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Small question: what is the appropriate / best way to add images to a page. I can’t seem to find a module in page builder that is for single image.

I’ve tried using text areas and adding images into those, but that doesn’t give much flexibility moving things around on the page. Is there another way?

Just to let everyone know; I’ve had exceptional help. Not only is this a beautiful theme, but it also comes from a dedicated author who truly does his best to help.

Five star product. And top ranked support too.


Hello Steve! Thanks a lot.

You certainly have worked for that comment, it’s well deserved!


The feedback from is not sending the message to the email in the account. I have tried several emails and checked spam folders aswell.

Can you please check.

Hello! I do not see any feedback form on the site.

my mistake sorry, please visit here

A quick question!

When I increased the content font size for readability, even the text in the boxes on the frontpage and in widgets change in size.

This in turn makes the text area and images in widgets different size. Which doesn’t look so good.

Is this something you could change for a future update? So I can change only the textsize of normal text without size also changing in all other places (like boxes and widgets)? Or is there already a way to do this?



Hello! Please post all your tech related questions to my support forum at

Ok. I’ve posted there.

Thanks, the support staff will get back to you with the response.

Everytime I save in wordpress it appears to not save any changes made, is this a bug or my wordpress site itself? I’m a little confused here.

Hello! There can be a lot of reason. Please make sure you do not have any 3rd party plugins that may affect the work of the theme, incorrect wordpress installation …

I’ve disabled all plugins, it just appears to be the page builder, have you came across this before, can you take a look? Can you add me onSkype: jack.landels – Thanks!

I do not provide the support via skype. You can send your site credentials (wp-admin and ftp details) to help at gt3themes dot com and I will take a look.

where do you get the demo content?

Hello! Please read the documentation.

Is this theme going to be converted to bootstrap3 anytime soon?

You think so, but it requires complete changes. They entirely updated the code.

There are actually some great converters. Plus your theme would generate much more income in the near future…

I will take it into consideration, thanks

Hi. wondering if your contact form has a basic captcha built in, like ‘what is 4+2’ ?

Hello! This contact form is spam protected, there is no need to use captcha.

Thanks mad_dog. appreciate the prompt reply. Can you point to me some info about how it is spam protected?

Just use it and you will see :)

The drop downs do not work in the menu for my site. How can I fix this?

It wasn’t the theme’s fault. Someone on our end made a mistake. Thanks again for the awesome theme mad dog!!

Nice to hearing that everything is ok and it’s not a theme related issue. Thanks for choosing my product.

Any known issues with PHP 5.4 and this theme?

Hello! It should work fine. Do you experience some problems?

Thank you for the heads up. No issues to report as of yet.

Nice to hearing that :)

1. I installed Point Multipurpose Retina WP version 1.0.1729, please tell us what is now the current version, is it necessary to change my? 2. Revolution Slider Version 3.0.7 how to get version 3.1.0 – the latest

Hello! You have the latest version. The latest version of the slider is 3.0.8

Loving this theme so far!! Quick question, on the home page of the site, the navigation looks different than the other pages, I would prefer to make the navigation full width like the home page. How would I go about doing this?


Did not get any. What was the subject?

I honestly don’t remember. I sent you another email though. Subject line: Navigation. Thank you!

Got it, it was spam filtered :( Will get back to you asap.

Hello, is compatible with 3.8? Thanks.

Hello! It should work fine.


i have taken the update to wp 3.8. now i can’t see any options on Point Options page. can you help pls?

thanks brotmaschine

ahhh – OK maybe i found the problem. i deactivated the PiWiK PlugIN and everything is fine.

maybe a problem with the jQuery or other Javascript?

Hello! If you disable the 3rd party plugin and everything works fine, then you should ask the question to the plugin developer.

Quick question: can you use contact form 7 with this theme?

Yes, it is possible to use but it requires some css styling.

is there any chance of this theme being updated soon? I’ve been seeing major load times slowing down my site, and I’ve spoken with my hosting and they said it absolutely is a theme issue based on the files they are pulling up as the culprits (core.php) being one of them.

As you see our demo page size is 3.1 MB + the server is located in EU and even on gtmetrix it shows 5 sec.

yes i understand that – but im not even using all those images from the demo page – i’ve made it significantly smaller. either way, all i wanted to know was if you plan to put out an update or not. i’m guessing no since the question wasn’t really answered. but thank you for a beautiful theme, it was great for the last few months. will need to switch to a different one.

best! :)

We always do the updates if there are some bugs or issues. You can check the list of the changes by downloading the main theme file from themeforest.

Hello , im just wondering before buying the themes , whether its possible to remove the check out part and having only an invoice sent to the client.

Thank you for your response, Cheers

Hello! Hmm, good question. You can install woocommerce plugin to have a test drive. It is free.

Okie will have a try… Wooow super quick reply. Nice ! Thanks

Can be ecommerce desactivated ? (sorry for my englis), i want theme only to be a catalogue … thanks!

Sure, its up to you ;) You can use it without woocommerce

HEEEELLLPPP!!!! I Don´t have a guide to change my blog. I am very Lost… Help me PLEASE!!! I need a tutorial. When I can find that?

Hello! Please read the documentation that comes with the theme in the main zip file.

Hey bro, what´s up? in the link Your page don´t see it… And my web page can´t see it either.

There was a temporary down time, now its ok

Hi. I am wanting to turn off the socials altogether. I have removed all links for facebook, twitter, vimeo etc. but the social icon that has a silhouette of two people remains next to the search. How may I remove this?

Hello! Please copy/paste this request to my support forum and you will be assisted. Do not forget to put the link to your site.

Hi, i have many problema with “contact form 7”. The spinning arrow continue to run when i click “send” but no email sended. Any suggestions?

Hello! The theme is not styled optimized for the contact form. You have to do some css styling to properly displaying all the elements.