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Hello, I would like to know how to remove the responsive option. I have bought many responsive themes and they each had that checkmark to remove the responsiveness.

Is there a way with this theme?

Hello! Please post this question on my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

I visited your forums and I don’t see anything under WordPress Themes. I will just email you

It is impossible, here is the wordpress forums section

Hello, I don’t see how to install the revolution slider on the site for free, as the theme says it’s free. Please send full instructions. Thanks.

Please read the documentation that comes with the theme and visit my support forum at Frankly speaking it is much easier and faster to create galleries and put them on the pages.

Hello! Please make sure you set the full width for the portfolio module, I mean 1/1 If there is still an issue, please send your wp-admin details to my email which is help at themedev dot me

Great! Thanks.

How does a person transfer the site without blowing out the setup? Meaning: I’ve setup the website on a staging server – got everything approved It’s time to move the site into production, and EVERYTHING gets blown out.

None of the pages, settings and or setting are the same.

There is no export function – for theme settings

So my question is: What is the best way to move a website that uses your theme – and still maintain the setup?

Thank you

To move it properly you have to do an export and then import using the standard wordpress option.

Okay – so you are saying – that performing a proper wordpress export and import

“That” – will transfer the settings established with the theme’s admin panel = The General tab, Sidebars, Fonts, Socials, Etc.

The wordpress export – will export the theme settings as well???

Is that what I understand you to be saying????

It works fine for me.

“Search” has not been able to use within the site

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Could you please be more specific?

Hello! What plugin do I use to make the store like in your demo? Thanks! Nevermind, found it!

I did that. I also enabled the default wordpress screen option “excerpt”. I’ve added a custom field “Excerpt” and put text in the “value” box. I don’t think the php is grabbing the excerpt…

Got it. For some reason, the wordpress font span was stopping it.

Can recommend a “WooCommerce” plug do?

If so, please give the link here! Thank you!

Thank you very much

Thanks for choosing my product.

Where is the one click demo instal file?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please read the documentation that comes with the main zip file for obtaining information.

I gotta say I am very disappointed. This theme is really beautiful but there are so many issues with it. So many things not working right.

Hello! Before claiming this can you please let me know what exactly is not working. Did you subit your questions to my support forum? My email is help at themedev dot me

Just purchased and straight away I’m having functions.php error on line 803. Permissions error yet all permissions are set properly.

Support forum doesn’t work. Says my purchase code is invalid, when it is copied and pasted directly from license.

Disappointing start.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. 1. Can you please send me your wp-admin details, I will take a look. My email is help at themedev dot me There can be a conflict with 3rd party plugins 2. Please make sure you enter the correct purchase code located in this file There is no problem with the verification system, you enter the wrong code then.

1 – I fixed the issue, the server company had maintenance. So no issue with theme there.

2 – I will try again if I have any other issues, i used the correct number, however it was about 20 mins after purchasing so perhaps it hadn’t updated yet.

ONE more thing.

Can you please advise of the correct size settings for the slider to be responsive in the rev-slider for this theme? I don’t want to import dummy content… just know the details for screenwidth/slider with etc

Hello! All the settings can be made in the slider amin panel.

Hey there ! very nice theme ! dose it support RTL ?

Hello! It does not support RTL.

Hello, nice theme. But when I install I get the following on the website:

Table ‘xxxxxxxxx.settings’ doesn’t exist

When I activate another theme than I get no error at all. Can u help me?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. It is really strage. Can you please send me your wp-admin details to my email which is help at themedev dot me and I will take a look.

Dear mad_dog,

I’ve bought Wordpress Point template and installed it. It will be the webpage with privacy filters 3M company Rey SLider in Premium version which in the demo version has an perfect elements and I want to buy it. I do really want the version included in the demo that I would edit it. How we can negotiate to make this deal?

Please answer me as soon as possible.

Your answer would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

It can be integrated only as a custom solution. To get a quote please send a request to custom at themedev dot me

Looking forward, more color style!

Howdy mad_dog! Great theme, has been easy to work with. I am hoping you can help with a portfolio category issue – I cant get the category section to display subcategories – e.g. I have two pages set as portfolios with different primary categories, but neither will display the sub categories to be able to filter. Hope that make sense. Is there a way to get each page to display the subs? Thanks, Jimmy.

Hello Jimmy! Please note that the theme does not support sub categories.

How do we integrate shopping cart??

Hello! You have to use woocoomerce plugin and add the widget to sidebar. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum.

Hey, is this compatible with buddypress? Thanks

No, it is not.

can you tell me how to disable the search function at top and bottom of the theme?

Hello! Please post all the tech related questions to my support forum and you will be assisted.

Hi, I’ve recently downloaded the Point Business theme and deployed it to my server – but, I can’t seem to find the plugin – Revolution Slider. I see from a previous post that you referred to it as revslider and that this was included in the zip file – but I cannot seem to find this in the unzipped files. Could you please provide some information on where to find this?



could you please provide more specific information on where the second zip file can be downloaded? I have looked at this themeforest site and cannot find another zip file to download.

The only zip file that can be downloaded (that I can see), is the one linked within the yellow box, top right – which is the zip file I’ve already downloaded.


Hi mad-Dog – I found the full zip file and have downloaded it, thanks

You are welcome ;)

Hi mad_dog, is POINT multisite ready?

I am working on web design and the theme for a client. There are two errors for which I find no solutions:

1. Menu descriptionis is not displayed as it is visible on demo page here 2. The short excerpts missing (probably only) in newly created pages See at

All plugins are deactivated. Could be something in code, but what? Thanks.

Hello! The system shows that you did not purchase my product. If you used another account, please post all your questions to my support forum at