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Hi mad_dog, sorry to bother again,

I’ve set up point template onto my server, and managed to create several pages and added content to them, e.g.

but – weirdly, today I’ve added a new page but cannot seem to add any more modules or content to it, e.g.

I added a plugin yesterday to apply a login page to the front-end:

but I didn’t see any issue with the site after I added this. However, I’ve since removed this plugin (files from server as well as deleted it from within WordPress), but the problem has persisted.

The other things I’ve tried to resolve the problem after deleting this plugin are:

- I switched to the default WordPress theme, and managed to add copy to the contact us page – but when I switched back to the point theme I was not able to edit that copy anymore or add any modules. - I’ve re-uploaded all wordpress files to the server – excluding the content files. - I’ve re-deployed the Point template. - I’ve set memory in wp-settings.php - I’ve tried different browsers – Safari, Firefox – all didn’t work. - I’ve created a new WP profile – editor – but wasn’t able to add any content.

Have you seen this before?

thanks Andrew

Andrew, I can’t figure out what causes this issue, do not see any errors… Maybe there is an issue with the user permissions.

Hi mad_dog, I’ve downloaded the error log from the server and can see this error below that matches the time I tried to test adding another content module to the page. It seems to be related to ‘SimplePie’

Tue Jul 02 13:46:56 2013 [client] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 523, referer:

I do not use SimplePie

Hey. Does the full slider come with the theme. It says $15 off and I was confused if you had to purchase the slider separate. Thanks.

Yes, it is included in the pack with the theme.

Hi Mad_Dog,

Just wondering if you can assist – Im trying to locate the file that sets the link for categories in the info wrapper. e.g.”category”. I’d like to change them to link to custom pages as when clicking the currently link it take you to a basic listing page. example the in category set in the top bar. – if we can not change the link, where do i delete them from showing in the wrapper? Thanks.

Thanks mate, I have posted on the forum here. – info on code to delete would be great. Thanks.

Unfortunately this is a custom job that is beyond our support scope. I can only recommend you to start looking in functions.php
this is the info i have received on the support forum, not a huge help haha. I have done some digging around but cant find the code. Can you personally be of any further assistance?

single-port.php line 60.


Just purchased the theme. Awesome theme! However, I need some support in installing it. I tried through WP and it says my style sheet is missing. I extracted all of the files properly. I even tried to manually upload it to my folder on the server. It says style sheet is missing. I am not to familiar with attempting to upload it through FTP. Please advise.

Thank you!

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please make sure you upload only installable zip file, but not the entire one with the documentation and other stuff.

Is it possible to change the footer background? Not the entire background, just where all of my footer widgets are at?

Thank you!

Yes, it is possible. Please post your request to my support forum and you will be assisted.

Just submitted it. Thank you!


I am trying to use the featured post function with GT3 site builder. It does not seem to work properly for new posts. It always puts the post in columns instead of rows. If I tell it to use random posts then it works fine. Not sure what the issue is.

Can you please put the link to your site?

The site is not on a live server at the moment…

I can help you only by testing it myself on the the live server.

hello I have problems with the portfolio. I created some categories but when I click any of them are not filtered properly. for example I have five services in one category, but when I select only see two services and when I click on “load more works” not loaded. need solution

Hello! The TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item. Having some tech related questions, please post them to my support forum.

I’m trying to add product images, but I cannot see them. Also all links on the page can only be seen when I hover on them. The Buy Now button is not showing up on product pages.

I’m trying to add product images, but I cannot see them. Also all links on the page can only be seen when I hover on them. The Buy Now button is not showing up on product pages.

Hello! Can you please post this issue on my support forum with the link to your site and my support staff will check it? Thanks

Is there a way of using 1/4 page ‘Featured Posts’ and ‘sorting type’ in order of added… ie Every time you add a new 1/4 it adds the next post, rather than the same post….? ? ? Does that make sense? I have attached a screen shot in the forum …

I have waited patiently for answers to my questions via email, on your forum and on here and you finally respond with something completely irrelavant???? PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS…

Still no reply….

Hi, I have found a little bug can you FIX this please… When viewing this on an ipad/iphone (landscape) the ‘slogan’ does not appear yet when viewing portrait it does… Thanks.

Can you please put the link to your site?

Hi mad_dog,

I wanted to download the latest theme upgrade but it has been removed from my Envato downloads page. Can you assist?


Hello! Please contact Envato regarding this issue.

Hello Sir,

Does this theme support RTL and Arabic language ?


Unfortunately i did not test it

Hello, i have some problems with this theme 1) the search isn’t working 2)BG-Picture is not showing 3)Accordion isn’t working 4)portfolio isn’t working(team link on the website)

website is:

please check this as soon as possible

I see that you did not set up the twitter details in your theme admin panel.

i set up the twitter details: Twitter Consumer key, Twitter Consumer secret, Twitter User token, Twitter User secret: nothing changes, bugs are still there

I do not see the changes on your end

Hello, 1 quiestion, if i remove every widget in the footer area it shows a blank space between the content an de actual footer (the one with the logo, the search and Social media) Is there any way to join the footer with the content block if the footer widgets are desactivated :) thanks

Hello! Please post this request to my support forum

Hi mad_dog, I am trying to create a custom archives template. Is there any documentation on how to create a custom template?

I have managed to create the archives template however, the shaddow on the “main_wrapper” is missing and there are some other quircks…

What is the best way to create custom templates, as the theme seems to only support one standard template.

Hello! This theme is not based on the template. You can create the pages using the page builder.

Hi there.

Thanks for making this great looking theme! Anyway, I’m having issues, and I use it on my live website which I had to take down because of it.

If have put a support request on your forum a couple of days ago, and I would much appreciate it if you could take a look at it as soon as possible. Like I said: my business website is down.



Just some feedback to let everyone know that I have had great support. My problem was a tricky one, not really related to the theme itself, but more to the upgrade process of Wordpress.

Anyway, my problem is solved. And I give this theme full score, as well as the support.

Thanks for helping!


Hello Steve! Thanks for your feedback, I really do appreciate it.

That’s the least I could do. Thanks again!


Very nice theme ;-)

Before I purchase I have one question. Is it possible to have 3 image whit link right below your slider, whit same look and feel as the feature post. If not, is it something you can customize for me ?

Greetings from denmark. Jesper

Jesper! Yes, it is possible to do.

Before I purchase, I was wondering if you can have 2 seperate blogs? I want one that is a true blog, and one that is News which will use the blog format.

You can install 2 wordpresses then.


LIke mad_dog says, you can have two wordpress installs, but there is another way. I have this solution on my website:

I use a specific category “news” for news items, and then I use the plugin Simply Exclude (in wordpress repository) to exclude items from “news” category in the blog. And the “news blog” is simply the category archive for “news”.

Perhaps that solution could work for you as well.