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Kudos! Amazing features and design. Does it support WooCommerce?

Best wishes.

Thanks. Not supported yet. But my another theme Mobili will support WooCommerce soon.

Nice theme!good luck with sales…

Thanks. :)

Great Mobile experience. Congrats.!

Thanks. :)

scrolling gets sticky on mobile… please fix. Takes a few swipes to get it to work


Which phone you are using can i learn? Because we tested in latest android and iphone and there is no scroll problem.

Problem fixed. An update waiting approval..

Hi. I purchased your theme few days ago. I am having difficulties to make the logo bigger. I did the menu bar bigger but just the logo size is bothering me. How can I make my logo bigger? Here is the site if you want to take a look at it: http://www.escobarcleaningservicescorp.com/Mobile/

I am also using Wordpress 3.7.1 and I am having difficulties installing the Widgets. All the widgets look to be activated but when I edit a page it doesn’t show columns just like the videos show. Here is couple screenshots: http://escobarcleaningservicescorp.com/Mobile/trouble_shooting/1.jpg http://escobarcleaningservicescorp.com/Mobile/trouble_shooting/2.jpg

Please disregard my last messages. I just found what I was looking you. Thank you for your product.

Good.. If you have any problem you can send a ticket from http://suuport.webbudesign.com

Thank you for purchase.

Hi. its great theme. How to add/make an icon in sidebar menu?


Point theme only support icon top slide menu. And you can find detailed instruction about “how to add menu element” in to the help documentation.

If still can’t found in the help documentation I can send you an image for instruction.


I Got it. Thanx a lot.

WP 3.8 Tested and working well.

I have a question regarding this and your other mobile themes. Can I use this or another mobile theme while I have my main theme?

And will this theme or others display posts and content from the existing

Thank you, Joshua

Yes. Point, Mobili, Bean and Metro Mobile supports this. We have %90 success results when you integrate with your existing website. Just follow our guide which we include in help documentations.

Hey there – loving this theme : ) How do I get the social icons into the footer widget like you have in the demo?


Hi Grace,

I just used blank buttons and icon while creating that. You can use below short code for create it. (Copy and paste it in Text View)
[wmf_col cls="12" mobile="off"][wmf_sp align="left" size="16"][/wmf_sp][/wmf_col]
[wmf_col cls="12" mobile="off"]
<p style="text-align: center;">[wmf_button size="wmfbtn-sm" color="wmfbtn-default" target="" url="#"][wmf_fonticon color="#3b5998" size="16" icon="icon-facebook-sign"][/wmf_fonticon][/wmf_button] [wmf_button size="wmfbtn-sm" color="wmfbtn-default" target="" url="#"][wmf_fonticon color="#1baae1" size="16" icon="icon-twitter-sign"][/wmf_fonticon][/wmf_button] [wmf_button size="wmfbtn-sm" color="wmfbtn-default" target="" url="#"][wmf_fonticon color="#4875b4" size="16" icon="icon-tumblr-sign"][/wmf_fonticon][/wmf_button] [wmf_button size="wmfbtn-sm" color="wmfbtn-default" target="" url="#"][wmf_fonticon color="#cd2028" size="16" icon="icon-pinterest-sign"][/wmf_fonticon][/wmf_button] [wmf_button size="wmfbtn-sm" color="wmfbtn-default" target="" url="#"][wmf_fonticon color="#fe0883" size="16" icon="icon-flickr"][/wmf_fonticon][/wmf_button]</p>
[wmf_col cls="12" mobile="off"]
<p style="text-align: center;">©All rights reserved .
Thank you for visit our theme.</p>

Awesome – thank you!

You’re welcome. Please don’t forget to rate our theme :)

hi….... how to remove border/frame in simple post?



If you change frame color to same with your content color you will not see frame.

Hope this helps.


Sorry, my mistake.

Did you purchased this theme?

Because there is no claim listing button on our theme preview.

Sorry, wrong theme. To many Windows open.


I was wondering how I can enlarge the logo without it being blurry. I have attempted to change the menu bar size and re-size the logo itself, but nothing has worked in my favor. Here is the website.

Also, as far as the wmf slider goes—mine will not slide between multiple slides. It shows the first slide, but not the additional slides. Do you know how I can fix this?



You need to use quality photo for logo and 2x size like I use in sample site. You can find sample logo sizes into the sources folder.

That blur not coming from the system. It is happen because of image not good.

For slider please create a help ticket with wp admin info I can not say anything without see backend.

Support: http://support.webbudesign.com


I created a topic on the forum for you!

Thanks again!

Support will reply it thanks.

Please do not upgrade until we release a patch for new WP 3.9. We are working on this case.

WMF Framework & WMF Shortcodes plugin updated for work with new WordPress and older versions. Now compatible with 3.5+

good afternoon

Efetuei buying more’m unable to unzip straight into wordpress, is giving constant error, could you help me?

good afternoon

Efetuei buying more’m unable to unzip straight into wordpress, is giving constant error, could you help me?


Downloaded zip file creating by Envato so I can only recommend you to re download it. Or you can write a ticket to envato support for it.


menu disappearing on server, but working well on localhost.. rules from theme.css.php doesn’t work on server although the paths of css are correct..

anyway nice theme..! just hoping to resolve quikly and go online

Replied into the support forum.

Hi I like your design for this app. I have a few questions. I never worked with and mobil app so…

1. Do this installs as a normal WP theme… same procedure? 2. I like to add a icon for paypal donation. Is that possible? 3. I will use this to upload photos and I would like to have a share button on each photo so people can share my photos on for ex. facebook, can or? 4. I have to work in iPad, iPhone and Android. Do this theme do that? 5. When the app is done I like to upload it to the App & Android store – can I do that or?


1-) Yes.
2-) Yes like other wp themes.
3-)You need to find a plugin for that.
4-) This theme support all major mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.
5-) You cannot upload a wordpress site as an app. But I heard some of sites allowing this service. You better search this in google.

Hope this helps.


Hi, Thanks for the fast answer. I have 3 more questions. 1. For the galley, can I have subcategories under gallery like, GALLERY – PARTY PHOTOS, HOLIDAY PHOTIS etc… 2. Do the theme have “search function field” so people can search for tagged photos? 3. Is it possible to get people that have this app installed to get a a “Update” message as soon I add new photos?


1-)Gallery not supports sub categories.
2-) Please see preview site for this.
3-) already answered in your first comment.

Hi. I need help with the sub -> sub menu item in my site. the menu doesn’t works with 2 submenus itens?

CURSOS —CURSOS PRESENCIAIS |—Inglês |—Espanhol |—Português para Estrangeiros |—Preparatório TOEIC® —IMERSÕES |—5 Days or More! |—¡5 Días o Más! |—English Village —CURSOS ONLINE |—Simulado TOEIC® Online |—Simulado TOEFL® Online |—Simulado FCE Online |—Simulado IETLS Online |—Inglês Online


I need one more level in sub menu. example: under Cusrsos > CURSOS PRESENCIAIS > Inglês.


As we told in help docs only supported 2 level menu. But I will try to add 3rd level into the next week.

OMG. I did not read the help book. :( There is another way? Any plugin you recommend for my problem?

I loved your theme. Works perfect for my site.

Thank you


johnroe Purchased

Did you ever add 3rd level menu support? I desperately need this.


Your request noted. I will try to update next week.