (like how to do all the stuff?)


Hello! Thanks for the purchase. It is located in the zip file you download from themeforest.

It is planned to update woocommerce 2.0.8? or please give a link to the archive 2.0.5

Can you please send your wp-admin and ftp details to my email which is help at themedev dot me and I will check it?

sent by e-mail. thanks!

Got it, will get back to you asap.

I love the look and features of this theme, im a first time user on themeforest but handy with wordpress. I am really struggling to upload the theme .zip into wordpress. Has anyone had issues with this before?

Hello! Please contact your hosting provider, it is mod security issue, please ask the to change the rules.

Fantastic help, thank you. I am trying to register with your technical support, I have emailed as my purchase reference isn’t working but so far have had no response. Can you help?

You can send your request to my email which is help at themedev dot me