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Im 90% complete with my site and love it! Thank you for such an amazing theme. I have however run into a problem….

I am unable to properly integrate my mailchimp account. I am using the proper API key and list IDs but I keep receiving this message…. “INVALID MAILCHIMP API KEY: 96327F547488245555ECDB9C6757134A-US7 . YOU ARE ACCESSING THE WRONG DATACENTER – YOUR CLIENT LIBRARY MAY NOT PROPERLY SUPPORT OUR DATACENTER MAPPING SCHEME.”

Please help me! Thank you :)

My business party just fixed the problem for me. It was related to my datacenter. please disregard my previous comment. thank you

Glad you found a solution :)

If you have any problems with “Pointer”, please contact. Next time I’ll try answer faster :)

Hi, I’d like to change the social network icons (add instagram and vimeo). Is there a database you took the icons from? I can’t find anything… Thanks, Anja

Hi Anja,

I’ll add more social icons in next update, this week

Thanks, I just used another social icon resource

Great, but I’ll add more icons anyway :)

Hi, my contact form isn’t working. I customized it just how the documentation said and everything seems to work. Validation is fine, I get the confirmation but the emails won’t arrive. I tried different email adresses and checked my spam folder. Nothing. Do you have an idea where I went wrong?

Thanks for your help! Anja

I’ll check your work now… wait plz

Send me the archive with your project… i’ll check on my server

Great Theme, but the videobg formats poorly on mobile devices. What would be the best way to swap out a different background template for mobile?

Yes, it works this way, video background replaced to image (on mobile devices). If you want to – you can change default bg image

Yes, how can i do this?

This is already included in template… on mobile devices video replaced to image “video_gag.jpg” from “images” folder

Hello! I want to buy this template. I loved the pattern and the background video – it’s a great idea! But any chance the user will have a low speed connection intrnet- – is it possible to turn off the background video?

This can be done, but it’s not easy. Need to know a little JS. First, determine the speed of the Internet by using a script. And put the condition “IF”.

Or, you can simply reduce the quality of the video.

Anyway, video should be loaded by default stream.

thanks for the answer! I bought this pattern. Please tell me what program can edit the template before uploading to the site?

Thanks for your purchase. You can use Adobe Dreamweaver for example to customize html & css code. Or any else html “wysiwyg” editors. This will make your job easier if you are not very good at HTML.

Russian lang not work :(

Hi, Give me plz live url or send me the archive on

Everything is good

?reate .htaccess AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 AddType “text/html; charset=UTF-8” .html .htm .shtml .php

Which one CMS will start this Landing Page? WordPress? OpenCart?

Hi, noone, it’s HTML5 template. CMS not integrated.

Thank you :)

thanks for this great template, I wanna know if it support arabic lang, many thanks


Yes, just replace in index.html code <html lang=”en”> to <html lang=”ar” dir=”rtl”>

Hello, does not work the contact form. After sending the e-mail me the message “WELL DONE! YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT SUCCESSFULLY!”. But in my mail box has not arrived. I tried on localhost and hosting GoDaddy. Help me please!

let’s check the other host, send me the archive with your project (on i’ll install it on my server and we will check

Check your mail. try now, I checked – all works good


Can more fields be added to the form? Can the form be forwarded to a thank you page?

Hello, yes ofcourse

1. To add a field – follow the instructions in the documentation.

2. To redirect the user after filling out the contact form, open custom.js and replace this lines:

//$('#modalContact .modal-title').html('<i class="icon-paper-plane" />Well done!<br />Your message has been successfully sent!');



There needs to be some sort of menu option to put point categories into 2 or more columns as categories can become quite lengthy. Just a thought.

hi there, I have been having troubles with the logo on mobile platform, I need the logo to have a different width, I have try AAAAAAAAALL but nothing seems to work, please help me.

Hello tiffersoy,
different width only on mobile? Or different width at all ?

Hello! I’m having some problems installing this theme .. I want the one with the video in the bg but I can’t install nothing because tumblr tells me that there isn’t style.css file? D: Help ;___; How I install this!

Hi soyungnomo,
but Pointer it’s simple html5 template (isn’t tumblr theme). You can’t install it on tumblr cms.

Love this Landing Page. is there a website template html5 with menu available

Hi MichaelLe,
Thanks, at the moment only landing page.